By Cliff Kincaid

December 26, 2021

How have we gotten to the point where a “conservative” journalist refers to systematic human suffering as being “relatively harmless?”

Roger L. Simon writes at Epoch Times: “New [China virus] variant Omicron, though highly transmissible, is apparently relatively harmless — no deaths and hardly any hospitalizations in the 30 or so countries that have reported cases thus far. It even shares genetic material with that other somewhat benign coronavirus, the common cold.”

On the left, the Intercept reports that the Omicron variant is “starting to overwhelm the U.S.” Record numbers of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are being forecast. Suffering is still being caused by the China virus on a massive scale.

Yet Simon proclaimed, “What a relief. What a Happy New Year this could be. Let’s sing that great song from World War I, ‘When This Bloody War Is Over.’ We all feel as if we’ve been through it.”

“The great unknown,” writes Jay K. Varma, a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine and an epidemiologist, “is whether a record number of infections will translate into a record number of hospitalizations and deaths.”

The war is not over.

“I will take care of this,” China Joe had promised. “I will end this. I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country.”

But Vice President Kamala Harris says the China Joe Administration didn’t see the latest variant coming. She told the Los Angeles Times, “We didn’t see Omicron coming. And that’s the nature of what this, this awful virus has been, which as it turns out, has mutations and variants.”

One family member with the latest variant has to isolate from his family, during Christmas week, and suffers from body pain and congestion. We do not know at this point how dangerous it can be, or whether other variants may follow. We are unsure of its impact on the very young.

I agree with the Intercept that journalists have a responsibility to report on the “fatal seriousness” of Covid-19. The left-wingers, however, want to avoid pinning the blame on China.

The latest variant is so contagious that triple-vaccinated people with over 90 percent protection are coming down with it.

Overall, covid deaths are on the way to 1 million in the U.S. Worldwide, 5.2 million are dead.

Since it appears the not prepared to get into a full-scale military war with China at this time, we have to use vaccines, drugs, and other weapons at our disposal to stop the death and destruction. Biden has divided the American people with his insistence on vax mandates on almost everybody.

I wrote a column about General George Washington’s imposition of a vaccine mandate on the American Revolutionary War forces, a decision that turned the tide against the British. I said at the time, “The question is to what extent the state should intervene when more than 660,000 have died from the China virus and the disease keeps spreading.”

Now we’re at more than 800,000 dead and the number is certain to surpass one million.

Axios reports that, if Republicans take the House in 2022, they plan to initiate a probe of the “origins of the virus.” What we need to probe is why elements of the U.S. intelligence, medical, scientific, health and defense establishments worked with the Chinese to develop this virus or else were complicit in its release and/or cover-up.

There is a lot of blood on their hands.

Mike Allen of Axios should take a look at his father’s great book, Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State, especially the chapter titled “The Red China Gambit,” about how Henry Kissinger engineered President Nixon’s “opening” to China and the eventual abandonment of the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Kissinger’s power play was based on the false hope that China had abandoned communism. Most Republicans and Democrats accepted this dangerous approach to China.

Mike’s father Gary Allen described the Red Chinese as “unquestionably the bloodiest mass murderers in human history,” adding, “Red China practiced a smiling and beguiling diplomacy toward the West, while serving as the world’s major pusher of drugs.”

The drug-pushing continues, supplemented by spreading a virus.

In addition to the mass murder inflicted on the world by the coronavirus and the Red Chinese export of fentanyl, Red China backed North Korea’s war of aggression on South Korea. Casualties of the United States during the Korean War included 54,260 dead (of whom 33,665 were battle deaths), 92,134 wounded, and 8,176 listed as missing in action or prisoners of war.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on June 24, “…the gravest injustice China must be held accountable for is the tragic loss of 600,000 Americans due to the CCP’s lies and deceit. That’s more than the total number of American lives lost during World War I and World War II combined…”

But the body bags keep piling up.

Before the China virus was released, the official Chinese news agency article, “Xi meets Obama, discusses China-U.S. ties,” revealed that, after the election of President Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Barack Hussein Obama in Beijing. The British Guardian said that Chinese media “fawned” over Obama and Xi, dubbing the pair “veteran cadres”, a term usually applied to retired Communist officials.

My group America’s Survival, Inc. published Comrade Obama Unmasked: Marxist Mole in the White House, and Red Star Rising: The Making of Barack Hussein Obama and the Transformation of America.

If Republicans had done their jobs, Obama would have been out of office, impeached on any number of grounds, including his obvious mental impairment, caused by his extensive drug use.

Because Republicans failed to do their jobs, we got the presidency of China Joe Biden, who should be impeached on various grounds as well. But Republicans don’t have the votes. There is no doubt he was preferred by China and Russia over Donald J. Trump.

Thanks to Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who opposes Biden’s $4.91 “Build Back Bankrupt” bill, there is some hope at least on the economic front. He has effectively killed this bill.

“As the Omicron variant spreads throughout communities across the country, we are seeing COVID-19 cases rise at rates we have not seen since the height of this pandemic,” said Manchin. “We are also facing increasing geopolitical uncertainty as tensions rise with both Russia and China. Our ability to quickly and effectively respond to these pending threats would be drastically hindered by our rising debt.”

It is time to hold the communists accountable through Nuremberg-style tribunals. Let the trials begin. Let Rep. Kevin McCarthy initiate them, since he promises “to hold China accountable.” Let’s start with Barack Hussein Obama,  the power behind China Joe.

Frank Chapman, author of Marxist-Leninist Perspectives on Black Liberation and Socialism, once referred to Obama as a revolutionary mole, while Marxist historian Gerald Horne spoke of Obama being influenced by Communist sex pervert Frank Marshall Davis. We released the Davis FBI file, showing him to be on the FBI’s Security Index.

The Republicans, if they are serious, must re-establish a House Internal Security Committee if they take power in the House. That committee was a successor to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

When my group made the demand for an anti-communist investigatory congressional committee in 2010, only one Republican House member, Rep. Steve King, publicly supported it. Rep. Kevin McCarthy engineered his ouster.

King has written the bookWalking Through the Fire: My Fight for the Heart and Soul of America.

At this perilous time, I have reposted my 2014 interview with the late John A. Stormer, author of None Dare Call It Treason, a book that sold more than 7 million copies and sparked Ronald Reagan’s run for the presidency. Stormer talked about how a dire situation can be turned around through citizen action.

We need a heavy dose of McCarthyism, but not of the Kevin variety. It must begin now.

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