The Real Matrix—Resurrected!

I have no review of the new Matrix movie, Matrix 4: Resurrection, or whatever it’s called. I’ve yet to see it. Everything I’ve read about it from folks I trust who have seen it suggests steering clear, that it’s a celluloid train wreck trying to cash in on the successes of its predecessors, and that I’d be wasting my time.

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Cancelling TRUTH Across the Board

Before We the People can fix anything else, we must first end the cancel culture that is fast removing truth from public access and realize that it is TRUTH and TRUTH alone, that can set us free. Can we begin with just ONE true FACT…there are not 43 human genders, there are only 2… If we can’t agree on that FACT, then we can’t agree on any truth today!

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Desperate Democrats

However unpleasant it may be, we have to realize that leftists are working feverishly, fanatically, to bring America as we know it to an end. This time the enemy isn’t bombing Pearl Harbor. This time the enemy is here.

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More Disinformation About the Kennedy Assassination II

The job of the forensic investigator consists in discovering these links, and revealing the links between the crime and the criminal. Unknowingly, the authors who first pointed to the CFR as the true seat of an anti-American conspiracy were practicing the science of historical forensics.

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“Alone, Lonely and Abandoned”

Donald Jeffries, the author of the lead article in the October 2021 issue of the Freedom Times, entitled "The American Loneliness Phenomenon," paints a depressing portrait of life in isolated cocoons across the fruited plain. Those who are lonely are especially prone to feel a palpable pain of abandonment during the holiday season.

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The Kitchen Militia – The Renewed Line of Defense for Education

The Kitchen Militia is finally becoming a true grassroots movement of angry moms. There are thousands of them – too many to name. But every time another mom finds her child to be a victim of education “reform”, every time she takes those few minutes to just “check into the situation”, that mom finds herself unknowingly heading down a road of no return – down the road that leads straight to the camp of the Kitchen Militia.

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Trump’s Lethal “Operation Warp Speed” Jabs

You can make the case of malicious contempt in the action of Fauci and the officials of Big Pharma, all of whom need to do time at the very least.  Trump keeps pushing the lethal vax, why? Is it pride alone?  Is it stupidity?  Or is it that he is not what he represented himself to be?

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Controlling a Constitutionally Protected Right

The most unique aspect of the Texas Pro Life law is that it authorizes private parties to sue, rather than making abortion a criminal offense. Now I have my issues with this part of the Texas law, mostly on its vagary in who is allowed to sue. So I guess Governor Newsom is planning to allow private parties to sue California citizens for owning a legal firearm?

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NEVER “Forever Vigilant”

There is no other way to remain a free people. These Charters of Freedom will either be enforced by the people, or the people will no longer live free. Not a single American can afford to count on anyone else to handle the enforcement. WE are the People who are supposed to be “forever vigilant.”

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We Must Not Forget The Reason For The Season

Even though this will not be posted until the day after Christmas I feel that it is a subject that we cannot ignore or forget. One of the greatest events that has ever happened to mankind was the birth of Jesus Christ.  Many still believe that He is a fictional character, things that myths are made of.

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Thank God for Jesus

But today I want to try to put all of that stuff aside.  Quite honestly, I’m tired of it.  Sick to death of the “new normal,” the mandates, the commands, the New World Order, the Great Reset, the Jab, the depopulation agenda of the globalists, the lies of the mainstream media, the filth of Hollywood and the censorship of the truth.

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Racing With the Devil Toward 1 Million Deaths

At this perilous time, I have reposted my 2014 interview with the late John A. Stormer, author of None Dare Call It Treason, a book that sold more than 7 million copies and sparked Ronald Reagan’s run for the presidency. Stormer talked about how a dire situation can be turned around through citizen action.

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The Mother, The Son and God’s Promise

Today is the big day. Christians around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Lots of cheer, the Christmas tree, gifts and too much snow in many places. I hope everyone is able to be with their loved ones this day. I know things are very bad, but family is what makes our lives worth living, at least for me.

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Political Medicine 101

We now know, as a certainty, that the numbers of “cases” alleged in the Great Covid Pandemic were vastly and intentionally exaggerated. The test that was yielding “positives” was amplified to such a degree as to be meaningless, as the person who designed the test has stated, categorically.

