by Lee Duigon

December 30, 2021

With a slim five-vote majority in the House of Representatives, 23 Democrats have already announced that they won’t be running for re-election in 2022. Uh-oh.

What to do, what to do?

Aha! Lower the voting age to 16!

This is the “Hail Mary” pass recommended recently by The Hill. We know this is an act of desperation by The Hill’s insistence that this be done before the 2022 elections. They expect teenagers to rescue the Dems from electoral disaster. Because… “They are better prepared to address crucial issues confronting our democracy than any generation since those who returned from World War II.”

Oh, my stars. Did you catch that “our democracy” bit? We do not have a democracy. The Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government, not a “democracy.”

Why stop at 16? Why not 14? Or 12? And why do we not let 16-year-olds drive cars, sign legally binding contracts, hold public office, or have their own credit cards? Could it be that their judgment has just not matured to a point where they can be trusted with such privileges?

But yowsah, yowsah! It’s time our politicians courted the votes of high school students! Surely our Far Left teachers’ unions will equip them to make the right decisions. All that flap over teaching kids Critical Race Theory can easily be circumvented just by calling it something else—“Equity and Inclusion Education” springs to mind. By the time the peasants figure out that they’ve been diddled again, the damage will be done. The kids will sit in class for six to eight hours, five days a week, and “taught” everything the Democrat Party needs for them to know—or think they know.

I mean, really, how hard is it to bamboozle a lot of teenagers who don’t pay taxes, haven’t lived long enough to experience the trammels of adult life, and are rigorously shielded from any but the, um, “right” opinions? Unionized “teachers” will have the kiddies eating out of their hands.

And presto, the entire Democrat deluxe Fun Pack is back in the picture and the Party is back in power. Build Back Better! Open borders! Mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and never lose an election ever again! And plenty of nice Climate Change legislation! Who could ask for anything more? And just to make sure, amend the Constitution to let under-thirties run for president!

And just to make doubly sure the new fundamental transformation scheme goes off without a hitch, award voting rights to non-citizens, too. This is already being talked about in several Democrat strongholds.

Oh, the kiddies are “prepared to address critical issues,” all right. Who better? Prepared by movies, social media, video games, and TV shows—what could go wrong?

Some of us are worried that we might outlive our republic. It wouldn’t be the first time a great country was turned into a trash heap by insane public policies. Better to rule over a pile of rubble than to serve in a prosperous republic!

Aside from going all-out to win in 2022, our most immediate and effective recourse is to pull all our children out of public schools. We have to stop letting our children be “educated” by Far Left crazies who despise us, hate our country, admire communism, and want to turn the USA into Venezuela North. Public education is not our friend.

However unpleasant it may be, we have to realize that leftists are working feverishly, fanatically, to bring America as we know it to an end. This time the enemy isn’t bombing Pearl Harbor.

This time the enemy is here.

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