By Lex Greene

September 15, 2022

The politicians and their propaganda media promote the notion that over 300 million Americans have a wide range of issues they are concerned about, causing them to fracture into issue based factions easy to manipulate, divide and conquer for political purposes.

Many think the elections are between democrats and republicans, or independents against both. People have been trained to believe that we are a totally divided and fractured country today, which is in part true. However, in reality, our elections have been reduced to only two factions and two choices today.


Often referred to as the “MAGA movement,” which stands for the “Make America Great Again” voting bloc, most of whom believe in President Donald J. Trump and the many things he accomplished against all Washington DC insiders for four years. This group will cast their ballots on the basis of Life, Liberty, and the free individual Pursuit of Happiness, freedom, liberty and justice for all, and the Rule of Law.

This faction puts freedom and liberty for everyone above all else when they walk into an election booth. This group believes in making the USA the very best free and secure nation anywhere on earth. They vote for a better future for every human being. This group includes most republicans, and some democrats and independents.


Like it or not, this faction cannot possibly be described any other way today. This group includes democrats and socialists now, almost exclusively, and they openly call for “war” against all other Americans. This group includes those burning and looting cities across the nation ahead of the 2020 elections, as well as criminal gangs destroying every democrat controlled city in the USA. (BLM, ANTIFA, MS13)

The number one issue for this voting bloc is “death.”

  • An alleged “constitutional right” to murder their own children
  • A right to burn and loot entire cities, and murder innocent citizens
  • A right to put convicted violent felons back on the streets
  • A right to flood our country with violent illegal aliens and drugs
  • A right to disarm law-abiding citizens and defund all law enforcement
  • A right to cause endless wars around the globe
  • A right to force lethal injections into citizens at will, without any liability
  • A right to force young children into deadly mandates against parental consent
  • A right to use Federal Agencies to terrorize citizens, political opponents
  • A right to protect child traffickers and pedophiles
  • A right to operate a Nazi-style thought police gestapo, targeting political opponents
  • And I could go on for a few pages with this list…


According to all related election data, U.S. women overwhelmingly vote for the death cult in every election cycle, by a 25% margin on average. Not too long ago, female voters leaned hard conservative in protection of their families. Today, they lean hard left and they represent the largest voting bloc in the “death cult” faction now.

U.S. men, however, have always trended towards the conservative right in their voting, but not by as wide a margin lately. As more and more women seek to be men, and men seek to be women, these patterns are changing, unfortunately.

Making matters worse, females are now 52% of the USA population, not counting the men who now dress like women. Men represent only 48% of the USA population at present, which means the female population has a baseline 4% voting advantage over men.

Adding to this problem, women have had a much higher voter turnout rate than men recently, approximately 63% female voter turnout to 59% of males. So, women not only outnumber men by 4%, but they also vote at a higher rate than men.

In 2020, aside from the evident election fraud across the country, largely via mail-in balloting and machine manipulations, 57% of women voted for Biden, while only 42% of women voted for Trump, a 15% margin in favor of the “death cult.” (Source)

Men voted 53% for Trump, and only 45% for Biden. However, women outnumber men nationally and they have a much higher voter turnout rate.

So, when considering who is most responsible for all of the many disasters in the USA and world since January 2021, there is no escaping the reality that women voters played a huge role in creating all of the ills facing our nation just 22-months later.

In 2022, women voters still list the top issue in this election cycle as “abortion,” the alleged right to kill their children. This makes the modern American female voter the greatest threat to Life, Liberty, and Happiness in the USA today.

Life goes on, as it always must, despite all of the serious disasters facing our nation today. Voters only get to decide what life in America will look like after the November elections. Will it be a nation full of life, freedom, liberty, and justice for all…or will it continue to be a nation torn apart by the death cult currently in power?

While everyone will get to vote, it is women voters who will decide what happens. We can only hope that they have learned from their past mistakes and self-correct, or the USA will soon be gone forever.

Only women can convince other women to change, specifically, the 42% of women who voted for Life and Liberty in 2020. I suggest that every female voter in that 42% group get very busy convincing women in the 57% death cult group, to change, and really fast. There isn’t much time left…

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