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Who is Making Your Choices?

I learned how important messaging is.  How you can take a group of people and motivate them into totally ignoring their own will and vote with the group. The one controlling communication has the power. If you can isolate people, make them afraid, they will give up almost anything to make the pain go away.

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More Disinformation About the Kennedy Assassination I

As I mentioned above, contrary to most books about the Kennedy assassination, my main goal in writing this book was not finding out who pulled the trigger or if JFK was shot with a Mannlicher-Carcano or a Mauser rifle, not even if the people who pulled the trigger were working for Castro, the CIA or somebody else. My goal has been finding the...

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Spying on American Gun Owners Act

The Constitution requires there be probable cause before you or your stuff can be searched. Not what a government bureaucrat thinks is suspicious or not what your neighbor thinks is suspicious. The Constitution also requires that said probable cause be supported by oath or affirmation before a warrant is issued.

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A Christmas Story: A Moment Frozen in Time

I stood up, tightened my hood and looked for the penguins.  They were gone.  Only the pack ice rumbled toward the horizon.  I turned to my bike.  It’s hard to believe that two rubber tires laced together with spokes and rims—and attached to a metal frame could carry me from the Amazon Jungle, to Death Valley and on to where the bolt goes into the bottom of the globe.

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Dear Dr. Trump, PHD in Virology?

Don’t bother writing me about how I’m attacking “a good guy” or how “we need Dr. Trump” to save us. He had his chance, and he blew it, big time! We must move on to solving our problems ourselves now. My next column will focus on what we must do, because there is no one else to do it.

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Without any “Informed Consent”

As most adults know, even when you voluntarily go to your doctor’s office, or the hospital, or the emergency room, before they will treat you for anything, you will be asked to sign a “consent form” agreeing to allow them to treat you. If you can’t sign it, they will ask a legal guardian or responsible person...

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The Demonic Desecration of America

The destruction of all that made America good is in full forward mode.  What made America good is being replaced by mentally ill people who’ve succumbed to brain-washing through the media, schools (K- college grads) and “tolerant” politically correct parents, also victims of brain washing.

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2021 — The Year In Review

When a nation such as Austria makes an experimental and unwanted medical procedure legally mandatory, protestors should fill the streets of every major city! Especially as the same mandates are being contemplated in Germany, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere, all places which have already instituted vaccine passports.

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The Gifts of the Maji: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

It’s Christmas!  It’s a holy time, a time of celebration for the birth of our Messiah. It’s a time with family and friends, a time for joy, peace, love, sharing and giving.  We offer up gifts to those we love and care about and to those less fortunate; giving gifts freely because of the gift given to us by the Holy One of Israel.

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Drone Wars, Part 2

On December 20, Charles Kim for NEWSMAX reported "Expert Warns Weaponized Drones May Come to US Soon," in which he said: "As drones become an increasingly normal sight in some unrestricted areas, one expert warns that they may soon become a potentially deadly weapon here in the United States...

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Biden’s Christmas Gift: 13 Empty Chairs

The Taliban WE funded.  Five months before 9/11, Bush, Jr.,“gifted” the Taliban $43 MILLION borrowed dollars for allegedly joining the ‘War on Drugs’.  Opium, heroin, poppy fields. Go watch this 4:40 video of Geraldo Rivera interviewing the commanding officer in one of the provinces:  Our Marines were guarding the poppy fields.  Rivera tries to spin it with “we tolerate it” BS. 

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Democrats Demand America Becomes Socialist, Part 2

We now have an administration that doesn’t just want us to go down the path towards communism but demands that we do. If we didn’t have the 2nd Amendment we would already be there. Look at Australia if you doubt that. The plan to do this goes back a hundred years and we were warned by Republican Senator George Malone from Nevada in a speech on the Senate floor in 1957...

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This Sifting Season We’re In

This is part of the season we are in; the sifting has started.  The interesting part is it’s going to vary person to person.  The chaff that I need removed from my life is probably not the same chaff you need removed from your life.  God is a personal God, and the powers of darkness are not ignorant to the weaknesses and compromises of humans either corporately or individually.

