by Jim Darlington

December 25, 2021

An impossible message unlikely to penetrate Lefty earwax. So let’s try to keep this simple and brief. Talking points for (irrationally optimistic) conservatives when getting together over the Holidays with the left side of the family (who will come with their own, nationally disseminated talking points).

We now know, as a certainty, that the numbers of “cases” alleged in the Great Covid Pandemic were vastly and intentionally exaggerated. The test that was yielding “positives” was amplified to such a degree as to be meaningless, as the person who designed the test has stated, categorically.  Biden lowered the level of amplification to a somewhat more justifiable level, by Executive Order, on his first day in office. He instantly lowered the number of “cases” being reported. What a hero!

We also know, as a certainty, that the number of deaths attributed to the Great Covid Pandemic were vastly and intentionally exaggerated. A new standard, previously recognized as fraudulent, was adopted. The causative factor of death was disregarded and replaced by a “positive covid test” or even the mere suspicion of the presence of covid, whether the real causative factor was cancer or a car wreck. Hospitals got an extra $13,000 for a positive report of any covid case, and they got an extra $39,000 for putting people on ventilators.

Ventilator usage resulted in an 80% rate of mortality, which brings us to the next thing we know, as a certainty. While there was an artificial inflation of reported “cases” and “covid-related” deaths, there was also an actual, and completely unnecessary, increase in deaths resulting from two different policies.

First, we saw Democratic governors, in several states, enacting the “compassionate policy” of sending covid infected seniors back to their nursing homes, though it was already known that the virus was at its deadliest among the old and those with co-morbidities. We might fairly flirt with a conservative estimate of 50,000 seniors nationally, dead, essentially murdered. And yes, just who it was, who were the most vulnerable, was well known. Hence Republican governors did no such thing, and generally moved quickly to protect those most at risk.Consider the noble deeds of Cuomo. Then think of DeSantis.

Secondly, all medical information questioning the wisdom of Dr Fauci’s deadly policy recommendations has been brutally suppressed and its effective and widespread distribution curtailed by the powers that control 95% of the news and commentary accessed by the public. The HCQ cocktail, Ivermectin and other treatments, long a part of common medical practice and shown to be safer than aspirin, were denounced as dangerous and useless, despite literally hundreds of detailed studies to the contrary. Doctors daring to differ with the Regime’s pronouncements were threatened with loss of license or with financial penalties that amounted to the destruction of their medical practices. Pharmacists were urged to refuse to fill offending prescriptions and to report the doctors who ordered them. Neil Cavuto, speaking of hydroxychloroquine, said, on national, prime-time TV, “This stuff will kill you.” Never mind the billion doses Africa has ingested safely, to prevent or treat malaria. Or its universal use against lupus.

Every epidemic we have faced in the past has been met quickly with emerging protocols for treatment. Not this one. The only permitted protocol was tell the patient to go home and stay there until or unless hospitalization was needed. Protocols in parts of India and Mexico, primarily using ivermectin and Vitamin D, for both early treatments, and as a prophylaxis,have been successful in irradicating the epidemic completely and quickly.

As for the so-called vaccine (actually, a gene therapy), it is apparently completely worthless, unless its value is in something quite contrary to people’s good health. Claims that it prevents infection are no longer viable, and no longer widely claimed, as most new infections are taking place among the “vaccinated”. The remaining claim is that it lessens the severity of covid, and thus is saving lives…a completely unprovable claim, as there is no base-line of statistical evidence as to the percentage of previously infected who had only minor symptoms, or none, at all.

Now we come to the final and the newest steadily growing threat. The very same powers that squelched all information on successful alternative treatments to the “Covid-19” are promoting the increasingly transparent lie, that the “vaccines” are safe and effective. They are nothing of the kind. In all previous instances, historically, medicines associated with 1/100th the number of deaths directly associated with these injections, were taken off the market immediately. But the deaths reported from this obscene campaign are already in the hundreds of thousands worldwide, and serious injuries in the millions.  Not yet satisfied with that, they are moving to “inoculate” children as young as two years old, whose danger from the epidemic is a statistical zero. Many of these will die or suffer life changing injuries.

There is no moral, logical or scientific excuse for including the children in this catastrophe. We should be looking forward to charges of manslaughter or murder outright, being brought against anyone whose blind willingness has brought about a single death, especially of a child. As the truth continues to be proclaimed and confirmed, will we see a movement toward vigilantism from the families of these new post-natal abortions? Should the insane fearmongering, thus far addressed, by the world’s leaders, to the nations, find a more rational audience, addressed, by the parents, by the brothers and sisters and friends, to those who would jab and endanger the innocence of childhood? We might pray that such a fear might take hold of these health professionals and lead them to desist in their mad folly. When will we all start telling our doctors and their staff, that there is no excuse for murder, even if you were only following orders?

[BIO: Jim Darlington was raised in the left and rebelled to the far left in the ’70s. Came to his political senses in the ’80s. Came to Jesus Christ in the ’90s. Now is praying for America. He is married to a wise woman who loves the Lord with a passion.]

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