by Lee Duigon

December 9, 2021

This is not one of the more pleasurable eras in American history, but it could be worse. We could be part of the European Union.

The EU excels at making government more burdensome, more asinine, than it ever really has to be. And one sure-fire way to do that is to find some Far Left wacko and give her a well-paid government post with a license to spout nonsense that everybody has to listen to.

Recently the EU’s “equality minister” recommended that Christmas be abolished and replaced with a vague “Holiday Period.”

Oh! And she also recommended that the names “John” and “Mary” be tossed out and not used anymore—‘cause they’re, like, “Christian names” and therefore “not inclusive.”

To her astonishment, the Vatican, an EU member in good standing, totally freaked out and demanded a retraction. Which they got—but please don’t think that means the Equality Minister has changed her so-called mind. She’ll try again someday, after all the idiots in the government have had a little more time to beat down the plebs and make their minds right.

She didn’t bring up the subject of names like “Muhammad” and “Fatima.” Probably because she doesn’t want to be beheaded the next time she goes out on the street to buy kombucha.

Here in America this year, we haven’t yet seen the annual anti-Christmas campaign waged by liberals. Is it possible that they’re just a teeny bit afraid to lay that on us? What with the Afghanistan debacle, crazy spending bills in Congress, inflation going through the roof, our southern border wide open, and public schools “teaching” Critical Race Theory in spite of parents’ protests… would it really be all that wise of them to go gunning for Christmas? SloJo and Whatsername aren’t exactly popular just now. I wonder what happens when a president’s job approval rating dips below 30 percent, with the vice president’s down to single digits. Maybe they’re less than eager to find out. Then again, maybe they’d consider it an interesting experiment in practical politics. But I digress.

Equality ministers. Diversity officers. Inclusion counselors. Our ruling class is garbage. It needs to be chucked out, replaced, exiled to uninhabited islands in the Arctic where they can wait for Climate Change to keep them warm at night. And as awful as it is to have these ninnies in our government, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have them in our business, too. And mobs and mobs of them infesting our schools and universities. It wouldn’t take too much to push us into full EU/Canada/Australia mode.

Where do they even find a flaming fat-head who wants to use government to abolish common personal names? Do you even know anybody who’d like to do that? How many rotting logs do you have to turn over before one of these characters scurries out?

Ordinarily it would be America’s calling to say “No! No more!” It would be our country’s mission to inspire and lead a resurgence of freedom—dare we say “a return to full adulthood”? But our own ruling class is a house already half-eaten up by Far Left termites. How in the world do we get rid of them? I wish I knew.

It’s only 16 days till Christmas. Sixteen days in which our left-wing bigwigs can frantically search for some way to snatch our Christmas from us. Otherwise they’ll just have to gnash their teeth while we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Let’s look to these other countries as lurid examples of government gone wild, as vivid object lessons in what we ought not to do. Ever.

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