By Steven Yates

June 18, 2022

First things first. I would never have said that invading the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a good idea. I said as much as the time. I was warning friends to steer clear.

I do not know how many people had assembled in Washington that day, but the number surely exceeds 15,000. I commented at the time: we saw no burned buildings or overturned cars; there were no random assaults on uninvolved passersby. No areas of the city were taken over and blocked off by “extremists.” By the standards of recent years, the crowd — most there to support Trump’s attempt to save his presidency — was extremely well-behaved. Most probably had no idea until they saw the news that night that a few hundred had breached the Capitol — even though the majority of those were peaceful.

Most are now political prisoners, and the visibly partisan inquiry known as the January 6 select committee looks to be headed in a single direction: not just nailing the official narrative that Election 2020 was “the most secure in history” as official history, but securing the “deadly riot” and “insurrection” narrative in a way that would open the door to actually indicting Donald Trump for a crime! This would be unprecedented! Never before in all of U.S. history as a past president been indicted for a crime. Nixon might have been, but he was pardoned, and it was clearly in the country’s best interests that he be pardoned.

That sort of thing happens in so-called banana republics!

Having to fight a criminal indictment which could be dragged out well into the next election season would prevent Trump from being a candidate in 2024! This, I submit, is the committee’s real goal. That Trump might run away with the GOP nomination and conceivably win a second term in the Electoral College scares the globalist ruling class to death!

The first installment of the Committee hearings were streamed live on June 9, and it was clear to me we were watching a carefully scripted performance. This whole fracas turns on one question:

Was Election 2020 stolen, whether by the Democrats or by someone else (possibly including foreign actors) acting on behalf of the Democrats?

The dominant side in the debate calls this the Big Lie, of course. It ridicules and demonizes the claim at every opportunity, never passing up a chance to call it “a false narrative,” “baseless,” a “conspiracy theory,”etc. I don’t need to recite the litany. We all know it. This side is moving in the direction of alleging that Trump tried to incite a coup in order to stay in the White House.

Many Republicans, including some running for office (or reelection) this coming November, are just as convinced that the coup already took place — on November 3-4, and then on November 7, when Joe Biden was declared the winner by corporate media despite major swing states not having announced who would get their electoral votes.One poll, from last year, shows two-thirds of Republicans believing Election 2020 was “rigged.” Among independent voters, the figure is 28 percent. Polls probably understate these percentages, since there are people who withhold their real beliefs from pollsters they don’t know or trust. What figures we have doubtless terrify the ruling elites.

What I recall: going to bed late at night of Tuesday, November 3, not sure if Trump would be reelected, but confident of his chances since the Democrats, for whatever reason, had picked one of the weaker candidates on their slate.

My biggest concern was that if Trump won reelection, leftist groups like Antifa would take to the streets, that we would again see riots that would continue until they forced Trump to declare martial law and put them down by force.

But would Trump actually do that?

That he was in this predicament indicated how the globalist-leftist alliance had boxed him into a corner. He would be damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. For if instigated riots broke out and Trump responded with police power, even military force if it came to that, he played right into the hands of those who call him an incipient dictator. He’d done surprisingly little to put down the George Floyd riots earlier that year, suggesting that with the right Soros dollars flowing into the right hands, the ploy would be easy to accomplish.

Thus in the post-election apocalypse I feared, Trump would win but be forced to use brute force to stay in office. This alone would transform the country forever. His only alternative would to step down — also effectively ending “democracy” in America (outside the Real Matrix, “democracy” in America ended long ago, of course, assuming it ever existed at all; we can read every contemporary reference to securing “our democracy” as securing control by its Establishment of ruling elites).

Those were my thoughts November 3 – 4. I went online and saw several reports of massive vote spikes in wee hours of the morning. All were “mail-in” votes for Biden. The claims were accompanied by charts where you could see the spikes in red.

The fraud was evident to anyone able to read those charts!

Not more than ten or so days later, when I went to retrieve the links to document the fraud for an article, they’d been scrubbed from the Internet! The evidence I’d seen with my own eyes was gone! Reproductions existed but were very hard to find!I was horrified!

