by Sidney Secular

December 18, 2021

The jackbooted jerk, “Illegit” Joe, allowed to take the reins of power illicitly, is letting that power to go to his head or what little remains of it. His actions are way over the top now that he is on top. His latest treasonous action should topple him from his perch if patriots would only act and stop propping him up by doing nothing to remove him. Any support or sympathy for him should have evaporated once he sought to remove forty US Navy SEALs from the military and punish them for seeking religious exemptions from the offensive Department of Defense and US Navy “Covid Vaxx” mandates. Their requests were summarily rejected with no justifications provided! The DoD’s refusal to protect the religious liberties, and hence the First Amendment rights of its service members, is unprecedented.

The SEALs are just the most visible service group to have their exemption requests turned down. However, it should be noted that a significant number of the service members that are refusing the Covid jabs come from special operations forces such as the SEALs. The First Liberty Institute ( has taken up their case. The forty SEALs involved have over 100 combat deployments and 350 years of service among them, yet they are facing harassment, threats and intimidation from their superiors (at least in rank) for the “crime” of exercising their First Amendment rights as Americans.

When one SEAL informed his commander he would seek a religious exemption to the DoD mandate, his fate was “sealed,” so to speak, and he was told to surrender his Special Warfare Pin known as the “Trident.” This act would not only mean dismissal from the SEALs per se but would make him an outcast from the SEAL community, cutting off his ability to interact with anyone in that community. In other words, he was facing personal disgrace and banishment, all for exercising his right as an American by seeking a religious exemption to a seriously flawed mandate. The applicable Navy directive applies only to religious exemptions and not to any medical or other exemptions. This distinction makes of the directive an attack on personal religious beliefs and basically eliminates the long-standing and accepted “conscientious objector” status category in the military.

Adding significant insult to injury, the directive also “mandates” that religious objectors will lose their pay regardless of whether the exemption is granted or not! It only needs to be sought to occasion this punitive and vindictive effort to silence any effort to avoid what itself is an outrageous and unconstitutional effort by the GovMint to nullify the Constitution. By “losing pay,” the FedGov seeks to recoup from those SEALs who reject the mandate all the money spent training and maintaining them. It is estimated to cost $350,000 to $500,000 to train a single Navy SEAL. To keep one SEAL operational and deployable overseas costs some where around 1,000,000 per year. The Navy SEALs are the most elite fighting force on Earth, yet the present mindless “Commander-In-Thief” wants to make an example of them and punish them beyond all law or reason. This is an unconscionable act of tyranny of an unprecedented nature, at least in the modern West.

The Navy cannot simply snap its fingers and generate more SEALs on demand as if they were ordering a replacement cog in a wheel. It takes years to recruit, train, and develop the select few able to meet the high standards of the SEAL force. Now with the unbelievable mistreatment that affected SEALs and their families will be enduring, it is more than probable that there will not be enough qualified SEAL candidates to “seal” the enlistment quota in the future. Of course, as our present “government” and its “leaders” hate this country, it is also probable that none of those in the Deep State care how weak we become and what the results of that weakness will be. No two ways about it, we need the real President to return to the White House!

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