By Steven Yates

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Attributed to —Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The countries: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti. All troubled places, long plagued with poverty and bouts of instability. The names, respectively: President Pierre Nkurunziza, President John Magufuli, and President Jovenel Moïse.

The official dates I have for their deaths: June 8, 2020, for President Nkurunziza; March 18, 2021, for President Magufuli; and July 7, 2021, for President Moïse.

President Nkurunziza, 55, had ruled in Burundi since 2005 following a bloody 12-year civil war in which 300,000 had died. On June 6, 2020, a Saturday, he was reportedly feeling unwell and was admitted to a hospital in the town of Karuzi. Sunday he was reportedly improved, but then went into steep decline the following morning. “His” government reported his death two days later as caused by cardiac arrest. That became the official story. He had been due to step down from “his” country’s presidency in a few weeks.

In Tanzania, President Magufuli, 61, had disappeared from public view for over two weeks prior to reports of his death. His country’s official story is again that he died from a “heart condition.” Rumors abounded that Covid was what killed him.

President Moïse, 53, was killed by a team of heavily-armed assassins. While the first two events passed without much notice outside their own countries, Moïse’s assassination made international headlines.

What do all three have in common? They were all “Covid deniers,” in the Establishment’s parlance. That is, they all rejected the official coronavirus / Covid narrative.

Nkurunziza had refused to impose lockdowns in Burundi, holding sports events (he was a football fan) and allowing political activity. Face masks were rare. Resisting pressures from outside the country, less than one month previous he had gone as far as having four WHO “experts” expelled, accusing them of manipulating the Covid scare. The idea of a vaccine for Covid was just beginning to be bandied about. Nkurunziza rejected vaccines as unnecessary.

Burundi had reported only 83 cases of Covid and just one death from the disease at the time of Nkurunziza’s death. According to the Establishment, the controlled media there was purposefully underreporting cases and maintains that the real cause of his death was Covid. Nkurunziza’s wife allegedly tested positive for coronavirus ten days before and flown to Kenya for treatment.

Nkurunziza’s successor Evariste Ndayishimiye, did a complete 180-degree turn and called Covid the country’s “worst enemy.”

Magufuli, who had a PhD in chemistry,similarly rejected the approved narrative. He also refused to lock down his country. He did not close churches, instead calling on Tanzanians to pray to God instead of giving in to fear. What might have gotten him on GloboCorp’s radar, though, was declaring PCR tests to be fraudulent. He claimed he’d sent samples with human names attached to them to have them tested. Four tests came back positive and the fifth “inconclusive.” Magufuli then announced that the samples had come from a goat, a quail, jack fruit, papaya, and motor oil. He pronounced the fraud exposed, banned PCR testing, and demanded an investigation into what was behind its origin and distribution. He maintained that a supposed spike in coronavirus cases in Tanzania was fraudulent because it presumed the reliability of these tests.

As for vaccines, what Magufuli said:

The ministry of health should be careful, they should not hurry to try these vaccines without doing research, not every vaccine is important to us, we should be careful. We should not be used as ‘guinea pigs’ . . .Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids, cancer and TB by now.”

Thus he resisted importing Big Pharma’s experimental vaccines into Tanzania. In many African countries, malaria is a major threat. Hydroxychloroquine was cheap, readily available, and in wide use as an antimalarial agent. According to Magufuli, this explained the relative absence of Covid from Tanzania.

According to the Establishment, of course, the absence of cases was again no more than an absence of reporting.

Haiti, finally, was on track to receive Covid vaccines through the COVAX charity program run through the WHO, but Moïse was refusing to cooperate. He singled out the AstraZeneca shot as particularly dangerous, as it had caused fatalities from blood clots in Europe. Haiti thus became the only Western nation that had not made the jabs available.

Moïse was killed by a hit squad on July 7. It is clear that non-Haitians were involved, including possibly Americans. Those investigating the assassination received further death threats.

What matters for us is that Haiti immediately opened up to receiving the jabs. Despite the country having been placed in a state of siege, one week after the assassination the first shipment arrived, and the mass vaccination of Haiti’s population began.

