By Steven Yates

May 17, 2022

An article of mine a few weeks back began quoting the late and highly respected science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein. I repeat it, both because it’s a zinger and because some readers didn’t get it:

“Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”  –Notebooks of Lazarus Long

I often receive emails from a gentleman who seizes on one or two items in an article and then launches into an all-out verbal assault on Trump. I have not been able to get it across to this gentleman—who I think means well (as do some liberals) — that Trump versus Biden is not the real fight right now, not the real war.

A recent editorial posted on the British alternative commentary site Off-Guardian gets this three-quarters right (in my humble opinion).

What this brief item did was list the “big topics” (aside from covid) that get beaucoups of Corporate Media coverage:

Russia versus Ukraine….
Biden(istas) versus Trump(ism)….
Labour versus Tories…. (this is a British site, remember—but perhaps a few British readers will see this).
Men versus women….
LGBTQ versus straight…. 

To which I would add: “pro-choice” versus “pro-life”: for “gender fluidity” or against it, and the fracas over critical race theory in government schools….

The editorial bluntly opines:

All those things are either pure theater, invented controversies, or internal struggles between rival gangs of exploiters.

Some are indeed theater.

I honestly don’t get what could be going on inside the head of someone who thinks he/she/??? can be “any gender he/she/??? likes.”

Others are fomented fights between pressure groups.

The op-ed continues — and this is what we need to burn into our brains with iron brands if necessary:

There is a titanic struggle going on right now globally between the forces of darkness/enslavement and the human desire for truth and freedom….

The real struggle is the one the “pandemic” lie inadvertently exposed to us all in stark clarity, and which we are all now being driven to forget as quickly as possible by all the above distractions.

It’s between us as individual humans and the techno-fascism that is being rolled out globally.

It’s between truth and the matrix of lies we are being invited to live in, populated with fake binaries, fake crises, fake solutions, and fake heroes.

The real war, that is, is between the globalist ruling class — the superelite, GloboCorp, or whatever designation you like — and everyone who wants to live a free life.

What do we mean, a free life?

Not absolute freedom to do whatever one pleases. That’s anarchy, not freedom. It is a life based on responsible self-determination; on beliefs and traditions one grew up with and which had staying power because they worked: they enabled families, institutions, and communities to function over time;in which one is free to worship God openly and publicly as the foundation of moral truth; and in which psychopaths/sociopaths are either booted out or end up jailed because they commit crimes punishable according to the rule of law.

Above all, a free life is a life filled with hope, and optimism that the future really can be — will be — better than the past, because we are free to identify, and then work to achieve, our personal goals and dreams while serving our families and communities.

Burn this into your brain as well:

That’s not what the globalist ruling class wants!

They collectively believe society must be centralized (whether along “capitalist” or “communist” lines) because they want people to be controlled.

The best two ways of controlling people: (1) control their educations and the information that reaches them, and (2) control the material or economic conditions of their lives.

The globalist ruling class has been furthering both for well over a century now.

Government schools were originally created from the Prussian (not American) idea that the state owns the individual; the individual does not own him/herself. As they developed back in the mid to late1800s,schooling “evolved” into a two-tiered scheme: “liberal arts” education for the children of the elite, based on Platonism, and vocational training for the peasantry. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato presented our first detailed description of a society ruled by “philosopher-kings” and controlled by “guardians” in his Republic, and the peasants would know their places. The last thing elites want is a peasantry able to think. Hence the ratcheting down of subjects like history and philosophy, and their diversion into academic subjects unable to effectively challenge real power (this is not to say they were unable eventually to make noise about race and “gender”).

The ruling elites gained control of the financial system via the Federal Reserve. Woodrow Wilson was placed in the presidency in 1912on the strength of his promise to sign the Federal Reserve Act. This might have been the first election “rigged” by the elites. They enhanced their global control when they created the Bank for International Settlements in 1930. It has been onward and upward ever since, arriving at the World Economic Forum’s very public confabs and calls for a Great Reset.

Long before that, the ruling elites gained control over mass media using already deep pockets to buy newspapers and furnish editors who would ensure that current events, from wars to economic downturns, were presented in ways beneficial to the ruling elites; and they created their own publications (Time, The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, etc.). When radio and television came along, they controlled those as well.

They would gain control over public health, as Rockefeller money subsidized allopathic medicine, medical schools, and medical literature, while actively suppressing all information about natural remedies and/or homeopathic healing which had been in use by various peoples for centuries.

It is important that the globalist ruling class not be designated capitalist, or communist. It is tempting to its ideology as a mixture of the worst of each. But the ruling elites have no ideology except a firm belief in power and their fitness to wield it.

They are the ultimate supremacists!

Thus they use capitalist schemes because these earn massive profits that can be funneled into tax-exempt foundations supporting studies of how to increase social controls of various sorts. They use communist ones when they help undermine property and subvert personal initiative and freedom directly.