Following a couple of articles on this site I had a brief, three-way email correspondence with two people both in Michigan who claimed to have witnessed ballot-stuffing and had signed affidavits to this effect. They quickly ceased to pursue the matter. They reported (to me, anyway) receiving death threats and threats to family members. One was also dealing with being publicly humiliated being dragged through the mud for a personal peccadillo totally unrelated to election fraud claims. This is a typical Corporate Media ploy: seize on any such extraneous circumstance and use it to destroy the credibility of someone who has become a threat. Both people ceased writing me since neither of us was using encrypted email.

Their affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, disappeared down the Memory Hole. Alongside hundreds of others.

I had little trouble envisioning scenarios similar to theirs playing out in Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and probably elsewhere, out of sight and out of mind, so that bought judges in those places could declare election fraud claims “baseless” since “there’s no evidence.” (Always remember that such people work for the system, not the pursuit of truth and justice.)

Trump’s bought attorney general, William Barr, could then summarize the Establishment view of stolen-election claims: “Bull***t!” Corporate media could site his judgment as authoritative (still does). Trump appointed him, after all.

So what happens next?

Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules came out recently, and purports to document how people he calls “mules” delivered “mail-in votes” late at night, caught on security cams. The film shows how such clandestine actions repeated over and over again could have easily swung the election in affected states.

Most secure election in history? There is doubt all over the place!

This is what the ruling elites — the Establishment, GloboCorp, whatever — must suppress at all costs! If enough Republicans and Independents decide to act on the conclusion that Election 2020 was stolen, they lose part of their power in November and conceivably lose the White House again in 2024! (Unless there’s another “rig,” of course.)

Hence the Establishment is playing the “insurrection” narrative for all it is worth, and will doubtless continue with these “hearings” on into election season.

The problem for them: there was no “insurrection.” An actual insurrection tries to overthrow the government. No one on January 6, 2021 was trying to do that. What was desired, at least by some, was preventing the certification of Biden as winner, under the assumption that Biden’s “win” was not legitimate in several states.

Nor was there any “Capitol riot.” Riots are what took place last summer, with hundreds of millions of dollars in damage done to buildings and other infrastructure. Nothing like that happened in D.C.

So what really happened? A legitimate (First Amendment) assembly petitioning the federal government for redress of grievances — with a small handful of individuals getting carried away — possibly egged on by outsiders.

For the truly terrible thing is that a few Senators had been prepared to discuss the doubts that Biden “won fair and square.” We might have had a chance to see a public review of the evidence. Those who entered the Capitol either didn’t know this, or really had been infiltrated by forces hostile to Trump (Antifa and the FBI being the most likely suspects). Several on-the-ground witnesses later recalled seeing people in the vicinity of the Capitol who were clearly not Trump supporters. Let us always remember that using agent provocateurs is the oldest trick in the book.

Be all this as it may, with the Bidenistas having secured the Executive Branch and Democrats, the Legislative Branch (what we may call the corporate left had control of Corporate Media and Big Tech all along), the Establishment had control over the narrative — which they have maintained ever since.

Hence the January 6 Committee, with Establishment GOP voices like Liz Cheney (daughter of the ultimate Establishment man, Dick Cheney).

I submit again that their goal is to thwart even the possibility of a second Trump presidency by circumventing any attempt Trump might make to run in 2024. The Establishment elites know that their present lock on power is far from absolute, and they doubtless know about the above polls (and their limitations). Most of their narratives collapse under scrutiny. Hence the censorship of such scrutiny by Big Tech (e.g., the scrubbing of the documentation of those vote spikes I and others saw on the morning of November 4, 2020).

Bottom line: there was no “attempted coup” on January 6, 2021. The real coup had already taken place. It happened November 3-4, 2020. So far, the perpetrators have gotten away with it. I would not be surprised if this Committee is able to see to it that they continue to get away with it. If the global covid power grab is the biggest power grab in history, this power grab probably comes in second.

History, Rush Limbaugh once said, is what happened. History is rewritten, however, to further specific narratives about nations, national elections, presidencies, “white supremacy,” “liberal democracy,” and so on. Bought members of the political class, bought attorney generals and judges, bought media “presstitutes,” and many others, through incessant repetition of official narratives and their use of words like baseless and conspiracy theory, do everything they can to cement their narratives firmly in the minds of the masses.

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