The question before us: when three presidents in three countries all die under less-than-clear circumstances, and the only thing the three share is that the reject the approved narratives of coronavirus / Covid / experimental mRNA vaccines, is it unreasonable to suspect foul play?

Or to be more direct about it, had these three men become a sufficient pain in GloboCorp’s derriere that it was believed necessary to take them out? Note that although only one was clearly assassinated, there are chemical agents that can cause infarction, or simulate it, and then disappear completely if a coroner doesn’t know exactly what to look for(see also this.) People can die from heart attacks at 61, or 55, or even younger. But I turned up nothing to indicate that either Nkurunziza or Magufuli had reported previous heart problems.

Add to this the fact that all three nations now have “reasonable leadership” that has embraced the approved narrative and brought the vaccines into the country.

Do the math, people!

The “fact-checkers” have been at work (e.g., here and here), and you’ll note that all they do is use the same brain-paralyzing buzzwords (“baseless conspiracy theory”) and recite the official narrative. That’s all “fact-checkers” ever do. One has to wonder where corporate media finds these people (and what it pays them).

Can we prove, absolutely, that all three died because they rejected the approved coronavirus narrative and Covid vaccines? Of course we can’t prove such a thing with the certainty of deductive logic! But (1) we are not dealing with people likely to leave paper trails.(2) All we have to go on with Nkurunziza and Magufuli regarding the causes of their deaths, therefore, are what “their” governments released—governments that quickly embraced the approved narrative. And (3) given that the three have nothing else in common (except for their being black, which probably isn’t relevant here), surely that they are the only three national leaders who all questioned importing Covid vaccines into their countries and then died in office or were openly killed is stretching the law of averages a bit.

Incidentally, in a recent column Chuck Baldwin cites figures on alleged Covid cases in New Jersey (which had the jab) versus Haiti (which on July 7 did not). Quoting JD Rucker:

“Haiti is the only nation in the western hemisphere that does not have Covid-19 injections available to the people. Considering the extreme poverty, cramped conditions, horrible healthcare infrastructure, and a population that is extremely vaccine hesitant, one might think the nation would be a cesspool of Covid-19 cases. It is not. In fact, scientists had been studying the people in the nation to determine why they seem to be so resistant before being recalled for unknown reasons.

“To put it into perspective, let’s compare Haiti to New Jersey. They have a similar population density with Haiti having 11.5 million people across 10,714 square miles and New Jersey having 9.2 million people across 8,721 square miles. Haiti has had 19,295 Covid-19 cases. New Jersey has had 1,026,286. Some of this can be attributed to Haiti’s poor medical infrastructure reducing the amount of Covid tests, but lack of tests cannot account for dramatically lower deaths. They’ve had 482 compared to New Jersey’s 26,509 Covid deaths.

“Let’s break down those numbers. Despite similar population density, higher total population, and worse healthcare available, Haiti has had 1.8% of the Covid cases that New Jersey has had. Put another way, the citizens of New Jersey with a high vaccination rate are 53-times more likely to contract Covid-19 than Haitians who do not have access to a vaccine.

“Moïse knew this. It’s one of the reasons he rejected free vaccines in May and June. But you won’t hear about that. Not anymore. The official storyline about Haiti’s vaccine hesitancy has suddenly changed following Moïse’s assassination. Now, the health officials in the country are claiming they didn’t reject ALL vaccines, just the AstraZeneca vaccines because of the higher risks they supposedly have. Of course, this narrative didn’t materialize until AFTER Moïse was murdered.

“With Moïse out of the way, the doors are opening wide for the nation that doesn’t need nor want the vaccines to suddenly have them available. As if on cue, the Biden regime has offered to send millions of vaccines to the nation very soon.

So did GloboCorp actually assassinate three national presidents to get what it wants: vaxxed populations in all nations, no exceptions?