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Truth: The Ultimate Stress

The animal hardens itself against environment by growing stronger than the stress. The human being must reverse this process, and not harden himself against the stress of the Truth; instead he must allow himself to be absorbed by that Truth, progressively responding to it.

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Jackbooted Jerk Branden Needs to be Booted Out of Office

The SEALs are just the most visible service group to have their exemption requests turned down. However, it should be noted that a significant number of the service members that are refusing the Covid jabs come from special operations forces such as the SEALs. The First Liberty Institute ( has taken up their case.

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Sheriff Has the Power and is Your Last Best Defense

Every citizen in the United States is in real fear for their lives and freedoms from a lawless unconstitutional federal government; it has usurped powers of the states to the extent that a MAJORITY of “federal laws” are unconstitutional. Powers of the Federal Government are Enumerated in the Constitution, and apply ONLY to Immigration, Foreign Relations, Commerce, Currency, Post Office, and Defense.

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What More Can Anyone Say?

This isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to be a scholar of any kind to know we are in very serious trouble here. You only have to be smart enough and courageous enough to know that if YOU aren’t going to fix it, then no one will…

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Hijacking Christianity

The original sin was man’s desire to be as God, deciding for himself what was good or evil, true or false. Today that sin manifests itself in such monstrosities as “choosing your gender,” wiping out “systemic racism” by convincing all white people that they’re villains, and that whole transhumanist pipe dream of merging ourselves with our machines so we can live forever

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We Are Eyeball Deep In Financial Suicide

But underlying all of that, Joe Biden stacked another 2,000,000 refugees onto America that he invited to violate our borders…and your tax dollars will run into the billions to pay for their welfare for years if not decades. You will pay for their medical, schooling of their kids, ESL courses, breakfasts and lunches, apartments, cars, fuel and more.

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How Christianity Lost the Savor

Have you noticed they are sandblasting the 10 Commandments off buildings and replacing them with nothing? Fighting for what is right is not evil. Not fighting evil is evil. Godly men have abandoned the field in the battle for Truth. Evil rules when evil men make the rules and good men do nothing.

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The Unspoken: Administrators, Doctors, Coroners All Getting Paid To Push Plandemic – Experimental Jab

Friends, for the record, I am as tired of highlighting the crimes against humanity as you are, but on the other hand, I am also tired of highlighting the apathy and tolerance of those who do nothing in the face of these tyrants (Psalm 78:9). This whole plandemic has had very little to do with a virus, but has always been about compliance.

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The Latest Conception of the Inception of the Covid Calamity

Anyone who watched this film might certainly have been terrified by the possibility of this kind of a killer pathogen abroad in the land, but, of course, COVID is not the deadly pathogen presented in the film! In point of fact, many reputable medical sources have admitted that “COVID” has never been isolated! What this means medically is that COVID doesn’t exist as a pathogen and therefor no “vaccine” can be created from it.

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Forty-Five Years of Mask Studies Prove They’re Worthless

Parents who are standing up against the masking of their children at school board meetings are being threatened. Attorney General Merrick Garland admits he took the word of the National School Boards Administration that parents voicing concerns at their local school board meetings should be targeted as “domestic terrorists.”

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Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health – Oral Arguments

The Supreme Court opinions in Roe v Wade (Roe) and Planned Parenthood vs Casey (Casey) have been political footballs since the day they were decided. A recent Mississippi law placed restrictions on abortions within the state that contradict the standards set by Roe and Casey. Not surprisingly, a lawsuit was filed challenging the Mississippi law.

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COVID-19: Weaponized Flu Designed to be Endemic

Those experimental injections being sold as vaccines, which they are not, were sold as safe so line up and get yours now so America can return to normal.  Despite the best efforts by scientists and doctors around the world warning do NOT take them, the iron fist of censorship by tech-giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google and the prostitute media

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Millions of Children Targeted by the FDA

Please share this article in as many ways as possible. There are millions of people who continue to believe that the COVID-19 jabs, as well as the boosters, are a defense against the “COVID” virus and variants. According to all evidence submitted by multiple physicians and scientists, the virus has a 99.8% recovery rate which is lower than the seasonal flu.

