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In a Brave New World of Mind-Expanding Possibilities, Part 1[i]

At Beijing’s 600-year-old Temple of Heaven, facial recognition technology now restricts toilet users from dispensing more than one 60-centimeter (2-foot) section of paper every nine minutes![ii] Most snicker at the notion of unseen TP Police hovering in the shadows when, in fact, China trails Nazi Germany in enforcing technocracy-style neo-authoritarianism,[iii] and the European Union is well on its way.

Human Era Gives Way to Technotronic Era

Regrettably, few diligently track this emerging scientific dictatorship envisioned by Technocrats, jumpstarted by the Carter-Mondale administration,[iv] and thereafter propelled by the Trilateralist-dominated executive branch of our U.S. government.[v]

At the end of the day, an international economic order, called Technocracy, otherwise known as Sustainable Development, is destined to exchange our price-based economic system (free enterprise capitalism) for an energy-based alternative. In 2016, the United Nations released its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Effectively absorbing Agenda 21 and the Millennium Development Goals into a single framework, the “new goals” will be fleshed out through a number of meetings taking place this year (2017). Come July, a high-level forum in New York City will explore ways to promote/strengthen the global Sustainable Development agenda and to enforce it at national and grassroots levels.[vi]

Ever in pursuit of the greater good (holon), Global Trustees stand ready to safeguard earth’s wealth of limited resources.[vii] Presumably to benefit future generations, self-proclaimed “Elders” are poised to ration the planet’s resources in pursuit of natural equilibrium and human egalitarianism. Not elected officials, but rather a “Soviet of Engineers”—elitist scientists, technologists, and engineers—drive global transformation (called “deep transformation”) marked by a highly anticipated Technotronic Era.[viii] In this brave, new post-human world, planetary systems management will instigate a mother load of massive longitudinal databases[ix] informed by a culture of total surveillance.[x]

Rugged Individualism Gives Way to the Tyrannical State

Lessons best be learned from Nazi Germany where all were compelled to “self-coordinate” in line with National Socialism’s guiding slogan: “The ‘public will’ transcends interests of the individual.” Swelling military/police presence hunted down evidence of resistance, and mass shootings backed threats that “whoever lifts his hand against the State must die for it.” Sadly, the German populace at large failed to push back, even on the Night of the Long Knives, otherwise known as Hitler’s Purge.[xi]

Spurred by commensurate passion on behalf of “self-coordination,” the Technocrat’s plan is this: Intricately designed Wi-Fi systems (not human thugs) do the surveilling, targeting, and punishing. Moreover, instead of fiat currencies, the new energy-based accounting system uses “energy certificates,” or Carbon Currency, to control local government units (LGU). The North American geographic region, or Technate (i.e., Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.), huddles under an umbrella of shared management whereby citizens periodically receive equal allocations of available energy that, if not used in timely fashion, simply expire.[xii]

While maintaining full visibility of all consumption data, the Federal Administration sets national, regional, and local distribution and consumption policies to ensure everyone’s “fair share” of rationed energy, gas and water. “Fairly” allocated credits may be applied to goods and services (priced by the energy needed to produce them). Once one’s carbon footprint meets its limit, as determined by Technocrats, further trading is curtailed until the individual’s next allocation.[xiii] Waste not; want not.

“We, the People” Give Way to an Oligarchy

Collectivist society under Technocratic governance demands an oligarchy—namely, a ruling elite of scientists, engineers, and technologists whose alleged superiority guarantees them the right to rule over less gifted masses. Today’s rising version of Hitler’s Übermensch is the biotechnologically enhanced transhuman. Focusing on nano-, bio-, info-, cognitive-, genetics-, and robotic- technologies, neuro-scientists, neuro-engineers, and futurists call upon the U.N. General Assembly to facilitate transition to what’s dubbed “neo-humanity.”

The budding trans-humanist movement is premised on rudimentary belief in Darwinian evolution. Accepting that evolution is true (and creation, a myth), Technocrats misguidedly trust in man’s ability, through technology, to guide/shape the course of human evolution. In theory and practice, gifted scientists direct the evolutionary process.[xiv] With computer-enhanced, godlike meta-intelligence, the New Man frees himself of biological restraints and, then, finds his fit in an anticipated socialistic utopia[xv] for which he is now deemed well suited.

Sliding core values bridge the techno-spiritual gap between trans-/post- humanism and technocratic global governance. The latter is a process of regulatory management, not by representative government, but rather by unelected experts who have no mandate from, nor do they answer to, those being managed.

Beyond creating “a new mankind” that no longer wastes the planet’s resources, futurists expect to develop manageable matter and new energy sources. Flying cars and artificial intelligence round out their vision that culminates in transferring an individual’s personality into a more advanced, non-biological carrier. Android robots serve people in their homes and eventually replace them in industry; hence, increased demand for Universal Basic Income. This system of wealth distribution affords people a monthly wage—simply for being alive![xvi]

The Past Gives Way to a Post-Human Future

To convene in Rome (July 20-22), an annual, academic event, the Beyond Humanism Conference, will further explore boundaries of transhumanism and post-human futures. A number of questions will be addressed: What will humanity be like when technologies are more integrated within the human body? How can evolution be consciously directed through science? Will a post-human cosmic spirituality and philosophy arise? What are the next action steps needed for the transformation of humanity and society?[xvii]

Though soundly applauded, sustainability smacks of neo-feudalism. Broadly defined, feudalism describes Europe’s medieval system of structuring society around relationships derived from “haves” (those holding land) in exchange for service of “have-nots.” Perhaps not surprisingly, Marx and Engels viewed the feudal stage as a necessary prerequisite for society’s overall evolution. Accordingly, fomented class warfare pits landlord against tenant, corporation against worker, rich against poor.[xviii] As a result, forced redistribution of wealth, if not revolution, levels the playing field.

Egalitarianism (naked socialism) provides transition between capitalism (free market; open competition) and communism (common ownership of the means of production; absence of social classes). What results (ostensibly for the common good) is communitarianism.[xix]

More to follow in Part 2.[xx]

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