by Steven Yates

December 21, 2021

Is This Year One, Part 1

“O Lord, how long shall I cry, and you will not hear? even cry out to you, “Violence!” and you will not save. Why do you show me iniquity, and cause me to see trouble? for plundering and violence are before me; there is strife, and contention arises. Therefore the law is powerless, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; therefore perverse judgment proceeds.”  —Habakkuk 1:2-4

For me personally, 2021 had more pluses than negatives.

We (my better half and I) finished settling into our new place. We are not in lockdown.

Our place is remote in the sense that you have to know where to look or you’ll never find it. But we are in walking distance from two grocery stores, two outdoors markets, a large health clinic, a mall, and the regional airport.

Our expenses have dropped dramatically since abandoning city life.

We have much to be grateful for, starting with each other. We are healthy;we are safe; and we stay in touch with family (hers, since I am the sole survivor of my immediate family).

My book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory, moreover, finally came out last summer.It is the produce of a three-year labor of love.

That might seem to have little to do with what I do here, but this would be deceptive. Many problems professional philosophers have wrestled for decades involve language in one way or another, and if there is anything more abused and manipulated today than language, I have trouble imagining what it could be. The late, great Ludwig Wittgenstein once observed (in a work called The Tractatus): “In philosophy the question, ‘What do we actually use this word or this proposition for?’ repeatedly leads to valuable insights.”

Orwell understood that those who control the public lexicon control public life.

Consider, then, each of the following words and what they are used for: democracy, fascism, racism, white supremacism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, conspiracy theory, populism. Can you think of more?

Also ask, what is the Weltanschauung or worldview of the person who uses words as linguistic clubs to beat people into submission?The weaponizing of language remains an open field if only because (for obvious reasons)very few academic philosophers will touch the subject.

That brings me to the condition of the Western world outside our immediate surroundings.

Not so good!

I fully understand the prophet Habakkuk’s lament above.

We approach another Christmas and New Year with televisions bleating incessant warnings that are now almost sonic wallpaper, we are so used to them.

Have we learned anything?

Around this time last year I predicted that the rushed “vaccines” we were just starting to hear about would become the big fight of 2021.

I was half-right.

As those were just starting to be rolled out, January 6 happened.

What we should be learning: yes, Virginia, the United States Federal Government keeps political prisoners, and if that’s a verbal club than in my estimation it is deserved.

Also: corporate media “news” lies like a rug!

The most revealing case of media dishonesty was regarding Capitol cop Brian Sickwick. Mainstream outlets reported at length how Sickwick was clubbed over the head with a fire extinguisher by a Trump supporter and died from head trauma.

This turned out to be a complete fabrication! No one struck Sickwick!

He had a stroke, doubtless brought on by the stress of the event, but not caused by any specific person.

Yes, Virginia, corporate media will exploit tragedy for political gain!

I don’t think media talking heads care about truth! They are paid for peddling BS — in the sense philosopher Harry Frankfurt uses the infamous b-word in his slim little classic On Bullshit (2005).

Their business is manufacturing consent, pumping out and maintaining approved narratives.

This ought to be our first big takeaway from 2021 (Year One?).

Assuming we hadn’t learned it in 2017 with Charlottesville, in 2018 with the collapse of the Russiagate hoax, in 2019 with Ukrainegate, or in 2020 which saw hundreds of millions of dollars of damage done by “mostly peaceful protesters.”

What ought to be our second big takeaway from 2021?

Again, assuming we hadn’t gotten the message long before, how about: the complete corruption of science into The Science?

Result: Big Pharma raked in billions while thousands of people died unnecessarily, having been denied effective treatments Big Pharma’s media shills demonized.

The truth: there is very little science being done today that is not part of corporate-governmental technocratic efforts to bring about the technocrat Great Reset.

What should be clear as 2021 comes to an end: the coronavirus did not “evolve in a bat,” and its release was no accident.

The timing of the release —a period of increasing economic volatility, the likelihood of Trump winning re-election in a landslide, and rising “populism” all over the globe—was as perfect as the chemical structure of the coronavirus itself, laden with evidence of the gain-of-function research that designed it to infect humans, especially the elderly.


A reader suggested a possible reason: Social Security will be broke in a few years. How long it has seems to depend on who you ask. Frankly, I don’t think anyone knows.

We are on our way to a general crash of all the markets that will make 2008 look like a joyride by comparison.

You cannot sustain an economy indefinitely on printed money!

If the gene-therapy injections do their job, though, this might not matter.

