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December 13, 2021

Endemic:  (of a disease) persisting in a population or region, generally having settled to a relatively constant rate of occurrence:The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may never disappear, but could become endemic like HIV.

Americans were told a vaccine would be the solution to the SARS-C0V-2 manufactured pandemic.  The world anxiously awaited the miracle to come from corporations who manufacture vaccines.  The first doses here in the U.S. were given December 19, 2020.

Those experimental injections being sold as vaccines, which they are not, were sold as safe so line up and get yours now so America can return to normal.  Despite the best efforts by scientists and doctors around the world warning do NOT take them, the iron fist of censorship by tech-giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google and the prostitute media (print and electronic, TV networks including FOX) made sure the American people have been denied the truth about those experimental injections.

As time has passed, only those held hostage by their own fear of the truth because they have taken the injections, Hollywood nitwits, the prostitute media and politicians with an agenda can’t see those experimental injections do not work.

First, get one of the brands; two doses.  Oh, that isn’t working so you need three separate sets of injections.  Within a few months, need a booster.  Oh, you need another booster.  Booster Shots Fail To Keep 7 Triple Vaccinated Germans From Contracting Omicron COVID Variant

BOOSTER SYNDROME: The jab lowers white blood cells more and more with each shot, turning vaccinated people into AIDS-like patients, Dec. 12, 2021 – This is a truly frightening read.

8 Top Pfizer, Moderna Shareholders $10 Billion Richer After Media Hypes Omicron Fears, Dec. 7, 2021 (Fear created and promoted by the prostitute media and politicians around the world. Right now,the United Kingdom is the land of stupidity and heavy-handed freedom killing politicians like their PM, circus clown, Boris Johnson.)

In the meantime, the injected are losing 5% immunity protection per month which is why we are seeing astronomical numbers of people already injected continuing to get COVID – 19.

No doubt they’re told they have this virus which doesn’t exist using the PCR test that doesn’t test for any virus.  As I wrote to my email list last week regarding my late mother.  Last year (July) she was taken to the ER (mother was 92 then; she passed away January 30, 2021 at age 93.).

I held her Medical Power of Attorney. The hospital couldn’t put a Band Aid on her without my permission. But, they had already given her a PCR test and determined she was positive.  Mother had been having some respiratory issues since summer 2019.  It would come and go long before COVID.  I told both doctors in the ER, no, she does not after they confirmed they used an RT-PCR test.  I politely explained to them the problem with that test.  Water off a duck’s back.  I told them in no uncertain terms: Do not put my mother on a respirator or do anything else to her until I speak with the hospital’s infectious disease “expert”.

Jennifer was very nice and listened.  But then said, well, that’s the test we use but we could do an antigen test.  I again explained to her the problem:  the CDC has never isolated, much less proven they have a purified isolated particles specimen.   They went ahead and gave her the test and, drum roll:  She was shipped back to her assisted living apartment the next day with some meds for congestion.  Mother never had COVID.  That hospital lost a big chunk of moola.

I am not a doctor or a scientist.  But, like so many millions of Americans, I’ve watched a great many videos and read interviews to fully understand the monstrous lie called the COVID pandemic.  Since last year some of the finest scientific minds in the world have referred to COVID as a weaponized flu.  Others say it’s a biological warfare weapon:

February 3, 2020Creator Of US BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon – “In an explosive interview Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.

“Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

“In an exclusive interview given to Geopolitics and Empire, Dr. Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it.

“The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring…”

The article above refers to this article written on January 26, 2020:  Coronavirus Bioweapon – How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It.  The problem with it is that the diagnostic test used was the RT-PCR test.  So, once again, everything else after that is DOA since the PCR test is NOT a diagnostic tool according to Kary Mullins who invented it (And won a Nobel Prize) but rather a very important scientific achievement:  The PCR test is a manufacturing technique.

“He Doesn’t Know Anything – And I’d Say it to His Face” – Nobel Prize Winning Inventor of PCR Test UNLOADS on Dr. Fauci in Earlier Video

Why do I believe COVID is a weaponized flu?  The symptoms are so similar.  Sanford

In 2020 the CDC decided to stop tracking the number of influenza flu cases hoping the American people wouldn’t notice.  Influenza flu season last year turned into everything COVID-19 and the same is happening again right now.  Big money for everyone – except the victims of political lockdowns, loss of jobs and misery.  Keep scaring the public everyday with X number of new cases!!! – based on PCR tests.  Now these variants using a PCR test.  We are now into the annual influenza season and once again, everything is COVID so get the injections.  If you don’t, you’re selfish, you don’t care about your family, co-workers, friends.

CNBC Crackpot: “Unvaccinated” People Must Be Rounded Up By Military & “Force Vaccinated” At Gunpoint Starting First Of 2022, Dec. 10, 2021

She must be AOC’s cousin:  Erie, PA, Teacher Calls for Religious Exempted Unvaccinated To Be Shot & Killed, Dec. 8, 2021

Another deranged Democrat:  Governor likens unvaccinated to domestic terrorists, Dec. 11, 2021 – “Thirty-four percent of Washingtonians are walking around with a time bomb in their backpack because they’re not vaccinated,” he said at a press conference.”  How absurd.

