By Steven Yates

My last article clearly hit home — if the flood into my inbox that day is any indication. I am grateful to those who wrote,and if you didn’t get a reply I apologize. Because of other commitments that day I just couldn’t do it. I do read everything sent to me, and I appreciate your thoughts.

A few emailers pointed out things I missed (e.g., one person pointed out the usefulness of obtaining and storing seeds). I considered advising on weapons and ammo, but decided against that because (1) it’s obvious, and (2) I did not want anything in there that trolls or others unsympathetic (to say the least!) to what we’re about here could interpret as sanctioning violence. The absolute LAST thing liberty people should ever do is initiate violence! It is quite different to be prepared for violence from others, however!

Moving on to further thoughts on why a failed superpower, the U.S., is likely to break up in the near future….

Last week (as I write this morning), “Joe Biden” *pulled a trigger likely to aggravate divisions over the experimental mRNA vaccines. He blatantly violated the U.S. Constitution — as if that matters these days! — by signing an executive order commanding employers with 100 or more workers to get them jabbed,or tested every week with a test known to be invalid and scheduled to be discontinued at the end of the year.

This would directly affect around 100 million American workers!

Almost immediately, governors of 19 states and two attorney generals rose up in criticism. By Sept. 12, the number of states voicing objections to federal overreach had swollen to 26. Some, like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, have said openly, “We will fight back!”OSHA, the federal agency caught in the crossfire, is already preparing for lawsuits.

A substantial fraction of the country opposes vaccine mandates and passports. Some 80 million people are refusing the jab. What is the plan? Deprive as many of them as possible of the ability to work legally? That would cripple the economy as badly as the lockdowns as businesses are forced to close and important tasks do not get done!

Has anyone asked opponents of vaccine mandates why they believe as they do? Yes, and here is where you can’t believe a word that comes from any mainstream source, which is likely to cite some nut who thinks the shots contain a microchip.

A lot of information has come my way about what is, or might be, in these shots. Not being a scientist, I don’t have an effective means of evaluating it all. But some of what comes my way has come from experienced doctors and degreed scientists (epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists). All are casting doubt on both the effectiveness and long term safety of what was an experiment from the get-go.

Legally compelling people to become guinea pigs so that government gets more power and Big Pharma billionaires get richer is morally unconscionable!

Incidentally, members of Congress are exempt, and newly-arrived immigrants are exempt, a dead giveaway that none of this is about public health!

All of this explains a lot of the resistance to the jabs!

What should be clear by now: they won’t protect you from COVID. Otherwise, governments wouldn’t continue to mandate mask-wearing among the fully vaccinated (two shots, now in many places including at least one “booster”). There would be zero cases in places like Israel which have mass-vaccinated almost their entire populations.

The argument applies: if I’m not vaccinated and you are, then if the jabs work, how am I a threat to you?

As to what the shots do, I’ve collected info about their instructing the body to manufacture spike proteins which will accumulate and eventually destroy your immune system, to claims that they contain graphene oxide, to be triggered by 5G technology — already all around us (voted on, you’ll notice, by nobody, but enabling Big Tech billionaires to get richer). 5G, the argument goes, turns graphene oxide into a free radical able to cause a cytokine storm inside the body, whereby it basically attacks itself.

Either of these promises long term damage to vital body organs and one’s immune system, meaning that unless a growing number of doctors and scientists have missed something vital, not mere millions but tens of millions and possibly hundreds of millions of people will be paying for their compliance with their lives, for not rising up and refusing these jabs in sufficient numbers that mandates and passports would not even be conceivable.

Is mass depopulation a prophesy? I don’t know. As I’ve said repeatedly, I don’t make predictions, I sketch scenarios, but as said in previous articles I’ve been to the Georgia Guidestones and have heard super-elites say openly on multiple occasions that there are too many people on the planet. So it is impossible not to give that scenario credibility. Everything I’ve read about the jabs tells me it is not merely possible but likely that there will be a lot of deaths from these things down the road—according to VAERS reporting, there have already been thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries, the casualties from this thing already far exceeding all previous vaccines combined.

