by Andrew C Wallace

December 17, 2021

The following letter was mailed to my Sheriff to advise him of my concerns and to elicit the extent of his commitment to protect me from unconstitutional actions by rogue federal government actors.  You may want to modify this letter for your own use. Not all Sheriffs have the same powers.

Dear Sheriff Chronister,

Every citizen in the United States is in real fear for their lives and freedoms from a lawless unconstitutional federal government; it has usurped powers of the states to the extent that a MAJORITY of “federal laws” are unconstitutional. Powers of the Federal Government are Enumerated in the Constitution, and apply ONLY to Immigration, Foreign Relations, Commerce, Currency, Post Office, and Defense. After the overthrow of Government by the Election Insurrection on November 6, 2020, it has no constitutional authority at all, and equal justice under the law no longer exists with the faux federal establishment!

The Supreme Court of the United States, being compromised, refused to even hear election cases involving clear violations of the Constitution. If we have a civil war, the blood will be on the hands of the Supreme Court…and those who refuse to honor their sacred Oath to protect and defend the Constitution

I assure you that every word in this letter is as factual as I could make it. I have been a writer with Newswithviews. com for 15 years. Enclosed are several of my articles that will further substantiate my words. .

The Democrat Communists and the FBI on January 5, 2021, manufactured a False Flag Insurrection for political purposes. The FBI then proceeded to arrest people for all manner of questionable crimes and to incarcerate them in solitary confinement, in terrible conditions, without medical care, bail or a speedy trial with proper council. This is not our Constitutional System of Justice and it scares the hell out of me and every person I know. The fact that it took 9 months for a handful of elected officials to visit the political prisoners is disheartening.

But, all of this was no surprise after the FBI, Democrat Governors, Mayors, and Prosecutors  allowed BLM and Antifa to burn down their cities for political advantage, and to eliminate small business competitors of large corporations who financed the destruction. These arsonists are not in jail; some were even bailed out by Kamala Harris and Democrats!

I must congratulate you and your officers for stopping the arson of our small business last year. Under our Florida Constitution the people could have prevented arson by exercising their rights to protect life and property; but they were constrained by actions of compromised prosecutors who have charged people for harming the criminals! The most heinous example of lawless prosecutorial misconduct is the attempted framing of Kyle Rittenhouse. The evidence is clear that he acted in self-defense to defend himself against criminals who the police ignored and allowed to burn down the city.

Sheriff Chronister, you are an elected constitutional official of the State of Florida, and Chief Executive officer and Conservator of the Peace, and the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the county. As such, your lawful authority is greater than any other law enforcement officer, including State and Federal officers. You took an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution. I am asking you to give me your assurance that you can do, so even in the face of opposition from big-money donors who support the Democrat Communists.

The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) control everything and their objective is to destroy our country, impoverish the people and install a New World Order Dictatorship.

As I have demonstrated, the PSRRC and their Communist minions in government and corporations have ignored the Enumerated Powers in the Constitution. They have then usurped powers reserved by the states to the extent that a MAJORITY of all federal laws are unconstitutional.

I am aware that I am making powerful allegations, but they are all based upon Constitutional facts that anyone can read and understand.

The unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, usurping powers of the states, are proof positive that all of our elected officials are corrupt or cowardly. This Concentration of power in hands of federal government is dangerous and unlawful. This usurpation of state powers is just the tip of the iceberg; there are countless other unconstitutional federal efforts at centralization and control, such as Private Federal Reserve Bank, Unconstitutional Money, OSHA, CDC, etc.

People who are not ignorant, apathetic, or Lenin’s “useful idiots” know that we are no longer protected by the Constitution of the United States and are, in fact, in grave danger from the traitors who insurrected our federal structure. Communists rule with brutality, fear and the barrel of a gun.  But, by the Grace of God, we remain citizens of a more powerful Sovereign State, which the so-called Federal government is not.

Centralization of police power is the next most important goal of the PSRRC and their Communist minions in government. You surely noticed how the Democrat mayors tried to destroy their police forces while at the same time crying for help to justify a federal police force. Our Constitution stipulates that the Militia of the Several States will enforce laws of the Union (not state laws). In 1903 the Militia was made part of the National Guard by the Unconstitutional Dick Act. The FBI was formed as the Bureau of Investigation in 1908.THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT POLICE POWERS IN THE STATES. Congress keeps passing UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws giving FBI jurisdiction for specific crimes in the states, and they are getting their foot in the door by also offering their manpower to help local law enforcement. States should kick out unconstitutional federal agencies.

Now to my personal concerns, and that of millions of other patriotic citizens.

The Communists running our faux government take serious exception to letters like this one, or any of my writings exposing their criminal unconstitutional acts. I exercise my freedom of speech by speaking the truth. I don’t advocate violence or unlawful conduct. I don’t want the FBI coming to my house before dawn with a swat team, as they have been doing to others who are also speaking the truth.

Based upon my research the FBI has absolutely no authority to arrest me because they don’t appreciate the truth in my writing, if they even know the truth. Based on everything I know, the FBI is the most corrupt and incompetent so-called police force in the world.

What I must know for peace of mind is that if I call you to protect me from unlawful arrest that you will do so, even if it means you must arrest FBI agents for exercising authority they don’t posses. Even if the FBI has a warrant from a questionable judge, they don’t have authority to serve it. IS THIS NOT TRUE?

I served in the Armed Forces during the Korean Conflict and was a State Trooper in Kentucky for three years, so I have the utmost respect for the law. But, the FBI is a disgrace to the country and to all of law enforcement. The FBI should be disbanded.

I have great respect for you and your department. Unlike many of the dispirited police officers in Communist cities, your officers are always polite, neat, helpful and professional. I mean no disrespect by this letter. If you take exception to anything in the letter please tell me. I have researched these matters for decades, and know them to be true. I ask merely that you assure me that you also know them to be true, and that you intend to honor your Sacred Oath and protect the Unalienable Rights of myself and all other citizens of our county by not allowing ANY federal agency to perform unconstitutional “law enforcement” functions in your county.

If you want a professional in depth dissertation of the subject I refer you to “What Criminal Laws are Congress Authorized to Make” written by Publius Huldah a most distinguished Constitutional Scholar. You will find it on the Publius Huldah Blog.

God Bless America

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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Powers and Related Laws Usurped From States are Unconstitutional Attempts to Centralize All Power.

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Follow Up Letter To Sheriff

“Except for first sentence this is possibly the most effective message I  have ever written. You may want to use it”

Dear Sheriff Chronister,

I want to thank you for the consideration  given me by Brenda and your staff.

I think it would have been proper, and in everyone’s best interest for you to state that your department would protect me or anyone else from any unconstitutional  actions  by the FBI or any government official.

A majority of the people know that the FBI is corrupt and are scared to death of them. What most people, even those in law enforcement don’t know is that the federal government has almost no power in the states as determined by “Enumerated Powers” in our Constitution.

Attached is a paper by Publius Huldah, a noted Scholar with documentation  from our Constitution that is absolute proof of my position on Enumerated Powers.

With all due respect, I don’t see any downside if you were to give people assurances of your protection against unconstitutional actions by the FBI and others. You would be addressing the growing acknowledgement of lawless behavior in the federal establishment.

Yours truly,

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