By Lex Greene

For far too many years now, millions of Americans have celebrated July 4th with almost a total disconnect from the purpose of the national holiday and the reason for the season. For decades, this all-important AMERICAN national holiday has been celebrated as little more than a legitimate reason to take a day off work, enjoy a big cookout, have some beers and cocktails, and watch some fireworks.

But this time, July 4, 2021 – the time has arrived to refocus all citizens on the purpose of the celebration, honoring all who created our free sovereign Constitutional Representative Republic following their Declaration of Independence from British rule, 245-years ago.

This time, July 4, 2021 – ALL Americans must stand up and Declare our Independence again!

• Our Independence as a FREE SOVEREIGN NATION
• Our Independence from foreign intrusions, foreign influence, and foreign invasion
• Our Independence from Global Marxist laws, rules, and regulations
• Our Independence from any ONE WORLD ORDER
• Our Independence from abusive Federal overreaches of authority
• Our Independence as 50 FREE SOVEREIGN STATES
• Our Independence as 332-million Americans FREE from any government tyranny
• Our Independence from any forced vaccines or other crimes against humanity
• Our Independence from all K-12 and college campus anti-American indoctrination
• Our Independence from the World Health Organization, the CDC, and Fauci’s NIH
• Our Independence from government sponsored RACE hate and Fear-mongering
• Our Independence from all government controlled news and social media
• Our Independence from Marxist HATE GROUPS like Black Lies Militia and ANTIFA
• Our Independence from self-serving politicians that no longer serve the people
• Our Independence from all anti-American ignorance taught in our classrooms
• Our Independence from 501c government controlled churches selling socialism
• Our Independence from any (true) white, black, brown or any other supremacists
• Our Independence from all liars, real conspiracy theorists, or real conspirators
• Our Independence from all cowards, who would rather live under boot than fight
• Our Independence from all idiots who don’t know America is the greatest nation on earth
• Our Independence from any form of government dependency
• And Our Independence from village idiots like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who cheated their way to power…

These days, I probably could have filled up several pages with everything we need to Declare our Independence from, but this is a good start!

Let’s not allow this July 4th to go by without re-declaring our individual, State and National Independence from ALL evils facing our nation and the world today. Let us rise up off our knees and stand once again, leading the world to freedom and liberty, and away from global political tyranny.

We must be ONE NATION UNDER GOD AGAIN… Or we will become just one of many failed states that forfeited our freedom, liberty, decency, honor, and future, in exchange for the promise of mere scraps from the corrupt tables of political power.


© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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