by Lee Duigon

December 2, 2021

Apart from our country’s spiritual problems—which are at the root of all the other problems—we seem to have a hostile government.

We are governed by people who don’t like us, our country, or our way of life; who don’t listen to us; who try to deceive us at every opportunity, because they think we’re fools; who “teach” our children that America is a racist hell-hole, unworthy of their loyalty; who spend our money carelessly, as if to show us how little they respect us; who let convicted felons out of jail to prey on us some more; who refuse to stop illegal aliens from swarming over our southern border, hoping to turn them into reliable Democrat voters—well, the list could go on and on for quite a ways, couldn’t it?

School boards! They “teach” our children Critical Race Theory, then lie about it when we object: “If we change the name to ‘Equity and Inclusion,’ they’ll never see through it!” School boards who petition the Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on parents who dissent from school board policies, claiming to have been menaced by “threats” which no one has ever carried out; who hire private detectives to dig up dirt on parents; who violate open public meetings laws to do their mischief out of public view; who, in Loudon County, Virginia, covered up a rape in a high school girls’ rest room because it might discredit their transgender bathroom policy—and they had the victim’s father arrested for demanding an explanation.

Then there’s the head honcho of the CDC in St. Louis, a Marie Antoinette wannabe, who recommended we all have freakin’ soybeans for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey. Honk if you think this jidrool ever sits down to a big bowl of soybeans for dinner. That would be almost as shocking as to see one of our leaders pay for something with his or her own money.

And what’s this—even the Salvation Army has gone woke? “I’m afraid it is so, kid.” They’ve been training their personnel in “anti-racism,” which is a euphemism for hating white people, going so far as to urge their people to “apologize” for being white. When the news broke, they denied it: but that little booklet, “Let’s Talk About Racism,” has their Salvation Army logo on it.

It’s supposed to be a Christian organization that follows the Bible and its teachings. But they seem to have missed the one about Jesus Christ washing away our sins. What could possibly be more self-righteous than to “lament, repent, and apologize” for other people’s sins? What—did Jesus miss a spot? Did He forget to take away our sin of racism? And of course only white people can be racists! Everybody else is just a mass of poor oppressed victims who need white liberals to tie their shoes for them. How insulting!

It could be worse. We could find ourselves actually depending on this government to defend us from an armed enemy. Ask our allies in Afghanistan how that turned out. Twenty years at war, and all these woke fools in Washington have succeeded in doing is to arm the Taliban with boxcar-loads of modern weapons—tossed aside in our frantic skedaddle out of that country.

Our enemies in government rebrand riots as “social justice protests” and “racial justice events.” That makes it so much easier to bear, when they burn our stores and trash our neighborhoods. We are expected to put up with it forever.

This whole “woke” enterprise as got to go—and that means starting now, not waiting for the 2022 elections and pinning our hopes on them. It’s got to stop. Must we sit on our hands while they wreck America?

No more Critical Race Theory, no more diversity & inclusion officers, no more border-jumping, no more silly stupid pronouns, no more FBI spies hanging out at school board meetings, no more “mostly peaceful protests” making a shambles of our streets, no more 2,000-page spending bills in Congress—no more any of it, the whole infuriating mess has got to go. Not waiting for any more elections—if they stole one, they’ll steal another.

We want them out, out, out! They’ve already been in power much too long, and it’s killing our country. Out, out, out!

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