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Democrats Demand America Becomes Socialist, Part 1

Some historians, if that’s what you can call them, have stated that the Nazis were right-wing politicians which is an outright lie. Everything they did was left-wing ideology. That erroneous teaching is why college students today think Republicans are Nazis. Remember if you don’t study history you will repeat it.

By |2021-12-12T01:09:04-05:00December 12th, 2021|

God Gives Freewill; Satan Mandates ‘Force’

Consider also, the Satanic system of Islam, which the father of lies calls “a religon of peace.”  Like the ancient false religion of Babylon, you either bow down and worship Satan, here known as “Allah”or you die.  There’s no freewill, no option to freely come to “god” in the system of Islam.  You go by FORCE or you die.

By |2021-12-12T03:15:28-05:00December 12th, 2021|

Shadowy Super Surveillance State Will Shadow All Your Movements

A US patent was granted on August 31, 2021 for a technology that tracks your every move through your digital activities. The alleged purpose of this “knowledge” is to give you a score related to the probability of your becoming the spread vector for an ill-defined virus that, they claim, makes others ill often to the point of death!

By |2021-12-11T00:22:20-05:00December 11th, 2021|

294 – Congressional Term Limits

For those of you who are still convinced that term limits are the answer, a quick look at Mr. Burchett’s proposed amendment reveals that someone can still serve 18 or more years in Congress, six years in the House, and twelve in the Senate. If we want more churn in Congress, then We the People need to start voting that way, not sit back and wait for a constitutional amendment to tell us to do so.

By |2021-12-10T00:35:21-05:00December 10th, 2021|

Charlottesville: Lessons in Leftist Sadism and Media Dishonesty

No one thinks it possible to extract $26 million from these Enemies of the Woke America. But Kaplan’s sadistic effort might make it impossible for them to ever again pursue normal lives— in the U.S., anyway. Another purpose of lawfare is to create an ambience of intimidation and fear-based self-censorship to silence future political dissent.

By |2021-12-10T00:16:32-05:00December 10th, 2021|

TOP Reasons why Patriots are Losing

To be certain, America has literally millions of true “patriots,” although I don’t think most of them are cut from the same cloth as the patriots who came before us. The Patrick Henry and George Washington type of patriots may indeed, be a thing of the past. Those patriots were willing to give up everything to secure freedom and liberty, not just for themselves, but for all of us.

By |2021-12-10T00:03:19-05:00December 10th, 2021|

EU Drops Plan to Scrap Christmas

Recently the EU’s “equality minister” recommended that Christmas be abolished and replaced with a vague “Holiday Period.” Oh! And she also recommended that the names “John” and “Mary” be tossed out and not used anymore—‘cause they’re, like, “Christian names” and therefore “not inclusive.”

By |2021-12-08T23:59:15-05:00December 8th, 2021|

Overturn 2020 – We have NO choice

No COVID19, would have meant no lockdowns. That would have meant no mail-in balloting and no mail-in balloting, would have made a Biden-Harris victory totally impossible. Think not? Let’s try no mail-in balloting in 2022 and see what happens… Bet you won’t get any Biden fans to support that!

By |2021-12-08T00:30:47-05:00December 8th, 2021|

Pearl Harbor Attack: Survivor S. J. Hemker Remembers

Although S.J. Hemker may no longer be with us physically, he can be and should be with us spiritually—the spirit of patriotic love of  country and service in its defense that he exemplified, as did and do so many others of the WWII Greatest Generation. Neither his life nor his words should be forgotten, if, as he warns, we Americans are to remain free.

By |2021-12-07T00:38:35-05:00December 7th, 2021|

Ponder “Prepperism”

You should move as quickly as possible from an urban area to small town or rural environment and even to a remote part of the country, if possible. It is also wise if you do move, to go to states and localities that are presently “red” in their political and cultural leanings. Whatever happens, you will be better served by the governments of those places than in blue areas.

