by Lex Greene

December 23, 2021

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You don’t have a degree in virology, medicine, or science? You have no experience or training of any kind in public health? Well then, that makes you just as qualified as the globetrotting pervert and college dropout Bill Gates to determine what is in the best health interest of 332-million FREE American citizens, doesn’t it! NOT AT ALL!

I supported you in 2016, because there was no one else to support and I honestly thought that despite your somewhat checkered past, you cared about this country, its people, freedom and liberty, real justice, national security, and political decency. I actually thought you might attempt to “drain the swamp,” although I never thought you’d be able to do it. At least, not alone. In the end, you didn’t even try!

Although you still pat yourself on the back, claiming to have created “life-saving vaccines” to protect Americans against the fake COVID19 plandemic, we both know that you did nothing more than grease the political wheels and cut some red tape, to allow fake Dr. Gates and evil Dr. Fauci to rush their mRNA human experiments to market. (Not to ever be confused with any real vaccines)In other words, you made their crimes against humanity possible and you’re still proud of it!

One of two things is true Dr. Trump, either you’re just another totally controlled global conspirator engaged in destroying the USA and killing millions, maybe billions around the world – or – you’re an egomaniac incapable of admitting you were drained by the swamp and conned by global Marxist mad scientists. Either way, you are even more dangerous for America today, than the enemies we know all too well. You are an enemy inside the gates…

Had you not surrendered the People’s White House to known global criminals last year, I might still be able to support you. But because you did surrender our House to this group of global tyrants, I assume to save your own ass, and because you continue to tell Americans to surrender to the mad scientists currently responsible for the thousands of VAERS Reports, I can no longer support you or anyone like you. I’m left with no one to support, at least politically.

You are no more qualified to tell anyone to “get vaxxed” than Gates (who also has no such training and openly wants to eliminate 2/3 of the world population) or Fauci (who has no experience seeing live patients either and a long history of evil mad science). You have shown yourself to be every bit as much a FRAUD as those who defrauded you out of the White House.

Even worse, you alone once had the support of more than 80-million hardcore Americans willing to do anything you asked to save this country. But you have totally squandered that support and do more damage to yourself and that group every time you tell people to go get vaxxed and promise you will “turn things around in 2024” knowing better than anyone, that the USA no longer has any legitimate elections, in part, due to your cowardice.

You sir…had the opportunity to be written into history as the George Washington of our time. Instead, you will be written into history as the man proudly responsible for the death and dismemberment of millions of Americans, the end of freedom and liberty, and all because you couldn’t keep your ego in check or decided to save yourself instead of this country.

I’m sure you don’t care what I think. In fact, I doubt that you care what anyone thinks, except your kids maybe. Of course, some of them are directly responsible for making sure you were surrounded by inside the beltway alligators and backstabbing vipers.

I bet you will never read this open letter, much less respond to it, just like all other politicians who think they don’t need to pay any attention to the people responsible for their temporary power. You may not have been a politician when you decided to run for office in 2015, but that’s all you appear to be now.

Why are you still raising money for the same Republicans in Congress that spent your four brief years in office, stabbing you in the back at every chance? Why are you still making promises that you can’t possibly keep?

The only reason to focus everyone on 2022 and 2024 elections is to keep them from focusing on massive 2020 fraud. Why else would you do that? Are you just part of the has-been presidents club now, like Bush and Obama? … No more useful to the American people than a mere carnival barker only concerned with raising money for corrupt D.C. political institutions.

Is this really the best you can do Dr. Trump?

If so, then you have well-earned your place in history along side the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Bush, Clinton, Fauci and Gates. You might be able to fool yourself for the rest of your days, but you are NOT fooling God and you won’t be able to fool American patriots much longer.

If you don’t have the courage or decency to self-correct and take a real stand for all who once trusted you, then shut up and sit down, fade into the sunset at the golf course and leave the patriotism to real patriots.

Leaders selling us the same snake oil as Gates, Fauci and Biden, we don’t need.

You were certainly fit for the office but may not be up to the task at hand. If you’re not up to leading your followers back to freedom, liberty, and justice, then stop pretending as though you are. Let someone else rise to the occasion.

Now, for those who do read this most recent tirade…solutions next!

Don’t bother writing me about how I’m attacking “a good guy” or how “we need Dr. Trump” to save us. He had his chance, and he blew it, big time! We must move on to solving our problems ourselves now.

Every problem on earth has a solution, where there is the will, there is a way. STAY TUNED!My future columns will focus on what we the people must do.There is no one else to do it!

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