by Roger Anghis

December 5, 2021

A surprising development over the last four years was the exposing of the hatred of America and America’s Constitution by the Democrats. When Trump won the election in 2016 it seemed that all hell broke loose. Rioters stormed several cities burning businesses, looting businesses yet the Democrat-run cities did nothing to stop the carnage. They did what Democrats always do, blame conservatives for the riots and killing. They even supported the rioters and looters by supporting a bail fund to get them back out on the streets. A man who was twice bailed out of jail in separate cases by a fund supported by Vice President Kamala Harris has been arrested again while under investigation for another possible case, Minnesota prosecutors said.

According to the Hennepin County Attorney’s office, Thomas Moseley, 29, had been arrested and released in cases involving allegations that include damaging a police precinct in August and rioting in December. He was arrested again on Jan. 27, just 22 days after his latest release. During that span, he is also suspected of trying to illegally purchase a gun, and officers are investigating that matter.[1]

America has always been a nation of laws but Democrats seem to think that they are for everybody but the Democrats. Remember that Hillary was given a summons for 30,000 emails and AFTER she gets the summons she deletes the emails. You or I would have been in jail in about a week. She’s still walking free. She and the DNC also funded the Steele dossier bringing foreign influence into the election, which is a felony, and she still walks free. No swat teams busting her door down at 5:30 in the morning.  If it wasn’t for double standards Democrats wouldn’t have any standards at all.

We just watched the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse which was a travesty at best. No one should be on trial for obvious self-defense.  Democrats wanted him found guilty of murder.  Notice that the black man that ran down people in a Christmas parade killing six and injuring fifty plus the liberal media Washington Post and CNN accuse the SUV not the driver.  They also photo shopped his picture to lighten his skin.  The Washington Post has revised an article and deleted the Twitter post promoting it after saying that last weekend’s Christmas parade massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin was “caused by a SUV.”

The tweet was posted on Thursday with a caption reading, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.” The article linked to the tweet linked similarly blamed the vehicle for the massacre, which left six people dead and 61 injured, saying “the SUV rammed through the parade participants.”[2] Despite multiple media sockets that are hammered for blame the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre on a vehicle rather than his black driver – a murder suspect – CNN continued to blame “a car” for the mass killing.

Repeated criminal Darrell Brooks was killed six people he is wounded more 60’s when he plowed an SUV during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last week. Although Brooks was arrested and charged with six counts of murder, media the outlets that cover the massacre apparently have made a point of avoiding naming the suspect, instead blame vehicle and calling the killing revelry “crash” or an “accident.”[3]

Notice that neither of the so-called ‘news’ sources has brought up the fact that Brooks is a serial criminal. I often wonder how these people sleep at night.  One of the worst aspects of all this is the left has been in charge of our indoctrination camps, public schools, for so long we now have entire schools full of pansies. They will never handle the ups and downs that life throws at them.  When they stopped giving trophies in the 1980s, designating winners and losers, I predicted that we would end up with a bunch of crybabies that couldn’t handle it when they didn’t get their way.  That time is on us and we are seeing the manifestation of that liberal stupidity.

When the Rittenhouse verdict came out the liberals went nuts.  You could hear liberal heads explode all over the country. All that happened was a person defended himself legally but he was charged with crimes he didn’t commit and the prosecutors knew that but charged him anyway. But this caused insanity to breakout in the liberal crowd. After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges from the Kenosha shooting, Best Buy and Levi Strauss reportedly offered their employees counseling to those distressed over the verdict. Levi’s offered a session with a “racial trauma specialist” for workers distraught over the acquittal of Rittenhouse — who is white — shooting three white men who assailed him.

Elizabeth Morrison — Levi’s chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer — sent an email to employees of the San Francisco-based clothing company following the Rittenhouse verdict in Wisconsin.

“With the news that Kyle Rittenhouse was not convicted in the shooting of three individuals — two of whom lost their lives — during racial justice protests last year, this is a difficult day for many,” the email read.[4] One has to ask why a person needs counseling for a legitimate court decision?

Then we have all the colleges and universities that are offering to counsel those that can’t handle the truth.  The jurors decided that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty of any of the five charges against him.  He cried.  Since then students and faculty have melted down—some saying it proves white supremacy, even though NO black people were involved in the issues before the court.  Some students have melted down, can’t stop crying, and now need therapy—because the outcome they were told by CNN and Biden never happened.

“We begin with San Fransisco University who offered multiple options for students triggered by the Rittenhouse verdict to seek counseling.

Chaffey College used their statement to students on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to explain how our justice system is “broken” and appears to be suggesting students use “non-violent resistance” to protest the outcome.

Sonoma State University offers counseling and psychological services to their students to deal with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

The Oakton Community College President tells students that Rittenhouse was afforded special privileges since he’s “white” and asks White students and colleagues to examine their privilege over the verdict.

A large teacher’s union calls the Rittenhouse verdict “another painful reminder of anti-Black racism…”

It is a sad state of affairs when we can’t agree with what is right and we have to cater to those that demand that they get their way even when they’re wrong and they demand that justice be kicked aside so their feelings don’t get hurt.  The racist group Black Lives Matter has threatened violence in Kenosha because of this verdict.  Even after the verdict so-called journalist and political pundits still defame Rittenhouse by continuing to refer to him as a white supremacist, which the prosecution was never able to prove, and a murderer.  In August 2020, avowed white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse gunned down three anti-racist demonstrators with his AR-15 machine gun in Kenosha, Wisconsin, two of whom died. Neither of those he killed were armed and the incident was recorded on video. Rittenhouse, then 17, had traveled from Illinois, allegedly to defend “property” and the police against Black Lives Matter demonstrators, but in fact to attack the demonstrators.

The November 19 Kenosha verdict is a racist, reactionary outrage and a big step forward for those scheming for a fascist society.

In a second outrage, on November 19, 2021, an apparently all-white jury acquitted Rittenhouse, who now walks free to kill again. This despite the fact that two young anti-racist demonstrators, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, lay dead, and another, Gaige Grosskreutz, has been permanently injured.[6]

I hope Rittenhouse sue these lowlifes into oblivion.  America is better than this and we have to demand better than this. We have seen the Democrat Party support the violence and destruction of the last couple of years not to mention the stealing of the 2020 election so they can gain as much control as possible over the American people.  We fought the Revolutionary War to get out from under this kind of tyranny. I’m afraid we may have to threaten to do it again if we want to stay free. This is why we have the Second Amendment.  Thomas Jefferson warned us: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”  America, we’re there,

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