By Steven Yates

March 14, 2022

“The vast population of this earth, and indeed nations themselves, may readily be divided into three groups. There are the few who make things happen, the many more who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens.”  Nicholas Murray Butler (orig. 1931) 

I’ve hesitated to write on Russia and Ukraine. I don’t have boots-on-the-ground sources for events in that part of the world like I did for Charlottesville (for example). Most of what I’ve learned is readily available on alternative media. There are a couple of writers who hail from the region I read regularly, but neither is based in Ukraine.

I wasn’t convinced Russian president Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine. It was unclear what he had to gain. The place is a basket case, after all. So when corporate media overwhelmed us with hysterical accounts of Russian troops marching in, I was suspicious. Had Russia really invaded, or was this another globalist / corporate media psy-op?

Footage, from multiple sources independent of one another, convinced me the invasion itself was real. I do feel for the 40 million or so Ukrainians. They did not ask for this, and are caught in the middle. As for the government in Kyiv, that’s a whole ‘nother matter!

But footage doesn’t tell us much, and corporate media hasn’t told us much more. A little history lesson might be in order.

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the U.S. made one agreement after another that NATO would not creep eastward, eventually showing up on Russia’s border.

Why did Russia think this a bad thing?

Well, what would Americans think about Russia (perhaps allied with China and Iran) forming an international organization that pulled in Central America and moved on Mexico, so that it could put missiles and God knows what else practically on America’s southern border? Especially if the Russian leadership had issued explicit promises that this would not happen.

There were assurances Eastern European countries would not join NATO. They did. Eventually NATO reached Ukraine, and there it met resistance. Both the government and the culture were pro-Russian. Viktor Yanukovych had won the presidency there in the closest thing you’re going to find to a democratic election in that part of the world.

We’re up to 2010, and the Yanukovych government was cutting deals with Russia while turning its back on the (globalist controlled) EU. Protests arose, most likely fomented, and Yanukovych was overthrown in the coup of February 2014 and forced to flee the country. A violent but pro-NATO, pro-U.S. regime came to power, with Petro Poroshenko becoming president in May. He was replaced by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former comic-actor, in 2019.

He led the corrupt corporatocracy Putin invaded three weeks ago. One of its billionaire-owned corporations paid Hunter Biden gazillions (just one example; there are others from America’s political overclass). Which has to make one wonder: what was this government hiding that the Bidenistas (among others) do not want the Russians to reveal?

The day before the invasion, Putin recognized the independence of Ukraine’s two eastern breakaway regions, Donetsk and Lugansk. Both have large populations of ethnic Russians whose first language is Russian and spent the past eight years under Kyiv repression, including being forbidden by law to speak their own language in public. Naturally there was unrest in both, some of it violent, and naturally Russia got blamed.

Prior to the invasion I wondered if this was Crimea warmed over. In 2014, a democratic vote overwhelmingly (around 96 percent of Crimeans) approved Crimea’s separating from Ukraine and joining the Russian Federation. This was reported by lying Western corporate media as an invasion, evidence of Russian expansionism.

The first question one must always ask is almost embarrassing: how much of what comes to you over the boob-tube can be believed?

Or, more bluntly put:

When was the last time Anglo-American corporate media told the truth about any major event?

They spent two years hammering us about Russian collusion that never happened, trying to delegitimize the Trump presidency. This narrative kept America’s masses psychologically conditioned for a continued demonizing of everything Russian.

That’s just for starters.

Corporate media has lied consistently about domestic matters such as inflation and unemployment, always under reporting each. They lied about 9/11 and Osama bin Laden (who died of kidney disease a few months after 9/11, not in a hail of gunfire in Pakistan ten years later). Going back to the late 1990s, corporate media would have suppressed the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, had Matt Drudge not put it out over our then-novel Gutenberg press of the present.

Corporate media lied back in the 1960s and 1970s. There is solid evidence that both Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King Jr., were killed by conspirators within the U.S. government.

Small wonder some people believe the moon landings were faked!

