by Lex Greene

December 8, 2021

I remember trying to warn Americans that if the no one from nowhere, without so much as a legitimate birth certificate or any real job experience, was ever allowed to set foot in our White House, we would likely never be America ever again. He told us as much when he promised to “fundamentally transform America” and he is keeping that promise even today.

For me, this started when Obama upstaged John Kerry at his DNC Convention in 2004, as then Senator Ted Kennedy introduce Hussein to a country which had never heard of him before. Someone clearly groomed this guy for the stated purpose, and what that was all about is only now coming into complete focus, as our country is being torn to pieces by tyrannical dictates.

I remember telling people back then, that something very wrong was afoot, and that our White House would soon be occupied by someone who first claimed to be “from Kenya” as a Senate candidate in 2004, and later claimed to be “born in the USA” in 2008, Hawaii to be exact, when he was pushed onto the national stage by his mentor and handler Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, also known as Black Panther creator and Malcom X murderer, Donald Warden.

For the record, to this day, Hussein Obama has never delivered a single legitimate birth record from the USA. Instead, he delivered three different fake “Certifications of Live Birth” – not to be confused with an actual birth certificate. Hawaii issues “certificates of live birth” to people with no verifiable U.S. birth record, no matter where in the world they came from.

White Guilt had already been sewn deeply into the American psyche and as a result, the nation couldn’t wait to “elect the nation’s first black president” (who is allegedly half-white) in 2008, upsetting DNC “sure thing” Hillary Clinton in the 2008 DNC primaries. Obama would advance to the general election, despite never having accomplished anything in his entire life, beyond his time at Annenberg ( fame) as a communist “community organizer.”

This is when I first knew that America was in very BIG trouble. Oh sure, I had known about typical political corruption for many years prior. But this was different, very different. The White House would soon fall to “foreign occupation” and the American people themselves, would do it to themselves, blindly following the lead of the mainstream media who had prepared the battlefield and set the stage.

Never mind that America is by far the most culturally diverse nation on earth, or that it has been since its birth in 1776. Americans were Pavlov dog-whistle trained to commit political suicide, just to prove that they were not something that 99% of Americans never were. But I digress…

Point being, what’s happening in the USA today is not the first time many of us saw the writing on the wall or heard the death knell of freedom and liberty, loud and clear. It was not the first time that many of us tried to warn America of impending doom, either.

Here we are again, years later and more than 20-months into the greatest tyrannical global political scam ever perpetrated against America and citizens in countries all over the world, COVID19. People who don’t know that COVID19 is a plandemic created in gain of function labs here and abroad, simply don’t want to know. Every truth seeker already knows and that’s why they will NEVER take any fake vaccines from the same people who created the plandemic. The “unvaxxed” are the people who have been “following the science” from the beginning. The “vaxxed” have ignored all of the science, just like they ignore all of the election fraud.

The same people who believe Fauci, Gates and democrats on COVID, the leftist media and fact checkers, also believe that 80-million Americans voted for a 40-year career political criminal with late stage dementia, for President of the United States – even though he was set to lose the DNC nomination before Sanders and Warren were once again forced out of the race by Hussein and Co.

The 30% of voters who still think Biden is great, do not believe that Biden was the benefactor of a massively fraudulent election. They don’t believe it because they dare not believe it. It would destroy their Marxist fantasy agenda, along with their political party. It’s not Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in charge at the White House, it’s Obama officials like Valarie Jarret. In fact, over 60% of the Biden Cabinet were also Obama administration officials. This is really a third Obama term…

The only way Biden could steal 2020 was if there was a “crisis” that made way for unverifiable “mail-in balloting” that would be very difficult to traced to any single perpetrator or unravel after the fact. The theft of the election had to be so big, in fact, “too big to fail.” It had to be done on such a massive scale that everyone could see it, but everyone would be afraid to confront it, for fear of causing the entire federal government to collapse.

No COVID19, would have meant no lockdowns. That would have meant no mail-in balloting and no mail-in balloting, would have made a Biden-Harris victory totally impossible. Think not? Let’s try no mail-in balloting in 2022 and see what happens… Bet you won’t get any Biden fans to support that!

So, what do we do now, having established standing “new norms” for our election processes, which require no means of verifying legal voting or vote counting whatsoever? In fact, under current conditions, there is no way to verify any election at all, much less certify it.

My friends at have worked on a lot of critical things over the years. They issued the first detailed report on what really happened at Benghazi, and on what really happened to SEAL TEAM 6 on that fateful night in Afghanistan, both of which turned out to be 100% true and accurate, but not publicly confirmed by official sources until years later.

TNALC also researched, drafted, and launched the most critical state level model legislation in the past hundred years,in 2013. Had all Americans gotten behind it and passed it in our states back then, we wouldn’t be dealing with the federal tyranny we have been under for the past 20-months.

The point is, this group above all others, has been on the right track with real solutions for years now, usually years ahead of everyone else. That’s why I support them and hope you will too.

A week ago, surveyed their partners and members offering ten different potential priorities. The overwhelming response identified overturning 2020 fraud as the most critical top priority. So, TNALC released a special report on how to properly accomplish that goal, together. They will soon issue another report focused on how to stop the medical tyranny in the USA, and in my opinion, that mission will have to be executed at the same time we work to overturn 2020 fraud.

I encourage my readers to use the links provided to study the solutions they offer and get engaged. At the end of their report, they close with a statement proven true, which I agree with 100%…

“There is no need to email TNALC explaining that “no one is going to do anything.” The only people we are looking to “do something” is YOU. You’re right, the politicians are not ever going to do anything. Now, if YOU (we) aren’t going to do anything either, then nothing is going to get done.”

Here’s the report…

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