The author and researcher who looks to have done the most homework keeping up with studies of the effects of the injections appears to be Mike Whitney (archive here). I don’t know much about Mr. Whitney. He apparently keeps his head down. Has, for as long as I’ve been reading his stuff, which long predates covid-19(84). He wrote on economic issues from a standpoint hard to categorize, probably because he was isolating kernels of truth while the majority of “economists” were shilling for financialization, corporatism, and the military-security machine.

What Whitney relates through his archive: deaths from a variety of causes, the majority heart-related, are abnormally high this year, well above mere chance, in all countries that rushed into mass vaccination programs.

Cancers formerly in remission have returned.

All in the “fully vaccinated.”

People’s natural immune systems are being damaged, leaving them vulnerable to illnesses of all kinds. Your immune system, Whitney noted recently, is not your last line of defense against sickness, it is your only line of defense.

In the future, people will be dropping dead from the flu and even bad colds because their compromised immune systems cannot fight them off!

There were warnings in abundance (one by myself, a year ago) that the “vaccines” were being rolled out too fast, that under normal circumstances it takes years to vet a new vaccine for effectiveness and safety.

Down the memory hole!

I don’t have a death toll I am confident is accurate. VAERS doubtless under reports vaccine injuries and deaths, because it relies on voluntary reports, and too many people don’t even know about it. Whitney documents that injuries from the jabs are greater than all previous vaccines put together for the past 35 years!

This has not stopped governments from passing laws making them mandatory!

Austria is requiring every citizen to be jabbed as of Feb. 1, 2022. The country has already locked down 2 million unvaccinated people.

The situation in Australia is well-known. Australia has become a dictatorship in which the unjabbed are being literally herded into camps! Australia looks for all the world like a social experiment: how far can a people be pushed before they revolt en masse?

While U.S. courts keep throwing up roadblocks against Bidenista efforts, I have to wonder how long this can last. Checks and balances in the U.S. are far too weakened for unrelated reasons.

Most other nations have no checks of significance on centralized corporate-state power at all, beyond a fear of mass revolt if they push people too far.

America’s Second Amendment, much to the chagrin of the super elite and their mass media shills, is still very much in place and functioning as a check on their absolute power.

The survival not of mere millions, not of mere tens of millions, but hundreds of millions or even billions is at stake!

That’s if it’s not already too late! Fortunately, items are starting to appear on how to mitigate illnesses and health problems caused by the jabs.

When a nation such as Austria makes an experimental and unwanted medical procedure legally mandatory, protestors should fill the streets of every major city! Especially as the same mandates are being contemplated in Germany, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere, all places which have already instituted vaccine passports. This is Stage 4 vaccine coercion.

Nation after nation should be the scene of mass revolt, including the U.S. where employers appear to be doing the bulk of the heavy lifting.

How badly do you want to avoid artificially shortening your life?

It’s that simple!

An argument I keep encountering:hundreds of millions of people worldwide have gotten these shots. They aren’t dropping dead. I don’t know anybody who’s died after getting one.

I don’t, either. Not personally, anyway. There are many reports like this one, however. And some more personal, like this, or this.I have a friend whose cousin passed away four months after getting the Moderna shots. He experienced cascading organ failure, dying four months after getting them.

Was it the vaccine? The doctor evaded with, “We’ll know in a few years.”

No common horse sense there.

Someone close to me got the Pfizer jabs (and the “booster”) against my advice. He now complains of chronic tinnitus (a constant “ringing in the ears”) keeping him awake nights.

No one says the injections were designed to kill anyone on the spot.

That’s stupid!

That would cause a mass panic, obviously.

A chart I saw describes the short-term and long-term effects of the shots in three time frames: short-term (within 30 days), medium term (one month to one year), and long term (a year to ten years). The short term effects include blood clots leading to myocarditis, strokes, and heart attacks. These will occur in a miniscule fraction of the population, but are frequent enough to have caused the already-noted uptick in the rates of deaths and injuries. The medium term effects: vaccine-induced organ failure caused by the cumulative effects of the spike protein, autoimmune reactions, antibody-dependent enhancement, and heart problems. These will occur in a slightly larger but still very small percentage of the jabbed. Projected long term effects anticipated: chromosomal damage and a suppressed DNA repair mechanism, severe immunodeficiency and fatal autoimmune disorders, cancers, miscarriages, infertility.

This is a project, not an absolute proof. Defenders of The Science (i.e., the approved narrative) always demand absolute proof and then declare such claims “misinformation” when we can’t supply it. Never mind that real science doesn’t “absolutely prove” anything.

What we can note: as of last August, the jabs had caused over 21,000 deaths and over 2 million injuries in Europe alone!