None of this has been reported. Down the Orwellian Memory Hole in these Orwellian times. You’re far more likely to hear that so-and-so, a conservative “anti-vaxxer,” just died from COVID — or that some former “anti-vaxxer” now on a ventilator (those things kill people as well!) now says, “Get the shot!

This is tearing the U.S. apart, as many who have done their homework — including health care workers — will give up their careers before they sacrifice their lives! Incidentally, if hospital ICUs were really being “overwhelmed” by “delta variant” patients, a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” they would have their hands absolutely full!

Would institutions really fire qualified nurses under such circumstances because they refused to get a shot?

There is already a well-known shortage of nurses in the U.S.

Think, people!

The biggest other factors likely to split the country into fragments in the near future are political and cultural. It’s not just Proud Boys — Antifa shootouts in Portland, Ore. Even if the approved narrative of last year’s janky election were true, it would mean that over 72 million Americans voted for Trump. More than voted for him in 2016.

I’ve no idea what percentage of those who voted for Trump thinks the election was stolen and that the Bidenista regime is therefore illegitimate. There’s no good way of gathering data on something like that, since with all the distrust, many Trump voters would not talk to a data-gatherer they didn’t know, or answer reliably. Who’d blame them?

We know the Bidenistas and their corporate media cohorts don’t consider Trump’s supporters legitimate. Their predecessors worked consistently to destroy the Trump presidency from the get-go. Since the janky election, they’ve done everything to demonize his support base and gaslight the country on the election’s jankiness.

As for January 6, I don’t think any Trump supporter who entered the Capitol that day helped the cause of reversing the steal, if only because it was too late! Trump screwed up by following Rudy Giuliani instead of Patrick Byrne, but that ship’s sailed. Now we have a few hundred de facto political prisoners in the Asylum on the Potomac, people with no previous criminal record now labeled domestic terrorists possibly for life. This ought to speak volumes about legitimacy.

What we should be thinking about now is not whether Trump will run again in 2024, but whether the country will even be able to hold a national election without threats of violence, should solid, well-organized resistance to the presently empowered cultural far left emerge.

At least two other battleground issues have emerged besides vaccine mandates: abortion, and critical race theory. The former promises further legal action; the latter is tearing public education apart as teachers resign rather than be forced to teach white kids that their heritage is “structurally racist.”

We have, as our baseline, two polar opposites, two entirely different political outlooks. One defends personal freedoms and the sanctity of life; the other is about power, draping over it flowering language about the “greater good.”

We also have multiple regional cultures in the “lower 48.” Most of their grassroots is conservative. There are independence movements in both Alaska and Hawaii.

Only an openly totalitarian state will be able to keep all this under the same political roof. With the Asylum on the Potomac unraveling in the wake of the Afghanistan disaster and looking at a massive debt spiral which is a whole separate issue we’ve barely mentioned, will this even be possible?

Use the military to do it? Our present-day “woke” military run by a guy who sanctions drag shows and promotes critical race theory? The military has many African-Americans in uniform. Why would they fight to preserve a nation-state they’ve been told is based on “systemic racism”?

The totalitarians, presently in control of the Asylum,do have super-elite (GloboCorp) backing, which will still give them a significant advantage despite all these problems if the other side has not properly prepared.

They have the power to simply force a lot of refuseniks in all these areas out of the above-ground economy!

This was the point of my preparedness material, however incomplete.

A couple of writers wondered, are you in favor of the country breaking up? Do you want to see this?

Completely irrelevant, but No, of course not! As with the jabs and depopulation, I pray every day that I will be proven wrong!

It’s sort of out of my hands!

