By Sidney Secular

August 24, 2022

The paramount crime of the still young 21st Century – at least until the contrived COVID calamity changed the way the world worked (or stopped working, if you will) – was the unprecedented, terrible, and tragic events of September 11th, 2001! This is not only because of the direct deaths, injuries, and illnesses those events caused – and continue to cause! For the curse of “9/11” persists through the ongoing physical and political fallout that include the suffering occasioned by the contrived and continuous “War on Terror” whose perpetrators can never be named – and thus can be any and every one the Deep State considers an “enemy,” to the aimless, pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan supposedly to “spread democracy” when anyone with brains knows such a concept could never find fertile soil in those regions, to the draconian control measures introduced by the ill-named “Patriot Act” instituted (supposedly) as a result of 9/11 but having no real connection to that tragedy, to the fear and disillusionment of the insouciant masses who remain in thrall to the false explanations given for the Towers takedown. This mindless acceptance of what is clearly false instigated the sheepish reaction of most people in the civilized world to the unnecessary COVID lockdowns and crackdowns. As a result, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have had two decades to further brainwash what little gray matter is left in the basically mindless masses who now mimic whatever the mainstream media pronounce as “gospel.” Their minds, such as they are, have turned to mush and they have become mannequin-like marionettes whose strings are pulled by their manipulating masters – the Global Elite.

Until we have a fully open, true, and complete revelation of what happened – and why –  on that fateful day in September, 2001, we will not be able to take control of our destinies and bring Western Civilization back – making it great once again. We must throw off the shibboleths that blind us and shackles that bind us to do so.  The official 9/11 investigation of the event like so many other “official investigations” of the past was a farce, but unlike those of the past, it is now readily admitted to being so by its investigators who went along to go along with the narrative. Of course, one wonders if they are now somewhat contrite over their trite findings or if they believe that they are so close to victory it no longer matters! Yet, it is too late for another investigation of the 9/11 crime for too much water and time has flowed over the dam of history. As well, nearly all the damning evidence was quickly and purposefully carted away and/or destroyed.

On the other hand, another investigation is not necessary because the facts are plain to see and we just need the mental and emotional fortitude to face them. There is, of course, much more to be said about 9/11 and much of it has been set forth in the multitude of books and media exposés that have been churned out on the matter and in the independent investigations of many of the leading authorities in the subjects involved such as intelligence, engineering, architecture, forensics, safety &etc. For instance, the following are just some of the troubling and pertinent facts about the entire episode, any one of which would cast doubt on the official narrative:

1]  None of the (obvious) “crime scenes” were secured;

2]  Hard evidence was hastily removed by convoys of GPS-monitored trucks, and then either destroyed or shipped overseas for scrap;

3]  The immediate crime investigation was conducted not by the FBI and/or qualified federal or local detectives, but by FEMA, an agency without prior investigative skills or responsibilities;

4]  The official investigation into the worse depredation on US soil (notice I did not say “attack” as the establishment does, as that designation presupposes an actual foreign attack) was delayed for over a year by the White House until pressured by the families of the victims. When the “investigation” was launched, it was underfunded at only $15 million (half the amount for probing Bill Clinton’s blowjobs, and 10% of the $152 million spent on the shuttle Columbia disaster).

5]  The Commission was forced to finish its report prior to the 2004 elections.

6]  Volunteer engineers (not official investigators) pored through the debris at landfills and saved 146 pieces of steel as evidence for future analysis. These 146 pieces were the ONLY physical evidence the NIST analyzed.

Using absurd backward logic as a means of opting for obfuscation while ignoring federal rules, NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) said it did not test for accelerants or explosives because “there was no evidence of explosions” whereas people at or near the site heard distinct explosions after the initial hits by the “planes” (guided missiles that looked like passenger aircraft) involved. Officially, WTC (World Trade Center) dust is uniquely identified by the presence of iron-rich microspheres in quantities 150 times that normally found in dusts resulting from fires and explosions. However, only thermotic reactions can produce these, not jet fuel/kerosene fires nor ordinary office fires. Unexploded thermite chips were found in countless samples of WTC dust.

Also, NIST used computer simulations based on flawed assumptions about the WTC7’s construction to determine the cause of that building’s collapse. However, the NIST simulation scenario in no way resembles the actual collapse sequence, and the released video ends abruptly before the building actually falls. And, of course, nobody seems to recall one of the persons in charge at the site at the time giving his “okay” during TV coverage to bring the building down!

And then, NIST continues to refuse to release the data used for its WTC7 simulation on the grounds that it “might jeopardize public safety.” How revealing how to prevent such destruction could “jeopardize public safety” is not explained in any detail – or, in fact, at all! But as a result of their “care” for public safety, their conclusions can never be reviewed and validated, and, as a result, engineers can never learn how to prevent such anomalous collapses for in that WTC7 was never hit by anything larger than pieces of debris, the reason for its collapse is totally without explanation.

