By Steven Yates

January 14, 2022

“The times may have changed, but the nature of evil has not.”  —Monsignor Timothy Howard, American Horror Story

Arguably, Campaign 2024 has begun. This is because Regime Media will not leave Trump alone. I doubt he can sneeze without it being reported. Nor will Regime Media leave January 6alone, anymore than it left the Russiagate hoax alone for over two years.

Trump is the presumed GOP nominee in 2024, even if he’s not said definitely that he’s running. His presence is the commanding one in the GOP, though, to the chagrin of Establishment types like Liz Cheney, or never-Trumper pseudo-conservatives who write for The Washington Post.

Surely if he does run he’s a shoo-in for the nomination, and if he doesn’t, his voice will probably determine who gets it. Who that might be, I have no idea. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida would be my choice, but he’s not indicated that he wants the job.

Meanwhile, as we inch our way into 2022 Regime Media will continue posting screeds on how dangerous all this is for “our democracy” (i.e., their oligarchy), not noticing that with their resources,they are the ones widening the divisions threatening to tear the country apart.

Another thing we can be sure of: the narrative wars of which I wrote last week will continue into 2022 and probably intensify.

We just mentioned “our democracy.” Former president Jimmy Carter just weighed in, having penned a widely distributed New York Times op-ed. “Our great nation teeters on the edge of a widening abyss” he wrote, and this could cost us “our precious democracy.”

Just one of countless examples.

Whether the U.S. even is a democracy in any meaningful sense is a matter worth discussing, or so I would think. If going to polling booths to vote to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic every two and four years is evidence of democracy, than I suppose the U.S. is a democracy.

But if government is supposed to answer to the concerns and choices of voters on issues that sometimes affect them directly, then the U.S. stopped being a democracy eons ago (assuming it ever was).

When, for example, was any vote ever taken on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Or its Trumpian successor (supposedly)?

The truth is that the Establishment got its de facto power back on January 20, 2021, having turned the Asylum on the Potomac into an armed fortress.

The oligarchs desperately fear losing it again!

Jan 6 and the response to it — ill-advised as the breach of the Capitol was, and with law fare against over 700 people now proceeding apace — was supposed to put an end to the “populist” insurgency. It did not.

As I’ve observed many times, millions outside the enclaves of power have figured out, at least somewhat, that something is seriously amiss with nearly everything they’ve been told for much of their lives — in school by their elders, especially in universities, and what they hear on CNN or read on Legacy Media newspapers or websites.

They’ve been “red-pilled” even if they’ve never seen The Matrix.

Some are learning “how deep the rabbit hole goes”!

Nearly all of those people supported Trump in both 2016 and 2020.

Not all of them liked him as a person. They weren’t voting for a saint. Some said they were voting for a businessman, not a career politician. They were voting for someone who said he could fix the country.

While there are some specifics we can point to, sadly, he was forced from office after four years of fighting for survival, a lot of work undone. What he wanted to do could not be accomplished in four years, even absent the backstabbers in his own administration.

A recent poll indicates that more than 40 percent of Americans believe Election 2020 was stolen outright, or are unsure, which means they have doubts about the legitimacy of the Biden presidency.


Even those who know nothing of the hundreds of memory-holed affidavits alleging specific wrongdoing in polling places November 3-4, signed under penalty of perjury,might agree with Tom Treece:

I wondered how could the man responsible for – the greatest economy in my lifetime, the lowest unemployment in a half-century (and lowest black unemployment ever), record stock market highs, stood up to China by imposing tariffs, made America energy independent by turning us into the world’s number one producer of oil and natural gas – lose to one that virtually stayed hidden away in his basement and did no campaigning?

Add to this the fact that the man he’s talking about could fill arenas while the man who “won” probably couldn’t have filled a high school auditorium.

The “Biden victory” makes no sense whatsoever. I suppose I’m one of those people for whom things have to make sense. Maybe it’s a flaw in my character. But keep my name on the list of those who smelled a rat from the get-go and still does, incessant Big Lie gaslighting from Regime Media notwithstanding.

Treece is also bothered by the obvious double-standard: Democrats spent four years casting doubt on Trump’s legitimacy (Russiagate, etc.), looking for ways to impeach him. Naturally they found first one, and then a second.

Now they expect us to grant legitimacy to someone who, in addition to all of the above,destroyed over ten thousand jobs his first two days in office?

Biden — or whoever shoved those papers in front of his demented nose to sign — doesn’t even rise to the level of incompetent!

Add to all this the gaslighting about covid “vaccines” being “safe and effective” even as the fourth “booster” is being rolled out!

These factors taken together add up to a recipe for major civil unrest, if the right leader comes along to focus it.

That leader might not be Trump. Trump world appears to be fracturing. Trump elicited boos when he told his supporters to get the covid-19(84) injections, for one thing—eve though in the next breath he opposed Bidenista “vaccine” mandates.

Trump takes credit for Operation Warp Speed.

To many who see the injections as the core component of a depopulation scheme, that was the worst mistake of his presidency!