The Establishment has lied all along about supporting“democracy.” Democratic elections, or what passes for such,are treated as legitimate as long as (1) Anglo-American moneyed interests are served, and (2) those in office serve the globalists behind moneyed interests. Refuseniks are demonized and eventually overthrown. Ask the Iranians (Mossadegh, 1953). Ask Guatemalans (Arbenz, 1954). Ask Panamanians (Noriega, 1989). Ask the Iraqis (Hussein, 2003). There are others. Many others. The list goes on and on.

So why would anyone in his right mind take for granted anything Establishment media says about Ukraine?

“I stand with Ukraine!” is the virtue-signal of the moment!

Are you sure? You’re standing with one of the most corrupt governments in the world. But I get ahead of myself.

Consider: when corporate media feeds us 24/7 hysteria, incessantly hammering a single narrative, alongside footage and images (e.g., of a scowling, photoshopped Putin) clearly intended to arouse emotions — fear or outrage — something else is going on.

Those who do not realize have learned NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, from the past two years!

It is obvious to those of us with functioning brain cells: the c-virus was made in a lab, even if we don’t know the specifics. Its release was probably deliberate. With the U.S. economy booming by all “official” measures, the Democrat Party in shambles, and Trump on the verge of coasting into a second term? Come on, people, use your heads!

Nor are the gene-therapy injections “safe and effective” whatever the belligerent “fact-checkers” say. The best we can say is that a small handful of lots seem to be the deadliest. As for the rest, who knows? Many might be placebos.Or, everyone who got jabbed may have been turned into a walking, breathing biological time bomb.Some 10.8 billion shots have been administered in over 140 countries. Deaths from blood clots began almost immediately in Europe. An abnormal spike in deaths from a variety of causes has been reported by life insurance companies and mortuaries in the U.S. I don’t know who is keeping track elsewhere.

All we can do is pray we aren’t in the first stage of a crime against humanity beyond all previous imaginings!!

Again: the globalists are psychopaths who see those outside their orbit of three to four hundred extended families as the moral equivalent of cattle.

That includes, of course, the 40 million Ukrainians being used as pawns in this latest escapade!

There is now near certainty that despite predictable hysterical denials from the same Western Establishment voices, bioweapons facilities had been built in various locations around the country. (I posted a map of locations on my Facebook page; the censors almost immediately blacked it out with a False Information stamp. Need I say more?) Russia is emphatic that these facilities exist, and China has backed up Russia on this. Russian troops may have put some out of business. The Establishment reports these as attacks on medical centers, etc.

For more information on the biolab angle, consult Glenn Greenwald, one of the handful of real investigative journalists left. (Substack has become a truth-tellers refuge; Greenwald’s site there is worth subscribing to.) Ron Unz has also explored the matter. Both note how a single powerful globalist neocon, Victoria Nuland, seems to be present like an ominous shadow over all matters related to Ukraine. Lance Johnson, finally, notes how the U.S. Embassy removed all accounts of bioweapons facilities in Ukraine from its website.

All this is quite interesting in light of ongoing claims that the covid virus was made more infectious through Fauci-funded gain-of-function genetic engineering.

Again, the Establishment yarn is that the thing “evolved in a bat.”

If we’ve seen any evidence-free claim in the past two years, it’s that one.

Long and short of it: the official coronavirus / covid-19(84) narrative has disintegrated.

So now what?

One answer so far: Russia versus Ukraine, 24/7.

Same methods to paralyze critical thinking and take the minds of the masses in a desired direction.

Heck, it worked the last time! Mostly.

And we’re also seeing rising exposés on U.S.-Ukrainian biolabs branded as — wait for it! — conspiracy theories!

Heck, that worked the last time, too!


For again, there are just too many people not buying it. Which brings us back to: now what?

What gives me sleepless nights is wondering what the globalists have up their sleeves that we haven’t seen yet.

They will pursue a strategy that (1) benefits them both financially and in terms of establishing Total Information Awareness, total surveillance, and control; (2) harms everyone outside their orbit, using psychological and economic compulsion to get us peasants to give up our remaining freedoms; and (3) preserve the digital infrastructure necessary for total surveillance and control.

