by Sidney Secular

December 7, 2021

A “survivalism” subculture group has been “winging it” within the “right wing” for some 70 years now rightfully worrying about the collapse of law and order – that is, civilization itself – and the takeover of the Historical American Nation by communists and the minions of the New World Order. These folks prepare for the day they wholeheartedly believe is coming when life as we have known it in America and the West degenerates to the point at which basic services are disrupted and/or unavailable. At that point, we will descend into a “survival of the fittest” condition in which nothing is sacred and basic human rights, especially those established by such documents as the Bill of Rights, simply cease to exist. Remember, “rights” and “law” only exist in a civilized society. Remove civilization and we descend into chaos and anarchy. And, of course, when society does break down, most people who have ignored the signs of the coming apocalypse are caught with their “continued existence pants” down!

On the other hand, survivalists want to be able to continue to function like human beings rather than becoming prey for those released from the bonds of civilization; that is, with a degree of sovereignty, while the rest of the sheeple, accustomed to relying on the government for nearly everything, flounder around and lose their ability to meet their basic needs or even survive. Of course, it’s better to be safe than sorry, yet even during the nuclear threat of the cold war, most folks looked askance at “survivalists” because American society remained reasonably strong. But, alas, those days are over. Indeed, our society is getting sorrier all the time as has been depicted in my many articles over recent years in this newsletter! And as that is the case, we will begin providing “prepper-type” advice for surviving what is the current harrowing – and worsening! – world situation!

One aspect of “prepperism” that many have taken to heart under our worsening situation is the need to save the Second Amendment from libber nullification and to acquire arms – and the ability to use them properly – for self-defense. The recent black riots have intensified the proclivity of citizens to acquire arms and ammo in unprecedented numbers and amounts. There’s nothing wrong with that except that as with other aspects of prepperism, the thought and concern is to save oneself versus saving the nation, so preppers have not become sufficiently “up in arms” to be able to stage a coordinated revolt to take down the soiled system along the lines of Thomas Jefferson’s direction. Be that as it may, what follows is the beginnings of a foray into “prepper practices” one should seriously investigate in order to adopt those that are useful to the best of one’s capabilities.

Crime, looting, rape, and murder is ramping up as the social order loses its bearings and breaks down. When the situation gets out of control, government “aid and rescue services” (FEMA, the Red Cross, the local police, ambulance services, etc.) are either [1] too swamped and unreliable, especially in the blue-blighted areas where “affirmative actors” and unassimilated immigrants run the show or [2] systemically withheld in order to destroy what resistance ordinary citizens might bring to bear against their attackers! Food, fuel, and clean water can become very difficult or impossible to obtain, and actual diseases – as opposed to over-hyped pathogens like Covid! – can appear at the same time medical services break down. Indeed, our medical services are really taking a hit now as the best medical providers are quitting or being fired over Covid mandates and replaced by not-so-competent foreign practitioners, especially in blue areas. If you want a graphic picture of what life looks like when things fall apart, google or go to YouTube and BitChute for some videos of Detroit these days.

You should move as quickly as possible from an urban area to small town or rural environment and even to a remote part of the country, if possible. It is also wise if you do move, to go to states and localities that are presently “red” in their political and cultural leanings. Whatever happens, you will be better served by the governments of those places than in blue areas. Learn how to grow food – actually setting up a greenhouse in colder areas is a great idea. Assure a supply of ample potable water, such as having your own well if that is possible. A backup energy source and/or firewood for a wood stove is very important. Think “primitive.” Try to live several hundred miles from any major urban area and at least 100 miles from a major interstate highway – yes, such places do still exist. In a time of major crisis or martial law, the populated areas will become hellholes – well, worse hellholes. In such situations, the major cities and environs will be sealed off trapping their inhabitants inside. Meanwhile, interstate highways will be appropriated by the military, and as a result, there will be lots of Homeland “Obscurity” checkpoints where travelers will be stopped, vaccine status checked and cars searched for firearms and whatever else the searchers fancy.

Accumulate at least six months-worth of a gold/silver coin stash to pay expenses. Such should be sufficiently secreted away so as not to be easily accessed until needed in a crisis. Ordinary paper money can be kept for a number of reasons including throwing robbers (and cops) off the scent of your gold cache. Personally held, physical gold and silver bullion coins would be the safest, most liquid and potentially most profitable financial asset you can have in a major crisis. HOWEVER, do not comfort yourself as you see on TV that having gold is “safe!” Before World War II, President Roosevelt outlawed average citizens holding gold and it was confiscated and replaced by fiat money! If you buy gold, do so in small amounts from many different sources. Believe me, our government is far more tyrannical since FDR’s day and all the sources that sell gold are carefully monitored by that same government. Do not place your valuables in a bank safe deposit box since banks can be closed by the GovMint to prevent runs on deposits. They use the calming name of “bank holiday” to prevent public panic! The GovMint also has the power to enter your box without your knowledge or consent, record its contents and/or help itself to those contents if you have been declared an “Enemy of the State!”

These are some other essential considerations for times of a major crisis:

[1] If you can, surround yourself with at least a few like-minded friends or relatives;

[2] Acquire firearms and ammunition. Become familiar with those firearms including sufficient practice that will enable you use them most efficiently if it becomes necessary to do so;

[3] Acquire a world band shortwave radio and a satellite cell phone since the Internet and normal cell phone service may be down (are you aware that the government is already considering making owning and using shortwave radios illegal?);

[4] Acquire a year’s supply of dehydrated or freeze-dried food as well as canisters of several types of seeds for growing a variety of food. There are many sources out there presently selling such vittles;

[5] Acquire a British Berkey water filtering system. For information regarding same, call 888-803-4438;

[6] Acquire first aid kits, potassium iodide tablets for radiation protection, and a year’s supply of health supplements or meds you regularly take. The internet is filled with various sites that can help you to determine what it would be wise to acquire. As for older folks who have many, many so-called “maintenance prescriptions” – for instance for such conditions as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, etc., it is wise to look to your doctor to see if you can get long term prescriptions; if you can, purchase same; they don’t “go bad.” The internet may also provide sources for more mundane medications as above.

[7] Go to BitChute and YouTube to for how-to videos. If you cannot find what you want, seek “prepper sites” where such “how-to” videos are often available.

[8] Remember, not everyone is a candidate for “survival.” There are those, especially the elderly and the chronically ill, who see “survival” as is being discussed here as beyond either their ability or their desire. They want their children and grandchildren to survive, but they would not impose themselves on those who might be burdened by their presence. Nonetheless, older Americans should also know what to do even if you would not want to do it for yourself. Such people can be a voice of sanity in an insane world and can help guide those who can survive to do so.

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