The 9/11 Commission Report (CR) admitted that “some unusual stock trading (put options) did in fact occur” on both American Airlines and United Airlines stock just days before 9/11 that would pay millions to those with advance knowledge of the attacks. The CR stopped short of identifying who these fortunate individuals might be, but what must be considered insider trading perps have otherwise been identified if not by the Commission.

Despite the fact that the Twin Towers alone needed more than $1 Billion in renovations and asbestos removal, plus another $800 million in electrical, communications and cooling systems upgrades, Larry Silverstein took out a 99 year lease on the WTC complex just 6 weeks before 9/11, and insured the buildings against terrorist attacks. Of course, we must admit that the complex had already been a terrorist target in the ‘90s, but still, his “instincts” paid handsomely for Silverstein collected $4.8 Billion on his $14 million “investment.” Silverstein also admitted pulling the plug on WTC7 but then tried to deny it. Yet the 9/11 CR never mentions questioning him. Also, none of the contractors with secure access to the WTC buildings (e.g. Ace, Turner, LVI and Securacom) were investigated or even mentioned in the 9/11 CR report.

Then, consider the fact that despite this deadly, first-ever anomaly that happened 3 times on the same day, there has been no worldwide scramble to change engineering or building codes or condemn existing steel skyscrapers, or change firefighting practices to prohibit firefighters from going into such buildings that NIST now claims (without presenting proof) are susceptible to collapse. Because there has been no appropriate alarm raised about these alleged structural failures, there has been no frenzy of alternative simulations and studies to oppose the official claims that should trigger billions of dollars in skyscraper retrofits or demolitions or push architectural and engineering professionals to identify and correct the flaws in these building designs. And meanwhile, buildings are being constructed all over the world that make the World Trade Center look like pimples on the forehead of progress! See Dubai!

The GovMint and their media propagandists knew who was to blame within minutes of the attacks and yet “tragically” no one was able to warn about the matter just a few hours sooner, despite countless warnings in White House briefings and in reports of the FBI, CIA, and other agencies. The 9/11 CR blames bureaucratic bumbling and understaffing for these failures to act in time, but as in all cases where acknowledged great tragedies were not prevented when the opportunity presented itself, no one was fired, arrested or court-martialed – or even reprimanded. Instead of being called on the carpet, the “players” were given the red carpet treatment and in some cases promoted – probably because they had been able to restrain themselves, keep their mouths shut and not cause problems for those involved.

Osama bin Laden – the first person mentioned by the media as being responsible! – was a supposed friend of the Bush family and was NEVER wanted by the FBI for the attacks because there was insufficient evidence to connect him to them. There is evidence Osama died shortly after the attacks from kidney failure . Yet, he was “kept alive” as a straw man to blame for subsequent witch hunts. Thus, when it was deemed convenient to “bury” him as a source of media stories, he was allegedly hunted down and assassinated by a SEALs team and then buried at sea without ceremony with no photographic record. Later, the SEALs were themselves eliminated to assure that the phony narrative would never be revealed. Despite blaming the Saudis and bin Laden for the attacks, shortly after 9/11 the White House gave special permission for Saudis and the bin Laden family to take private flights out of the US without detaining or properly questioning them, even though innocent Americans with no possible connection to the 9/11 events were still prohibited from flying.

In another interesting event, the Twin Towers underwent a massive elevator renovation prior to 9/11. Elevator shafts with access to the core columns were off limits except to Ace Elevator work crews for 9 months. Good opportunity to weaken the columns for a demolition.  Ace crews left the premises on 9/11 without helping others evacuate. Shortly afterwards they were out of business. They really had “aced” it. Also, just before 9/11, Turner Construction had access to the Twin Towers to allegedly perform fireproofing renovations. LVI Services similarly had access to the buildings to allegedly perform asbestos removal. It so happens that both companies had experience with demolition preparation.

There is much more to be said about 9/11, of course, and much of it has been set forth in the multitude of books and media reports that have been churned out on the subject and in the many independent investigations of the leading authorities in the many disciplines involved such as engineering, architecture, forensics, etc. The whole thing comes off as one gigantic gaslighting operation on a population too naïve, dumb or scared to understand what happened or to respond if they did suspect the truth. No, most Americans put up an American flag and were more than happy to believe that the Glorious USA was in the cross-hairs of foreign wicked folks, a narrative the media was promoting at the time. But who knows? The horrors that have been performed during and since the Obama years might actually allow Americans to be much more willing to believe that many of our enemies are not found in other countries but rather, in Washington, DC!

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