Brandon Smith makes a compelling case in a recent article against their triggering nuclear war.

Putin wouldn’t do it despite the accusations he’s threatened to use nukes. Were Putin to fire nukes, the retaliation would be near-instantaneous. Moscow and probably other major Russian cities would be incinerated. He doesn’t want that.

Besides, nuclear war wouldn’t satisfy (3) above. Brandon Smith writes:

The globalists are unlikely to spend the past several decades building up one of the most complex technocratic control grids in history to track and dominate the public only to then annihilate it all in the blink of an eye with nukes. A post-nuke environment would be impossible for them to control. 

I think it safe to say that if we ever see nukes flying, it will be because the globalists have decided they’re going to lose and plan to take as much of the civilized world with them as they can!

What else might they have in their arsenal? A lab-engineered strain of smallpox? The world would go into the severest lock down yet seen — but could the globalists be assured they would avoid being infected? Would they have inoculations they knew worked because they had been tested over time (unlike the covid gene-therapy concoctions they foisted on the public)?

Smith continues: What is more likely, in my view, is a massive cyber-attack that targets the functionality of the internet itself, and it would have to happen relatively soon.

My money is on something like this. He goes on to observe how the Internet is now so integrated into economic activity in advanced nation at every level, that if it went down for just two weeks the result would be an unprecedented shock wave that took down markets and disrupted supply chains everywhere. Rolling blackouts would likely ensue and air travel would cease, as everything connected to, or depending on, an Internet connection, would go offline all at once!

And if you think gas prices are high now…!

During the blackout, GloboCorp’s tech engineers would “redo” Web functionality! They would set up filters and firewalls,and establish protocols, that would disable or render inaccessible all but “approved” government and corporate websites! This would mean the end of alternative media as we’ve come to know it, including this trusted site!

The Internet would be theirs, not ours!

Conditions would be put in place for us peasants to recover access! These could include almost anything GloboCorp wanted? (Statement of intent? National ID? Vax mobility pass?)

All in the name of “Internet security”; or “safety” from those dastardly “Russian hackers,” as doubtless the cyberattack would be blamed on Russia.

Such an attack, Smith observes, would serve the added purpose of hiding the crashing Bidenista-era economy manifested as roaring inflation and financial instability.

Ukraine would be off the radar!

For the attack’s duration and probably for a while after a semblance of Internet access was restored, you would only get emergency communications! The so-called need-to-know basis (and you, peasant, don’t need to know!).

I agree with Smith that the chances of something like this occurring before the end of this year are better than 50-50! It could happen sooner!

We could be wrong. I have been before. I pray we are. Do you want to take the chance?

When I go to the store, I buy two of everything I know we’ll need. One I use; the other I store. I’ve begun doing this for everything: non perishables, vitamins and minerals, cleaners and toiletries, pet supplies, etc. The ideal would be to have several months’ worth of everything in our storage room.

I do not recommend keeping large sums of money in the bank, or in any digital form! Banks stopped serving customers and started serving the Establishment years ago. You might never see your money again!

In a cyberattack, even cryptocurrencies will go poof! Wallets saved offline will still be unusable!

Only approved transactions, after all!

We should have learned from the events of two years ago that circumstances can change extremely rapidly!

I don’t think the grid will be down for more than a few days, because anything longer than that would create a mass panic, and a mass panic again might be difficult to control.

But I could be wrong about that, too, or that the response to such won’t be mass violence by governments against their citizens!

Bottom line: we are at war, but the war that matters is not Russia-versus-Ukraine. The war that matters is the fifth generation war GloboCorp is fighting against the peoples of the world, especially we who want to live free and peaceful lives, serving our God and our fellow humans in a free and decentralized marketplace of goods, services, and information.

What I recommend: tune out I-stand-with-Ukraine rubbish and concentrate on preparing for whatever GloboCorp psychopaths dish out next in their bid for absolute power!

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