by Servando Gonzalez

December 1, 2021

For reasons difficult to explain, the so-called “cultural Marxism” is still in vogue. According to those who insist on looking for a cat’s fifth leg, cultural Marxism, rooted in universities and other centers of high culture, is directly responsible for the ideological mess that is currently taking place in the United States and, like a malignant virus much worse than the Coronavirus,[1] has spread throughout almost the entire Western world.

Yet despite all the hubbub, cultural Marxism does not exist, and perhaps never did. It never went from being a fiction, an entelechy to capture the unwary. Actually, what we are now experiencing is an ideological war and, as Sun Tzu clearly stated, “All war is based on deception.” What we are experiencing is not the result of cultural Marxism, but of a well-organized psychological warfare operation, a PsyOp, unleashed against the peoples of the world.[2]

The creator of cultural Marxism was the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. While in prison between 1929 and 1935, Gramsci came to the festive conclusion that Marx was wrong and Gramsci wrote extensively on this subject.

According to Marx, society is composed of a base, formed by economic activities, and a superstructure, formed by philosophy, politics, religion, and in general culture and ideology. [3] He believed that, in order to change society, it was necessary to, first, take control of  the base of capitalist society, through a violent revolution, and then transform it into a communist one, which would eventually bring about a radical change in the superstructure.

On the contrary, Gramsci concluded that Marx’s theory was upside down, and he tried to put it on its feet. According to Gramsci, the seizure of political power by a violent revolution had become too risky, almost impossible, and that the solution was to first change the superstructure and, after having taken control of culture and ideology, transforming the economic base would be quite an easy task.

But that vision differs considerably from reality.

While it is true that today’s so-called capitalism is a disaster, where the rich are getting richer every day and the poor poorer, in reality Gramsci’s opinion is based on false premises. Today’s type of capitalism, which many rightly hate, actually is not capitalism at all. It is a monopoly capitalism, a form of socialism that is far from being true capitalism.

One of the best characteristics of true capitalism is competition. If the prices or quality of McDonald’s hamburgers don’t suit me, I walk half block away and find better prices and quality at Wendy’s. But one of the essential characteristics of monopoly capitalism is that it strives to eliminate competition. It was John D. Rockefeller, whom many identify as an icon of capitalism, who said: “Competition is a sin.”

And what he said he did. According to a critic at the time, “We turn to find out that competition has killed competition, that corporations are grown greater than the State and have bred individuals greater than themselves.”[4] Rockefeller did not build his fortune by making better products or giving better prices, but by eliminating the competition, and he did it by blood and fire.[5]

Actually, from a purely economic point of view, monopoly capitalism has two forms: fascism, in which the monopolies control the state, and communism, in which the state controls the monopolies. But that is not the most serious problem confronting the theory of cultural Marxism. Paradoxically, the biggest problem it faces is precisely Marxism.

Karl Marx, the creator of Marxism, was actually an agent of some monopoly capitalists and their banker friends. They were the ones who provided Marx with the funds to write his Communist Manifesto, and only a cursory analysis shows that communism is actually an invention of monopoly capitalists and international bankers to better exploit workers and peasants.

Many of those who believe in the existence of this so-called cultural Marxism agree that it was born in American universities. But this does not make sense, because in the U.S. it was not necessary to control the capitalist superstructure in order to, once under control, use it to convert the economic base and impose communism. And this is not necessary because, since the beginning of the last century, the U.S. has always been a communist country. A covert one, but definitely communist.

Why I am so sure about this? Because this is one of the countries in the world in which many of the structures necessary to convert it to communism have long been in place.

Let’s see.

According to the Communist Manifesto, one of the premises for implementing communism in a country is the creation of a central bank. Well, in 1913, “Colonel” Edward Mandell House, an agent for the Warburgs and other international bankers who had become President Wilson’s right-hand man, convinced him to approve of the creation of a central bank, an idea to which many American patriots had always been opposed. And on December 23, 1913, Wilson himself signed the law that created the so-called Federal Reserve Bank, which, contrary to what many Americans think, is a private institution controlled by international bankers.

A cardinal premise mentioned by Marx in the Communist Manifesto for the creation of a communist state is the implementation of a gradual national tax, by which the more a person earns, the higher the percentages he must pay in taxes. Well, it already exists. It is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), created in 1862 by President Lincoln and ratified in 1913 as the 16th amendment to the Constitution. This is the instrument used by the government each year to appropriate a considerable part of what Americans have earned by working hard.

Idiots such as Alexandra Ocasio Cortez keep chanting the mantra “tax the rich.” But, of course, this will never happen, because politicians will never bite the hand that feeds them. Moreover, the clever super-rich invented corporations, foundations, and other devices to legally avoid paying taxes. For example, in 2018, the billionaire Amazon did not pay a penny in taxes.

Another of the premises established by Marx in the Communist Manifesto is the establishment of a national system of education. That system, which forces parents to send their children to government schools, has existed in this country for many years. At this time it has become a weapon of ideological warfare against Americans. Parents who criticize it have been labelled “domestic terrorists.”

In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the National Board of Education (Public Education Board) and donated $129 million for its operation. Soon after, the U.S. passed laws making primary education compulsory for all citizens. This explains why the educational level of American children and adolescents is currently one of the lowest in the world. In contrast, the level of political indoctrination is one of the highest. Uneducated people are easier to manipulate than the educated.

Marx also specified in his Communist Manifesto the need to eliminate private property. If you think that private property still exists in the U.S., I advise you not to stop paying the house or car taxes that you have already paid in full, because you are in for a nasty surprise if you do stop.

