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A prolific author, journalist, and educator, Debra Rae (M.Ed. & B.A., Universities of WA & Iowa, respectively; Min.M & Th.B., Pacific School of Theology) contributes monthly to a variety of Internet news magazines and has been guest lecturer to groups of all sizes, stateside and abroad. Debra authored ABC’s of Globalism: A Vigilant Christian’s Glossary and ABC’s of Cultural –Isms: Bible Truth or Grave Consequences. From 2005-2014, along with Audrey Russo, Debra co-hosted WOMANTalk, an edition of Changing Worldviews with Sharon Hughes on KDIA 1640 AM—San Francisco. Debra has been invited as a featured guest on talk radio programs, aired nationally and internationally, and on America's Survival ROKU TV. Presently, Debra hosts TRUTHTalk Beyond the Sound Bite. A longtime resident of the great Pacific Northwest, she served as officer on the founding board of Daniels’ Prayer Ministry in Olympia, WA. Debra lived in Japan for four years as a child and, later, she lived and worked two years in Kuwait. Extensive international travel informs her work.

Gender Conundrum, Front and Center

Woke professionals at Boston Children’s Hospital accept the notion that sexuality is how you feel about others; gender is how you feel about yourself. Astonishingly, they recognize “trans” in toddlers (even babies), thus begging the question, “Are all toddlers ‘trans’ for refusing a haircut and playing with opposite-gender toys?”

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