In my lifetime I’ve never seen such undisguised anger and outright hatred by Americans towards other Americans who choose not to take experimental injections – especially once they find out just how dangerous they are to humans.This is an excellent analysis with all the current data.  If you can’t read it now, bookmark it for later but do read it.

This is just my hypothesis:  A flu strain is weaponized to become endemic – by design.  Because America has such a high percentage of unhealthy individuals, they are the first knocked down.  Obesity is at the top of the list, then comes heart problems, respiratory problems, those with diabetes.  Their immune systems are shot and unable to fight off diseases.  I won’t say virus.  If you haven’t been to this web site, please take the time later.  Seeing is believing and you will see every letter from the CDC proving they have never scientifically proven any of the list of viruses exist.

Now we have this weaponized flu which is going to last all year long, not just during the influenza flu season.  That’s what we’ve seen since early March 2020.  Hospitalizations, missing work, suffering, medications.  Cha-ching.  To combat this “raging and highly contagious virus” the only hope is a vaccine.  The cash register has been going cha-ching for a year now into almost triple digit BILLIONS.  Year in and year out is the plan.  Quite a lucrative business model.

During this pot of gold waterfall, people around the world are dying by the thousands and it will get worse.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

“It takes at least 6 weeks from the time you get your injection for the spike antibody to start to develop.  So, somewhere between 3 months and quite frankly 20 years.  The immunologist I spoke to said that over the next 10 years we are going to see this go on in perpetuity, because it can take anywhere from 2 years to 19 years to get full blown auto-immune disease.  I think we will see massive injuries and a lot more deaths starting somewhere between 4 and 18 months from now.   This Vaccine will permanently alter your immune system.

“When you get this spike antibody in your system it will permanently and irreversibly change your immune system.  The messenger RNA is the spike protein to develop an antibody against that spike protein.  It means next time you come in contact with a virus the antibody should block you from getting sick.

“However, not only does it not stop you from getting sick, the antibody itself is going to turn on your body and create havoc and massive auto-immune disease. It attacks your organs by molecular mimicry. It is a genetic modification technology.”

Baby of ‘fully vaccinated’ mom dies after born bleeding from mouth, nose: VAERS reportA two-year-old’s death which was then scrubbed from the website, a neonate’s hemorrhaging death, and an eight-year-old’s heart attack were among recent VAERS reports, Dec. 10, 2021 – “A baby whose mother received two COVID vaccine shots during her last trimester of pregnancy was born bleeding from his mouth and nose, and died the day after his birth, according to a recent report to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from a foreign “regulatory authority.”

Too many die within 48 hours after getting injected – even young, strong athletes.  Some 5-6 months after, others depending on their immune system could take years – as many as 10, but will bring premature death.  The auto-immune diseases will come first to an already unhealthy population.  I happened to run into a physician I know here in my city last week.  Without violating any sort of confidentiality, he said Big Spring is a very sick city.  Yes, there are still people here driving around alone wearing those useless, worthless face masks and in stores living in fear.  I will say the majority I see are very overweight (25-40 pounds) to obese.

No one wants to work anymore

They’re getting government checks so why get a job?  Again, I speculate but look at these numbers and remember, only 1% reporting:

“99,943 hospitalizations, 102,602 urgent care visits, 9,746 heart attacks, 34,481 severe allergic reactions, 31,652 people permanently disabled, 15,424 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis reported following COVID-19 vaccination as of November 26, 2021 – CDC, VAERS[3]”

Medicare Data Shows 48,465 Deaths Over 80 Within 14 Days Of Shots: Scrubbed As Non Vaccinated: Renz, Dec. 11, 2021

If you missed this, Steve Hirsch is a billionaire.  Using the CDC’s numbers and mathematical methodology, he (five months ago) said in a video presentation 212,000 have died after receiving those injections with 2 million suffering injury from the shots.  He’s offering a $1 MILLION dollar research grant to anyone who can prove him wrong.  So far, no takers.

Why?  Because doctors are afraid of retaliation, losing hospital privileges.  Scientists from virologists to microbiologists are afraid of losing grant money and so forth.  Even if you want to say Hirsch is only 50% accurate, you’re talking one MILLION Americans too sick to work or missing so much work they are laid off.  Almost 32,000 (1% reporting) permanently disabled and can no longer work.  Where’s the workforce? I submit to you it is being impacted by the number of deaths and serious injury from those injections. Sadly, it will only get worse.