Today in the U.S. there are laws that allow the government to appropriate the private property of a citizen just by claiming that it needs it to carry out a project some politicians consider to be of public benefit.[6] Generally, the supposed public benefit later turns out to have only benefited some of the politicians who approved the stealing of a citizen’s private property.

I could go on to list the communist measures implemented for many years in the U.S., but I think these samples are enough. My point is that it was not necessary to resort to cultural Marxism to, someday in the not distant future, implement communism in this country, for the simple reason that communism has been around for a long time.

So why turn to cultural Marxism to implement a communism that already exists? Well, using the same reasoning as Gramsci, I would say that cultural Marxism really is nothing more than a smokescreen so that its opponents do not know that communism was already imposed in this country many years ago and, as it is becoming more evident every single day, and it works wonderfully. This does not mean in any way that all those who promote and promote cultural Marxism are aware that everything is nothing more than a hoax. That is why the communists themselves invented the category of “useful fools.”

The American extreme Left has always been fascinated with communism. But the American Left, like almost all the Left, is the bastard creation of the most reactionary Right. This explains the apparent contradiction that it is precisely the monopoly capitalists who contribute most to the causes and organizations of the Left. Of course, to muddy the waters, they do not do it directly, but use their “philanthropic” foundations as intermediaries to prevent people from discovering the true source of the money.[7] This explains why the American Left is the most reactionary in the world. Some of them call themselves “progressives.” It would be better to call them “regressionists.” These regressionists are the ones who have promoted the so-called cultural Marxism to disorient and discombobulate the people.

Nevertheless, there are far worse things than cultural Marxism.

The true objective of the current covert psychological warfare operation disguised as a fight against a virus that is no more dangerous or lethal than the flu that strikes us every year, is the imposition of a global communo-fascist totalitarian system: the so-called New World order. In reality, communism and fascism are the two wings of a bird of prey called totalitarianism. And the bird needs both wings to fly. That explains why there are always elements of fascism in communism and elements of communism in fascism. But I predict that the New World Order that is inexorably approaching us will be much worse than communism as conceived by those who blew it in Marx’s ear or as Gramsci dreamed it.

Although its promoters have it well hidden, this New World Order is far from the utopian vision they present to us. In reality the NWO is a kind of return to the Middle Ages, as it entails the destruction of industrial civilization and the return to a society with only two social classes: the super-rich, isolated in their opulence, and the ultra-poor, in the most abject misery. Actually, the NWO is a real-life “Hunger Games.”

By the way, although many ignore it, Cuba was the country that the monopoly capitalists used as a testing ground to test the effectiveness of the implementation of the NWO. They succeeded because Cuba was the country in the world that, because of its economy, its society and its idiosyncrasies, most resembled the U.S., and their secret agent Fidel Castro carried out the plan to the greatest perfection.

Far from being a failure, Castro’s Cuba has been a total success, and this has been recognized by those who have always supported and helped him behind the scenes. Contrary to what many deluded people think, that support did not come from Moscow.

In February 2001, a delegation of Wall Street bankers and Council on Foreign Relations executives, led by David Rockefeller, which included William Rogers, Carla Hill, Mark Falcoff, James Jones, and other top executives of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR ), visited Cuba for a few days. During the visit, Castro had several long private meetings with his benefactor. After the visit, one of the visitors, Peter Peterson, then one of the directors of the CFR, praised the progress that Castro’s government had made in the fields of education and public health. According to Peterson, Cuba was one of the best-educated countries in the Western world.

Shortly after, on a visit to Cuba in April of that same year, World Bank President James Wolfensohn, also a member of the CFR, expressed his conviction that Castro’s Cuba was “the model to follow.” This gives us a fairly clear indication of where the idea of ​​the changes that are occurring right now in the U.S. came from under the pretext of protecting us from a virus that is no worse than the flu that plagues us almost every year.

Of course, there is no evidence to indicate that some of those gentlemen, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that brings together members of the most reactionary right wing, have read Gramsci, much less that they are Marxists or Communists.

Ultimately, it must be recognized that the fact that the promoters of the New World Order are evil does not necessarily indicate that they are fools. Quite the opposite. Proof of this is the present psychological warfare operation that at this time they have unleashed against the peoples of the world.

In synthesis:

Karl Marx believed that communism would have to be imposed violently and that the proletarians would only come to power by revolution.

For their part, the English Fabians thought they would succeed in imposing socialism (a light version of communism), by convincing people that socialism was the best. That is, by conviction.

On the contrary, Gramsci was convinced that it was possible to implement Communism by infiltrating the social superstructure, that is, by infiltration.

But the globalist New World Order conspirators had a much better idea, something that none of the communist ideologues thought of. Taking advantage of the present artificial crisis created by the measures to combat a virus that everything indicates that it is less lethal than the flu that strikes us every year, they are imposing on us their communo-fascist New World Order by infection.

Excellent idea. It is working flawlessly. New varieties of the virus keep appearing every single day as if by magic. The sheeple are terrified. They will accept more and more restrictions to their freedom without complaint. The globalist conspirators are geniuses. We must tip our hats to them. Honor to whom honor is due.

However, it seems that despite their initial success, at least in France, Belgium, the U.K., Austria and particularly Australia, the “sheeple” are in full revolt. I hope Americans will soon follow their example.

The bottom line is that the globalist conspirators who have forced the present situation upon us do not have plans to end it. New varieties of the “killer” virus will keep appearing out of the blue and the NWO conspirators will use them as a pretext to keep eroding the few freedoms we still enjoy. So, if we want to end this nightmare we have to stop it, by any means necessary.

Servando’s book Psychological warfare and the New World Order is available at NWV store.

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Servando’s book Psychological warfare and the New World Order is available at NWV store.

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