The jabs are now being forced on small children!

I’m not a scientist (I do have a public health degree!), but there are real scientists who call this whole escapade insanely reckless.

Other scientists concur. Those in power (“authority”) manufactured a “pandemic” based on fear, over something with a very low mortality rate except for those vulnerable populations: the elderly and those with comorbidities, especially respiratory conditions.

Such scientists may or may not be aware of the most probable goal, which Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly a chief scientist at Pfizer, describes as killing tens of millions of people or far more, over a period of perhaps ten years (possibly more), while traumatized survivors are brought into global totalitarianism under the auspices of what I call GloboCorp: world government accountable only to global corporations.

Enter the quick-response (QR) code, through which everything about you, starting with vaccination status which is encoded that way now for vaccine passport purposes, will be stored digitally in a corporate-owned (possibly Alphabet/Google) centralized database. Scannable with a smartphone, the QR-code will be your global digital ID and passport to a normal life. It will store your birth records and parentage;past and present addresses; school records, university degrees, other certificates;marriage information if any; financial records and transaction history (cash having been abolished and criminalized except perhaps for licensed collectors). Very likely your QR-code will contain a record of where you’ve gone online, which websites you’ve visited, how much time you’ve spent on them, and what activity you engaged in (e.g., comments posted).

Your digital ID will likely include your energy usage or “carbon footprint”; tax returns; health data including prescription drugs and any medical conditions you might have. It will include, obviously, your employment history including any businesses started/owned;your driving record and vehicle ownership history; passport information if any, and travel records, especially international; and any brushes with the law you might have had.

Businesses will doubtless have other uses for the QR-code (where we live, physical menus have disappeared from restaurants, for example). Their digital IDs will contain their licenses to operate and dates granted, founder and ownership information and physical address records, inventory information, purchase history and other transaction records, employee records, customer list, any complaints received, tax records, etc.

All super-convenient. This will be the digital ID’s primary selling point. All information in one place, in one QR-code.

It will be a world of total surveillance and incentive-based control with a credit system not unlike that already in use in much of China, being furthered by Big Tech here at home. Have a good credit score? You might be allowed to travel; your kids, to attend a good college. Be a dissident, and systemic punishments will reduce your options to the point where conceivably you could be denied not just work and travel but the ultimately capacity to obtain food legally.

In this world, you will have no privacy, own nothing, and be happy.

That’s if you cooperate.

Am I delusional for thinking such a world possible? The other day I was attacked on a Facebook comment thread (edited only to subtract redundancies; no link, to save the person embarrassment and possible harassment that could backfire):

good god you’re a fucking fool…America is more so now a nation of idiots who all believe they are the smartest and somehow in the know – and know more than everybody – including yourself. When global dictatorship happens I’ll be the first to tell you I was wrong, bruh! …  I’ve … had it with these abject morons bandying about their conspiracy theories. There is no “seeking truth” from any of these clowns. It’s all thinly constructed conspiracies and anecdotal tales…. you are a laughable fool – a cursory look at your “news” feed flabbergasts the mind that you are so gullible. Smh

How do you answer a screed like that? You don’t. You wash off the mud and walk away, which I did, after tattooing a note-to-self inside my eyelids on the folly of engaging such people on Facebook.

But this is the mass mindset of the CNN watcher who trusts The Science, trusts authority, and sees himself as an enforcer of “rationality.” It scares me, because the more of these people there are, the less those with real power have to do to keep the sheeple in line. I’m reminded why I wrote a series of articles early in the year advocating that conservatives prepare to separate instead of try to “take America back.” I see no peaceful means of doing so. My call includes those who may not be consistently conservative in my sense but whose basic research and ability to think logically informs them of the many things about coronavirus and covid-19(84)that do not even begin to add up unless you make the assumption that people in very high places do not wish the bulk of us well (to say the least)!

I do heartily wish and pray my conclusions (and those of the numerous authors I’ve cited) turn out to be wrong, or delusional! I really do!

But I wouldn’t bet my life on it!

There is nothing to do but distribute the information we have and then wait and see (and pray and perhaps read Habakkuk).

One thing is for sure: 2022 is going to be a year of revelations, as the struggle between those who want to live free lives and those who want power continues, and the narrative cold war escalates.

Great Reset? Or a real Great Awakening (not in QAnon’s sense, since that, too, was manifestly just one more deception)? Based on personal freedoms, Scriptural values, and community autonomy; not materialism and technocratic enslavement.

It is up to you, America. U.K. Europe. Australia. Etc.


Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Deo vindice!

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