by Sidney Secular

December 11, 2021

A US patent was granted on August 31, 2021 for a technology that tracks your every move through your digital activities. The alleged purpose of this “knowledge” is to give you a score related to the probability of your becoming the spread vector for an ill-defined virus that, they claim, makes others ill often to the point of death! When your “score” gets high enough you will be forcefully “vaxxed.” Of course, you know the score behind the scares over the vaxxes! Given the facts regarding the deadly consequence of these “jabs,” it is distressing to realize that the sources used to glean a glimmer of how much of a “spreader” you are will come from mobile devices, apps, “anti-social media”, web browsing records, payment records, medical records, employment records, your interaction with the GovMint, and soon-to-be ubiquitous surveillance cameras.

All of these “sources” will focus on you when you use the internet, your cell phone, access to your bank’s ATM machine and, of course, public transportation. They will know when you are washing your hands by analyzing the sounds of water running in the background or the movements of your stopwatch. They will know if you’re wearing a face mask by “analyzing images taken during calls” or stealing looks at your cell phone’s screen. Meanwhile, the system app – and thus Big Brother – will know your location at all times communicating with nearby so-called “smart” devices to assess all interactions between yourself and others thus affecting not only you but those same “others.” Also factored into the calculation of your “social credit” score will be your profession – though what that has to do with the spreading of disease is not elucidated! However being in the upper levels of society means that you’re more likely to know the score and so will be more able to alert others to the machinations of our “new”Big Brother! This being the case, if you don’t toe the line, your score will likely suffer accordingly –as will you. Naturally, if you go to church or socialize among your friends, you will receive a worse score because you will talk, pray, sing, mingle, move around, and open your mouth more and even breathe more deeply and exhale more forcefully than you would during periods of “social distancing” and quarantine.

The original “social credit system” was introduced in China in 2009 to find and remove those who did not sufficiently conform to the dictates of that system. “Social distancing” of a measurement of well over 6 feet appears the best way to avoid Big Brother’s gaze as “facial recognition” technology is designed to utilize a distance of six feet between subjects being imaged. But while the greater distance might impinge upon facial recognition technology, it would also mean becoming a virtual hermit in hopes of nullifying the various surveillance modalities concentrated in especially large population areas. Discarding all high tech and digital devices and returning to a simpler way life would solve much of the problem of government surveillance, but eventually the “surveillance state’ will figure out how to shadow you wherever you are and wherever you go, even in underground settlements – always assuming you could create such “safe zones” to begin with. Right now, they’re installing something like 42,000 satellites to monitor and control the coming 5G systems as a means of preventing any escape from the New World Order’s prying eyes. Somewhere in the afterlife, George Orwell weeps.

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