By Steven Yates

August 19, 2022

A little over a week or so ago, a man entered an FBI field office armed with an AR-15 and a nail gun. He was killed in a firefight later. Apparently he’d posted threats against the FBI on Truth Social, Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative.

Others face charges after threatening FBI agents and the federal government generally on social media. The judge who signed the warrant authorizing the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence reports receiving death threats.

First things first. I repudiate such tactics unconditionally. Walking into an FBI office armed not only gets us nowhere, it is grade-A stupid! As with threats against police, it’s a great way to get yourself killed!

Not to mention the fact that anyone doing this is playing right into the hands of those railing hysterically about threats to the “rule of law” and to “democracy.”


Let’s use our heads!

Sure, the FBI did something unprecedented in U.S. history: raiding the private property of a former U.S. president, ostensibly seeking mishandled classified documents (agents took Trump’s passports as if they expected him to flee the country!).

But let them prove the hypocrisy of A.G. Merrick Garland’s “No one is above the law,” when Trump is publicly accused of doing something Hillary Clinton was able to skate away from. Let the Bidenistas prove their hypocrisy by continuing to protect Hunter Biden and his now-infamous laptop.

Let’s continue shouting the truth from the rooftops WITHOUT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE!

President Trump himself has called for calm. The “temperature has to be brought down in the country,” was how he put it. “If it isn’t, terrible things are going to happen.”

What I fear is that even his voice will go ignored. It’s not hard to see why.

Large numbers of people are fed up. They are sick and tired of hearing about the Big Lie amidst Deep State and Corporate Media’s bigger lies and outright fabrications going back to Russiagate.

They are sick and tired of double standards.

They are sick and tired of lies about the economy

They are sick and tired of being called racists, or beneficiaries of “systemic racism.”

And they are sick and tired of the plan-demic.

We know now that the coronavirus did not “evolve in a bat.” People with their eyes open are tired of Legacy Media repeating lies about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” the “safety and efficacy” of the vaxes which are contradicted by all the VAERS data.

They are frustrated, not knowing what to do. Their sense is that “the system” turned on them long ago, which it did.

The Democrats used to be the party of the white working class. Not anymore!

They see an elite-sponsored hate campaign against the one figure who has tried to stand up for them, and fear this campaign might win the day.

Consequently there are hotheads out in the hinterlands whose mantra is “lock and load.”

All one has to do is browse Truth Social, or other sites like Gab and Telegraph.

These people will not start a civil war. They will just place themselves and their families in great personal danger.

Unless, of course, there are enough of them, and they decide not to go off half-cocked as did the guy in Ohio, and instead get organized.

If that happens, and they again rally around Trump, or possibly around the leadership of someone we haven’t seen yet, watch out!

I’ve been following the conversation expressing fears that civil war could blow up in the U.S. I agree that what would ensue would be quite unlike the War Between the States 1860-65. There were mostly clear geographical lines then.

Today’s “lines” are very different! They are cultural and economic, not geographical.

Today’s divides are rural versus urban, localist versus globalist, those who favor smaller government versus those who want larger government, those who support traditional ways of doing things versus purveyors of “disruptive” change, and those who do not worship the almighty dollar as a secular god versus those who do (or act as if they do)….

Above all, there is the vast difference between those who want to be left alone, versus those who refuse to leave them alone.

These divides cut across all the visible borders and boundaries. All “red” states contain a few “blue” urban centers. And all the “blue” states contain regions that do not identify with the cultural Marxism of academia or the money-driven cosmopolitanism of Big Business.

What the former in each of these pairs deeply resent is being looked down on, their interests disregarded, and then regarded as inferior and ridiculed publicly by unaccountable elites who have treated them like crap all their lives … and then wondered, back in 2015-16, scratching their heads, why those they dumped on and dismissed as backward Neanderthalic racists listened when Donald Trump spoke their language.

The latter in each pair have inverted truth and lies even as they continued the ruination of the real economy, i.e., the economy of ordinary people working at ordinary jobs, not the investment economy of the elites.

Through their chronic weakness, the Bidenista elites oversaw the clumsy pullout from Afghanistan that abandoned thousands of allies there and left U.S. equipment in the hands of the Taliban. This perception contributed to opening the door to the first war on European soil in three quarters of a century. The continued antics of clowns like Nancy Pelosi has set the stage for increased aggression against Taiwan by the Chinese Communist Party.

Because our Establishment — GloboCorp, if you prefer — has merged Communism with Capitalism’s vulnerabilities, once the latter is aligned with the materialist worldview.

This system, which many pundits dignify with phrases like the liberal world order, and which prevails outside the axis represented by Russia, China, Iran, and a few others, is a disaster, and it is no wonder there are thoughtful people who see it as fundamentally deceptive and wouldn’t mind if it went out of business!

It has proven, however, immensely useful for those driven by a lust for power (and profit)!

The prospect of a second Trump presidency literally terrifies these folks. They know that if it happens, their effort at global domination might be finished! For a second Trump presidency would be very unlike the first. Trump has doubtless learned a lot since he stepped into the White House in 2017, a complete outsider, clueless who to surround himself with. I imagine he is now far clearer who his friends and enemies are. Who he might appoint to key roles the next go-round I am uncertain, but I’m sure it will not be the ilk who repeatedly undermined him Jan ‘17 – Jan ‘21. Don’t expect any Mike Pences or James Mattises or Jared Kushners.

GloboCorp either prevents a second Trump presidency or else!

They’ve found the perfect female voice: Liz Cheney, formerly Wyoming’s resident RINO who sacrificed her seat in Congress to become a full-time Establishment narrative warrior. I fully expect her to run against Trump for the GOP nomination. It would not surprise me if, when she loses, she runs as an Independent to try to draw enough votes from Trump to give the Democrats four more years! (That is assuming the election is not again stolen outright!)

Stop Trump is the subtext that screams at me from every mainstream newsfeed!

An indictment — on whatever grounds — if made before Trump officially announces his candidacy, would not knock him out of the race but would definitely slow him down.

Even Tucker Carlson now thinks the Justice Department will move to indict him. I expect that if this happens, it will happen between now and November — assuming that comes off normally since one thing is almost certain: Republicans will retake part or all of Congress, making the stop Trump agenda harder.

Paul Craig Roberts wonders whether the Establishment will “uncover” a “white supremacist” plot on the part of the “deplorables” to steal the election.

This would increase the likelihood, he believes, of a federal takeover of the election! Then the Establishment can steal it!

I spent several paragraphs at the outset urging people on our side of the narrative war to control their tempers. But should any of several possible variations on the above scenario play out, how can any reasonable person expect them to do so? What will I be able to advise then, other than offering reminders of those millions of hollow point bullets Homeland Security purchased years ago.

I don’t think that was done so its personnel could hunt ducks.

The Establishment figured out long ago that a peasant revolt was at least possible.

The peasants, who have not millions but hundreds of millions of guns of their own, and any number of war-hardened Veterans on their side, could well give a good accounting of themselves even if they don’t win.

Were anyone with real power to read this, I would advise: do not indict Trump, and don’t hoke up some imaginary “white supremacist conspiracy” to give yourselves an excuse to hijack the November election!

Because of you do either one, or both, things could turn very ugly, very fast!

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