By Lex Greene

December 31, 2021

Those of us who thrive on truth, facts, evidence, known history, things that can be proven…we knew we were in big trouble when political correctness first arrived years ago, setting up thought and speech police everywhere and controlling what people are allowed to say, or even think.

Political correctness has now predictably (and purposefully) morphed into a full-blown cancel culture, broad-based censorship.

The thought and speech police no longer just call you out for saying something at odds with their belief system or thin-skinned sensitivities, they totally cancel you. They will cancel you from the world! They will make sure that your thoughts and opinions are silenced entirely, even within your own home and family. No more friends or jobs for you!

I remember when Fox News first came on the scene with their network slogan “Fair and Balanced Reporting” and I thought to myself, we don’t need more journalism that presents both truth and lies, in a balanced way. We need “true and accurate” journalism, which has not existed in the USA for decades.

Today’s American news media would be better referred to as urinalism…fit for a toilet.

But what has been “cancelled” isn’t differing opinions, or merely offensive words. What has been cancelled is TRUTH, leaving the American society trapped in a death spiral headed for hell in an endless sea of outright lies. No one knows what to believe about anything now…because TRUTH is no longer relevant, or even visible.

Truth has been systematically replaced by “the noble truth,” outright lies that someone decided should be true, and will be true, if they can just spread the lies long enough for everyone to accept them as truth. You may recall hearing Barack Obama mention this time and again during his unlawful tenure in the People’s White House, openly admitting that what he was telling the world “is not the truth, but it is the noble truth.”

The concept of “noble truth” dates back to Buddha – The truths are understood as the realization which led to the enlightenment of the Buddha (l. c. 563 – c. 483 BCE) and were the basis of his teachings.

The Four Noble Truths are:

  1. Life is suffering
  2. The cause of suffering is craving
  3. The end of suffering comes with an end to craving
  4. There is a path which leads one away from craving and suffering

Centuries later, this concept gave birth to modern day socialism and communism, all forms of totalitarianism, all of which result in true fascism in the end.

According to the “experts,” only five countries in the entire world remain under communist rule today.

  1. China – The Communist Party of China
  2. Cuba – The Communist Party of Cuba
  3. Laos – The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party
  4. North Korea – a “dictatorship of people’s democracy.”
  5. Vietnam – Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Russia no longer makes the list since Russia’s 1993 constitution declared the country “a democratic, federative, law-based state with a republican government.” Vladimir Putin is in reality, far more capitalist in principle than any democrat politician in the USA today. This may explain why U.S. Democrats are highly supportive of Communist China and oppose capitalist Putin in Russia. It may also explain why Trump was able to get along with Putin, and not so much with communist China.

The fifteen countries that were once member states of the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.), are currently independent sovereign states, after the fall of the communist soviet empire. Most of them are now “socialist” states. But is this how the American federal government and their schools of urinalism tell the story?

Much of this TRUTH has been cancelled in U.S. classrooms and our government controlled media full of useless idiots we shall call,“urinalists.”

Today, most Americans have been Pavlov trained to believe that socialism and communism are different things, neither of them forms of fascism. They have been taught to believe that freedom is fascism, instead. This is the fundamental “noble truth” that global leftists have been teaching in American academia for decades, and the chickens have come home to roost.

It’s not hard to understand the true meaning of Natural Born Citizen or why it’s the most critical requirement for the office of Commander-in-Chief. Yet Americans have been taught that these three words are too complicated for them to understand, so they leave it to the “experts” to sort out. It’s those experts who made the term seem ambiguous and unenforceable, allowing foreign agents to occupy our White House at will.

What about scientific TRUTH? Science is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

Science FACT is based upon what scientists can “prove.” Everything less is just a “theory,” no different than conspiracy theories. Unless the theory can be proven, it isn’t a “fact.”

Still, almost everything science is telling us at the moment is at best a “theory,” things not yet proven to be a fact.

Science first told us…

  • The PCR Test for COVID19 is accurate. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you wear a mask, it will prevent COVID19 infection. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you social distance, it will prevent COVID19 infection. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you stop working and earning for two weeks, it will end the pandemic. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you get a “vaccine” it will protect you from COVID19. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you take a 2nd “vaccine,” that will do it. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • If you take a booster “vaccine,” that will really do it. (PROVEN FALSE)
  • The “vaccines are FDA approved.” (PROVEN FALSE)
  • The “vaccines are all safe.” (PROVEN FALSE)
  • Almost a million Americans have died of COVID19. (PROVEN at least 94% FALSE)

Yet still, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see even the most obvious truths. As I write, there are four huge cruise ships stuck at sea, refused port entry anywhere due to a COVID19 outbreak onboard. How? You cannot get on any cruise ship without proof of up to date vaccination… How indeed? (so-called breakthrough cases, in truth, vaccine injuries)

I can keep going for quite a while here, but hopefully, you already get the point. Everything we have been told by “expert scientists” over the past 24-months has already been PROVEN FALSE. All of it may have been a good “theory” in the beginning, until it was all PROVEN FALSE. Now it’s just false information…

Today, “expert scientists”are still telling us their version of the “noble truth” and concealing the real truth, proven over the past 24-months, repeatedly. They are telling parents to get their young children vaxxed…when the average age of the real COVID19 patient is 83, already at the end of life in almost every case.

They are working around the clock to CANCEL THE REAL TRUTH regarding the COVID19 event by cancelling public information on both social media platforms and throughout all mainstream urinalism. They are going so far as to discredit the most highly credentialed and respected medical professionals on earth, here and abroad, and remove real doctors from practice, all for simply telling the obvious TRUTH.

No wonder Americans have no idea what to think, what to do or who to trust. Everyone they once trusted is lying to them and many can see it for what it is… blatant bold-faced lies.

One thing that no society can ever afford to cancel is the TRUTH.

Truth is either self-evident or proven to be facts by real science. Most conspiracy theories are not true because they can’t be evidenced or proven, although some are quite real. Likewise, most modern science is no more reliable than the average unproven conspiracy theory. They can’t be evidenced or proven either, or even worse with increasing regularity, the evidence proves their theories FALSE, as shown above.

There is no escaping reality, truth. No matter how much you might like to pretend as though truth is subjective, it isn’t. The TRUTH either is or isn’t and anyone who wants to know the truth can, but they will need to work harder than ever before to find it.

Before We the People can fix anything else, we must first end the cancel culture that is fast removing truth from public access and realize that it is TRUTH and TRUTH alone, that can set us free. Can we begin with just ONE true FACT…there are not 43 human genders, there are only 2… If we can’t agree on that FACT, then we can’t agree on any truth today!

These days, the truth is the only thing that can even keep us alive! The only TRUTH Biden has told in 12 months is this, “there is no federal solution to COVID.”

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