By |2021-12-07T01:57:42-05:00December 7th, 2021|

Tyranny With A Needle

Our only weapon is the truth and, in the end, the truth must always defeat the lie. Ten years ago, we would have been shocked and outraged by the very idea of censorship, but I’m afraid we’ve all become acclimated to cruelty and injustice by being exposed to it in steadily increasing doses throughout the years.

By |2021-12-07T00:31:12-05:00December 7th, 2021|

Inordinate Amount of Killing and Crime: What About Parenting?

My wife and I lived right next to the Columbine killings in Denver, Colorado 20 years ago.  The two boys gave every kind of notice that they were violent and ready to kill for weeks before their slaughter of a dozen fellow students at Columbine High School.  Nobody paid attention. Their parents ignored all the aberrant signs of their kids.

By |2021-12-06T00:17:46-05:00December 6th, 2021|

The Left Hates Justice

I hope Rittenhouse sue these lowlifes into oblivion.  America is better than this and we have to demand better than this. We have seen the Democrat Party support the violence and destruction of the last couple of years not to mention the stealing of the 2020 election so they can gain as much control as possible over the American people.

By |2021-12-05T01:51:20-05:00December 5th, 2021|

Investigate Covid Vaccines from a Chemical Standpoint

These claims must be investigated and examined thoroughly by nonpolitical parties interested only in the truth and in human health for the good of humans, not for political agendas, money or fame. In the meantime, there are options for removing or detoxing the body from nano graphene oxide/hydroxide particles.

By |2021-12-05T01:03:44-05:00December 5th, 2021|

Black Marks on the Marx Mystique

Marx hated the bourgeoisie. In fact, he hated everyone, and especially those who accomplished things in life, principally if those accomplishments meant that they had achieved and obtained things he believed due and owing to himself! Despite the money showered on him by his wealthy and indulgent father, Marx was always in debt.

By |2021-12-04T00:24:20-05:00December 4th, 2021|

Will America Go to War?

Now, with more than 800,000 deaths in America from the China virus, China is spared any responsibility for the suffering and carnage. The reason: nobody wants to go to war. This sends a message to China about Taiwan. It already has Hong Kong. It’s pushing America around on the world stage, on the way to world domination.

By |2021-12-04T00:08:46-05:00December 4th, 2021|

Black is Black and White is White – There Ain’t No Grey

It’s been almost a year, and in spite of the fact that most people were watching their televisions almost non-stop on January 6 and 7, 2021, most did not understand they were watching a false flag operation. They saw what the Deep State/Globalists (DS/G) wanted them to see – an attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.

By |2021-12-03T00:31:49-05:00December 3rd, 2021|

A Preponderance of the Evidence

I had just run down a litany of issues that are plainly apparent to anyone who has any sense of what is happening in this nation when my precious wife of 42 years and 4 days asked me that question in a moment of frustration.  That question hung in the air like a thick fog on a steamy August morning.

By |2021-12-02T01:36:32-05:00December 2nd, 2021|

Hostile Government

No more Critical Race Theory, no more diversity & inclusion officers, no more border-jumping, no more silly stupid pronouns, no more FBI spies hanging out at school board meetings, no more “mostly peaceful protests” making a shambles of our streets, no more 2,000-page spending bills in Congress—no more any of it, the whole infuriating mess has got to go.

By |2021-12-02T00:52:48-05:00December 2nd, 2021|

Agony, Hope and the Grace of God

Americans are the most giving and compassionate people on this earth.  We can be very proud of that.  We can be proud of saving the lives of people we don’t even know.  We are America strong and giving.

By |2021-12-01T01:19:30-05:00December 1st, 2021|

The Cultural Marxism Myth

According to Gramsci, the seizure of political power by a violent revolution had become too risky, almost impossible, and that the solution was to first change the superstructure and, after having taken control of culture and ideology, transforming the economic base would be quite an easy task.

By |2021-12-01T01:06:55-05:00December 1st, 2021|

Trying To Drive A Wedge: Pit Us One Against Another

Americans must get this right.  We are in this together, and together we must put a stop to those who mean to pit us one against another (Psalm 33:12), and if not, we will go down in the history of the world as the greatest fools to ever live on the face of the planet.

By |2021-12-01T00:19:08-05:00December 1st, 2021|
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