The ruling elites’ brand of capitalism gave them control over public health. One result was the shift from healing acute conditions to managing chronic conditions for profit. The growth of the processed-foods industry and factory farming greatly contributed to this: a lethargic population addicted to unhealthy additives in processed foods is substantially easier to control!

They used communist systems to control academia and media, because these are ultimately based on group think. As an ex-academic, I can certify that while vigorous discussions inside unstated but very clear parameters of micro-specialization are incentivized, those thinking for themselves about, e.g., affirmative action, or feminism, or evolution, or materialism as a worldview, are quickly ostracized!

Today, honestly questioning the wisdom of encouraging children to “transition” to another “gender” can be career-ending.

Basic biology is verboten. For sensible discussions, look elsewhere.

I mentioned that I agree with the Off-Guardian editorial three-quarters of the way.

The final quarter, my area of disagreement, is that the issues raised are not nothings. Abortions-of-convenience devalue human life. Period. We either accept that human lives have intrinsic value, or we can expect the consequences we see, which is children being used as political pawns — when they are not killed by random shooters in places like south side Chicago.

But Yates, liberals and other secularists will argue, human life never had much “value” outside one’s own tribe. Study the history of wars, genocides, racism, rape and the abuse of women, child abuse and abandonments, etc.

We once had hope of conquering or at least minimizing those problems. What was healthiest in Enlightenment thought stressed our common humanity. But again:

The globalist ruling class is not furthering any such goals.

Again, its goals are total surveillance and control. Its methodology is technocracy, which gives “scientific/technical experts” (think: Fauci!) decision-making power.

Some believe the covid-19 “vaccines” are an intentional long-term depopulation effort, which would be a genocidal crime against humanity literally off the scale!

Other writers don’t go there—but see these shots as both an endless cash cow for Big Pharma as well as instruments for bought political classes to force peasantries into desirable mass behaviors with vaccine passports, green passes, etc., to be gradually eased into global digital IDs.

Roughly 90 percent of central banks, moreover, are working on central bank digital currency.

I have described what the culmination of this campaign will look like in previous articles: technocrat-led squadrons of data entry clerks will assemble all your personal information in one digital location, accessible with a smartphone able to read QR-codes.

Your personal information will include details of birth and parentage, education, employment history, health records including any genetic issues (these could be used to deny you certain kinds of insurance), vaccination records,driving records, passport if you have one, brushes with the law if any—and above all, your financial records including all your transactions which will be “contactless,” i.e., digital. Your spending on non-elite-approved things (too much gasoline, too much electricity) could be curtailed by remote, as part of a Chinese-style “social credit” scheme.

Dissent visibly, and you risk having your digital ID turned off by remote. Result: you can’t legally buy food. This will be easy once the food supply is totally controlled.

Perhaps the worldwide roaring inflation we are presently seeing, which if it continues long enough will make it difficult for the peasantry to purchase the necessities of life, is a means of “nudging” them into actually clamoring for such a system!

Hegelian dialectic (the other major philosopher of the globalist ruling class is G.W.F. Hegel): crisis, reaction, response. Foment a crisis, or through inaction allow one to develop on its own; the crisis is intended to provoke a predictable reaction (“Do something!”). The globalist ruling class, acting through its governmental and corporate agents, initiates the response it wanted all along— often without a ripple of protest.

The plan-demic was the biggest crisis of our lifetimes!

Neither the 9/11 attacks nor the financial meltdown of 2008 come close!

And have you noticed that since the plan-demic, QR-codes are now everywhere, even on TV commercials?

Vax requirements have been fought in the courts in the U.S., but the mobility passes they give rise to are now the norm in Europe, South America, and elsewhere.

We are definitely in a more controlled society.

Some call it the “New Normal.”

Resistance is still possible, but getting increasingly difficult!

Bottom line: we are at war, and it has nothing to do with Russia. It has only marginally to do with the other issues you’ll encounter on the front pages of globalist ruling class owned rags like The New York Times and The Washington Post. Or CNN and MSNBC or any other mainstream cable outlets.

My Christian friends say, God is in control, even if we feel like crying out as the Old Testament Prophet Habakkuk did (Habakkuk 1:1-4).

God’s being in control, and conceivably using the globalists to work His will in a world that rejected Him long before they came along, remains the Christian’s source of hope.

I do not know what atheists have to hope for. Because left to our own devices, we truth-and-freedom types are presently losing the real war, and losing badly!

The globalist ruling class controls political systems, financial resources via billionaire-owned corporations, and the most advanced technology in human history!

They are using all three, and moving fast!

We do have the choice to refuse to go down without a fight, while praying for God’s eventual deliverance.

The fight begins with listening to truth-tellers, learning what is really going on behind the crap Corporate Media spews, and then taking appropriate actions.

The Off-Guardian op-ed thus ends:

The choice is ours. Wake up, or get in line for the New Normal global prison.

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