For what? Depopulation? I don’t know (see below). But there are people with a lot of power who have openly described humanity as a “cancer of the planet” and possibly not hesitate to reduce populations the world over in ways extremely difficult to trace back to them in any definitive way.

Is This Year One? Further Notes.

My two-part article on “Is This Year One?” (here and here) received more than the usual reader response — pro and con.

First: infamous Princeton-based “bioethicist” Peter Singer has come out and openly defended what I calledStage 4 vaccine compliance: governments legally mandate the jabs, in effect criminalizing the noncompliant. Singer argues from an analogy between a Covid vaccination law and laws requiring drivers to wear seat belts. Since I could rattle off close to a dozen disanalogies between these two off the top of my head, Singer’s article further illustrates the collapse of academic philosophy in our era — possibly of academia generally. (For details see here.)

A couple of readers misread my Stage 5 as prophesying Vaccine Apocalypse. I do not make predictions, I only sketch possible scenarios based on what we know, which often isn’t as much as we think. Perhaps I should have these published with a disclaimer, since although I have a public health education masters degree I am not a medical doctor nor an epidemiologist. But then again, neither is Bill Gates!

Nor am I a theologian. These days I try to avoid eschatology (“end times” studies) as I weary of explaining to my fellow Christians that they have misread Biblical passages like 1 Thess. 4:16-17 and Matt. 24 (especially verses 40-44 which states explicitly that no one knows God’s timetable).

A book I’ve found useful is Gary DeMar’s Myths, Lies and Half-Truths: How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians (2nd Ed, 2010).

I mention this for those who took me to task for not saying these vaccines contain Mark of the Beast technology.

I don’t know that they do, and I don’t know that they do not.

What we do know is that they contain a technology that has never been used in a vaccine before, anywhere. They do not contain the virus. What they contain is an instruction to your body to manufacture spike proteins that “train” your body to reject the virus. According to the approved narrative, the spike proteins are harmless. But numerous independent authors, some with extensive medical training, believe otherwise. That is part of the ongoing debate.

The jabs will affect different people differently, as would any such bodily intrusion. I do not think we can know in advance what will happen. For me, this is good enough. A technology that is still, in essence, an experiment, is being forced on a somewhat reluctant public without full FDA approval. To my mind, this is enough for refuseniks to stand on.

The FDA, mind you, is caught in the middle. There are probably decent folks in the FDA who want to do the right thing, hopefully not limited to the people who sweep the floors and empty the waste cans at the end of the day (but who knows?). Doubtless the agency is under tremendous pressure. The source of the pressure is something they’ve not seen before. If those with real power will kill national leaders, what do you think they will do to anonymous bureaucrats who drag their feet too long?

I explicitly stated that I hope and pray that the ghastly scenario I described in “Year One” never happens (linked to a longer version), as it would entail the complete breakdown of civilization as we know it. Whatever is supposedly happening to the climate would be the least of our worries!

Another reader chastised me for thinking the top super-elites of GloboCorp would hole up in gated communities, when some are visiblybuying land in foreign countries (super-elitist Google founder and ex-CEO Larry Page just bought himself a New Zealand residency, for example) and have underground bunkers to go to some of which could sustain a substantial population for an extended period of time (see here, here, here, here, here, elsewhere).

Here I plead guilty and apologize for the brain f**t, for I’ve known of such things for years.Many of these projects long predate the plandemic, but would still stave off what would ensue on the ground, should we peasants begin dying from vaccine-induced immune system collapse or from the effects of the infrastructural collapse this would precipitate. If they are hiding underground or in other hard-to-access places, this would make confronting them vastly harder than I envisioned.

Which is why it might be a good idea to turn back this tide now!

What I fear is that once full FDA approval comes (and it will come), we’ll see an onslaught of vaccine passports, mandates, and restrictions: whatever it takes, until those who refuse are unable to leave their homes. Or are even rounded up and put in camps, because come to think of it, in the present environment of combined corporate and governmental encirclement everywhere you turn, there is nothing sacrosanct about your home!

Steven Yates’s new book What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory has been published (available here and here).

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