The hysteria in England, Australia and other countries over this “new” variant, Omicron is simply absurd.  Nobel Prize Winner Warns Vaccines Facilitate Development of Deadlier COVID Variants, Urges Public to Reject Jabs, May 20, 2021.  I suppose the fake ‘fact checkers’ will flay Monsieur Montagnier as another scientist who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Stunning: Facebook Court Filing Admits ‘Fact Checks’ Are Just a Matter of Opinion, Dec. 11, 2021

There’s no profit in natural immunity

All this time the truth about natural immunity has been crushed by the conspirators pushing this plandemic.  Fauci, Walensky, mass censorship by the big tech giants and the whole corrupt, immoral, rotten cabal.

This bears repeating if it helps one person.  The last vaccine I had was age 5.  Have never had a flu or pneumonia shot or any of them.  In December 1993 I was traveling from California back home to Colorado.  By the time I got home, I was so sick.  Me who rarely got sick and hadn’t had the flu for many years.  My late husband took me to Swedish Medical Center.

The doctor told me I had the Bejiing flu, people were dying all over Denver.  Going to give you a shot and some pills.  I said no, he got mad and called John into the room.  My husband’s response:  She’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions.  For eight days I was so sick; ran a high fever most of the time.  And that was the last time I had the flu – 28 years ago this month.

Why?  I believe my natural immune system was strong as I’ve been a ‘clean’ eater all my adult life; don’t do drugs.  I still only weigh about 8-10 pounds more than I did when I started modeling at age 17.  Take no medications except pain meds for my spine; very limited on that.

I believe because I had a severe case of that flu strain, I am very unlikely to get this weaponized COVID flu.  Plus, I continue to take my supplements – especially L-Lysine (For three months now).  Lysine Therapy for SARS-CoV-2  (Just FYI, I take NutraBio L-Lysine Powder – Pure Grade Amino Acid – 500 Grams – Essential Amino Acid – Non-GMO – Gluten-Free – Vegan.  Tasteless, half a glass of ice water.)

Repeat:  There’s no profits in natural immunity

(Former Congressman & doctor) Ron Paul: The Case For Lockdowns, Masks, School Closures, ‘Distancing’ Has Just Collapsed, August 20, 2020 – “It turns out that people develop lasting T-cell immunities, that patients have been successfully treated with T-cells from asymptomatic test-positive cases, and that the virus rarely spreads outside the family setting. What are the authoritarians going to do when it is no longer possible to keep this information hidden? How will they keep people shut down.”  By force, by threat of arrest, closing down your business.

April 13, 2020:  “The virus could be “exterminated” within weeks if people were allowed to lead normal lives and the vulnerable were sheltered until the virus passes, said Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., the former head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at the Rockefeller University in New York City.

“[W]hat people are trying to do is flatten the curve. I don’t really know why,” he said in an interview with The Press and The Public Project that was featured by The College Fix.

“But, what happens is if you flatten the curve, you also prolong, to widen it, and it takes more time,” he explained. “And I don’t see a good reason for a respiratory disease to stay in the population longer than necessary.”  Wittkowski said the only thing that stops respiratory diseases is herd immunity. Herd immunity happens when a large percentage of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease, which stops its spread.”

Natural Immunity More Protective Over Time Than COVID-19 Vaccination: Study, Nov. 11, 2021

MUST watch:  HUGE! Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson: US Doctors Were Reviewing Moderna Vaccine In December 2019 Before COVID Hit the US (VIDEO)

THIS is also a MUST read.  While you may be aware of some of the data, a hundred million + Americans have no clue.  The report below contains a ton of information & data, some I didn’t know.  It’s 52 pages but you won’t be bored, believe me.  Actually, it’s horrifying. It’s up to us to get this information to the world so I hope you’ll get this column on social media and email lists.

THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT:  Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events resulting from the experimental COVID – 19 injections by David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir ZelenKo, MD, September 2021

These crimes against humanity MUST be exposed.  We need just one DA or state prosecutor to convene a grand jury and this whole criminal conspiracy will get blown out of the water.  Otherwise, this nightmare and more draconian “mandates” will continue to cripple freedom and bring suffering where there’s absolutely no justification.

Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes, Nov. 28, 2021

BTW: If you’re an early Christmas shopper, don’t forget to order a copy of my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. 400 pages of facts and solutions.  Here’s one review from Amazon: “There’s not a book out there that so substantially documents the source of every truth she presents; links, affidavits, other books, legislative testimony, interviews ad infinitum…You will be amazed at how many instances she refers to regarding the present-day political mechanizations that are plainly and blatantly UnConstitutional!  For all the above reasons, if in the not-too-distant future, the survivors of our once-great nation try to piece together a road map for OUR return to a Constitutional Republic, they couldn’t use a better resource.” Last day for shipping (even priority mail) will be Dec. 19, 2021.

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“Ivermectin has helped in some cases, but across the United States, many hospitals don’t include it in their COVID protocol for treatment and refuse to use it, even as a last effort on a dying patient.”  Helped some cases?  Get your head out of the sand, Beth.

Scientific evidence suggests the Covid Vaccines reprogram the innate Immune System & cause lymphocytes to attack the body’s organs, Dec. 10, 2021

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