He canceled a scheduled speech on January 6. It is unclear why, but he infuriated Steve Bannon and other non-Establishment operatives.

To the base, the continued persecution of Jan-6ers remains a sticking point about which Trump has said little beyond rhetorical pats on the back (“very fine people”). It is clear that sadists like Bidenista attorney general Merrick Garland intend to destroy as many of the lives of these “fine people” as possible.

There are other national divisions capable of blowing up this year.

The Supreme Court could conceivably hand down a decision that voids Roe v. Wade. That will doubtless rouse radical feminists who will spread dystopian Handmaid’s Talevisions of an “authoritarian Christian right” takeover. (This is an example of the emotive power of stories.) They will take to the streets, and likely be supported by Antifa and other violent leftist freelancers.

Let me be clear: abortion kills the unborn — the most vulnerable population on the planet. This is the case against it. You either place a value on human lives, or you don’t.

And if you don’t — if you exclude some category of person from your version of the human moral community — you’re on a slippery slope. History proves this decisively.

The unborn today, Alzheimer’s patients tomorrow (unless they are in the political class!). “Useless eaters” generally.

Especially if hospitals are overwhelmed with the “vaccine”-injured!

Left-liberals will retort: what about black lives mattering?

To my mind, the answer is, Of course black lives matter — but not in the sense of Black Lives Matter. I hope the difference there is not too far over many left-liberals’ heads (assuming any are reading).

I do not know what the prospects are, this year, for a frank conversation about what would actually improve black people’s lives. I don’t think left-liberals want such a conversation, because it will mean confessing their culpability for the disaster that has befallen African-Americans over the past 40 years and counting.

Such a conversation would call for a much more involved piece than this is intended to be, because it would delve into both the economic, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of what it means to live a good life in the world as it is, working according to the laws it works by.

Laws that apply across the board, whatever your race, sex, creed, nationality, etc.

Some of these laws are economic; some are psychological; some are spiritual.

Example of the first: acknowledging that human beings must produce the means of their survival and advancement, and then sustain the right practices in order to keep the advances they’ve made. Among these are respecting basic freedoms, respecting property, maintaining a strong family unit, and adhering to policies based on sound money.

Example of the second: quitting the psych0logy of victimization, from which arises nothing except destructive resentment, and which lies at the root of critical race theory and other hard-left mind abortions to come out of the universities over the past 30 years.

Example of the last: recognizing that it is not enough just to produce and consume without a sense of some transcendent purpose for doing so. Animals do the equivalent. We’re not simply animals. What is our connection to our Creator?

The number of Americans even asking the question is diminishing. Polls show us becoming more, not less, secular. Materialism continues to be our national faith.

Hence America as a whole has done none of these things.

The aggregate poisons of bad economics, inflamed racial resentment, and secularism, have all spread. Some of what destroyed black families and communities is now destroying white families and communities.

I think it likely that Republicans will retake one or both houses of Congress when November gets here, if only because the party out of power in the Executive branch usually wins big in off years. That might stymie the Bidenistas, but then what? November is still eleven months away, though, and they can do a lot of irreversible damage in the meantime.

But I wouldn’t count on a Republican-controlled Congress accomplishing much. When have Republican-controlled Congresses ever accomplished much in the past?

We can also be reasonably sure that the Establishment is going to continue with ‘omicron’ and other scare tactics. The other day, it was “flurona,” some goofy mixture of flu and coronavirus!

Legacy Media will continue blaming the “unvaccinated” for hospitals filling up.

There’s not going to be a “return to normal” in the American mainstream, although many rural communities may be able to return to something like it.

My counsel is still: get out of big cities. Their left-liberal governments are destroying them from within. That’s the best testimony to the destructive power of left-liberalism.

I’d like to be optimistic, that this year could be better than last year … but the only thing likely to make so is us, taking charge of our lives where we can.

Not looking to the GOP, and November; or to 2024.

Last year, around this time, I began penning a series of articles counseling conservatives to prepare to separate from the larger society (it began here): mindset, resilience, skills, securing intentional communities, securing borders, etc.

This isn’t a perfect solution (there aren’t any of those). It is necessary to continue exposing and opposing the Great Reset with all our might, since left to its own devices the super elite behind it — call it the Establishment, GloboCorp, or whatever you want — has the technology to ferret out and destroy any such communities should they become sufficiently viable to become a globally visible, competitive threat to its power.

We conservatives can only count on ourselves and on God (Eph. 6:10-18).

Can we create communities where we are, based on our values? Can we start by nurturing a worldview that places God at its center, that assigns intrinsic value to human life (all human lives), and educates for truth and not political agendas beyond the necessities of self-defense? One that allows genuine leaders, and not mere moneyed elites, to rise to the top? Let us also give a nod to the ancient Stoic philosophers who counseled taking charge of what we can control, and letting go of what we can’t control. Turn off Legacy Media. Homeschool your children. Those are things you can control.

And there’s plenty more to do in every other area we can control.

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