This decomposition, if it occurs, will be nothing like the War Against Southern Independence, 1860-65. In that war, there were clear geographic divisions. This one will pull states asunder, pit neighborhood against neighborhood, and in some cases neighbor against neighbor and even tear families apart. The reverse racism critical race theory will precipitate further violence. We already know Black Lives Matter will shut down thoroughfares at peak hours if a white cop shoots and kills a black man. Can you imagine what they will do if a real emergency erupts—and if a few white men with guns get fed up enough to take matters into their own hands? (Some ideas here, incidentally written before the George Floyd riots.)

Watch the trucking industry. America depends on truckers, and on their belief that they can carry out deliveries in safety. As I observed, everything in your stores (grocery, etc.) was brought in by tractor-trailer. If something happens to disrupt the interstate flow of goods by tractor-trailer, stores will empty in a matter of hours!

These are all people who, other things being equal,just want to conduct their own business, lead their own lives, and be left alone.

Versus sociopathic control freaks who have no plans to leave anyone alone.

Many of the former are getting prepared, but many are not!

We must avoid normalcy bias. This is fallacy of thinking that the future must be like the past, so that any disruption is temporary. Things will get “back to normal.” Someone will “restore order.” Somehow.

Those with normalcy bias either procrastinate or outright refuse to prepare for emergencies, believing “the authorities” will ride in on their white horses and save the day.

They underestimate both their probability of disruptions in upcoming days, and tend to minimize their potential to do lasting damage.

Normalcy bias is a common cognitive affliction. Most people do not prepare even for small emergencies like power outages during winter storms when travel becomes hazardous, or gasoline shortages caused by temporary supply-line disruptions.

Imagine if the power went out for an extended period (weeks or even months), whatever the cause!

Just ask yourself how long you could survive without electricity!

How could that happen? By states — or parts of states — pulling free as soon as they believe they could get away with it, inviting retaliation which could include shutting down their grids.

A massive false flag cyber attack could have this result!

Ask yourself if the elderly in your community could survive, moreover, without social security payments, Medicare, or other sources of federal dollars all of which would instantly stop for any state, part of a state, or region that took the radical step of declaring independence from the federal leviathan.

Money is a trap! It has meant dependence, and the feds have spent over a century pulling everyone into their encirclements, because dependence usually ensures compliance when noncompliance means loss of federal dollars.

Is all this alarmist? I’m sure there were Soviet citizens who felt the same way in the late 1980s. Normalcy bias is universal, after all. The Russian people were somewhat prepared. The inefficiencies of Soviet Communism brought about an underground economy of self-reliance / family reliance, if Russian-born author Dmitry Orlov can be believed. They still suffered terribly when the Soviet economic-financial architecture collapsed. Orlovis a good source on collapse, arguing persuasively that it is a process, not a singular event. That process is underway in America, and Americans are far less prepared than the Russians were.

*When referencing something “Joe Biden” did personally I put the name in scare quotes, because the man is in the early stages of dementia, indicated by his chronic stumbling over words and the evident gaps in his memory (forgetting, the other day, details of his daughter’s wedding anyone of sound mind would have remembered). No one really thinks he signs anything his handlers don’t put in front of him.

How do I know Biden has dementia? Because I’ve seen it first-hand! I watched my father’s cognitive decline, first slowly and then rapidly, starting around 2006 when he began to forget how to do simple things on his computer he’d done hundreds of times. Ending with his needing round-the-clock nursing care. He passed away near the end of 2009. Vascular dementia was on the death certificate. So I know dementia when I see it, and Biden has it! He is presently serving super-elite purposes (there was no one else!), but I doubt he will last four years in the White House as his handlers will only be able to cover for him so long. Who will replace him? No one in his right mind thinks Kamala (“giggles”) Harris could do it.If she had an “accident” between now and a year from now, I wouldn’t be surprised! Nancy Pelosi? The results would be instantly catastrophic, leading even more quickly to the unraveling of the nation. So who will sit in that office in 2024? I honestly don’t know, and I’m not sure it much matters!

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