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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 22, 2005

The United Kingdom suffers another kind of invasion much more devastating than the Nazi Blitzkriegs in WWII: massive, unrelenting immigration of non-assimilating Third World people.

With all the letters streaming into my inbox weekly, people tell their stories in communities around the world. This is the first in a three part series showing the devastating affects being forced on the British by their own leaders.

�I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Shirley Edwards. I am 49 years old and I live in the UK in an area known as the Midlands.�

Ms. Edwards writes from a perspective illustrating the crisis of immigration as it wrecks British society. She shows how immigrants no longer assimilate, no longer speak her language, do not care for her country, and in fact, change it to their own country inside her country. Much the same is happening across Europe to First World countries being invaded by desperate Third World migrants.

�The Midlands is sometimes known as The Black Country because of the many factories and industries that used to be in this area, and for the smoke that used to once fill the skies here,� Edwards said. �Many of the citizens that live in The Midlands are real old fashioned, hard working characters, and speak with what is affectionately known as a Black Country accent. Although it is still technically the English language, it can be a little hard to understand at times, but none the less, one is able to understand and read the queens English very well.�

�Because The Midlands was once the hive of activity and a thriving place for employment, many people emigrated here back in the 60�s from African and Asian countries,� Edwards said. �I still remember in 1966, at the age of 11 meeting and welcoming my first Asian school friend. I had never seen a foreign child before let alone a black girl, and I was very keen to make her welcome and introduce her to the English way of life. However, I also remember at that tender age being very frightened at some of the racist attacks that were very prolific in the press around that time. I was a little embarrassed for how some of my fellow countryman were behaving to our guests and anxious that my new found friend did not see that sort of hatred in me. I was keen to make her welcome. I wanted her to see everything that was good about Great Britain.�

�My school days now seem like a 100 years ago for much has happened since those early years in the 60�s,� Edwards said. �The influx of immigrants has grown rapidly, with a high populace in all of the major cities. In the Midlands especially there is a very large Asian community. Most of this community works very hard and have succeeded in establishing very successful businesses. Families who have settled here speak English and contribute to the economy. The children attend good schools and have received the same education. On the whole we have all worked together very well respecting each other�s differences. There appears however, to be quite a large number of people unable to speak or read English, and over the years this has increased. In recent years there has also been a great number of asylum seekers entering the UK. Many have come to the city where I live. Where once there was employment, the Black Country exists no more. There are no large factories offering employment. Many people stand on street corners and benches trying to fill their time with nothing to do. Most do not speak English.�

�In our effort to make people more welcome the British people has ensured that all literature within public places is printed in different languages so that immigrants to the UK do not feel separated or confused,� Edwards said. �It is also deemed a necessity that interpreters are also provided for those who do not understand the English language. Failure to supply such facilities is considered a lack of empathy and understanding on our part. The British people have therefore considered it necessary to show how very understanding and welcoming we really are in our wish not to offend or hurt anyone.�

�Terms such as �multi-cultural� society �celebrating diversity and tolerance� are words that are used often,� Edwards said. �The British people comply with these instructions. When applying for jobs in public places we are required to fill in an Equal Opportunities Form which we comply with, no questions asked. We consider it a duty not to exclude anyone based on their color or creed. The British people live with such a guilt of not offending anyone.�

�In all major cities there are temples and churches celebrating different faiths. Although we are a Christian country with the Queen of England being the head of the church, we have encouraged more respect for different religions,� Edwards said. �Whilst being instructed not to offend the beliefs of others with our Christian faith. In the hospital I work in we are also careful to respect the beliefs of others. We receive lectures on the different cultures and what offends other cultures. There is however a great discontent.�

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Edwards illustrates the consequences of over two million Middle Eastern immigrants that have invaded Great Britain. Great numbers of them expect to change England to a Muslim State. They may do it by sheer numbers as they outgrow their host country�s population. Already, Muslims demand that public pools change from co-ed to men�s and women�s separate hours for swimming. The crisis facing the British stems from Islam�s denigration of the status of women. Instead of the immigrants raising their level out of the Third World, they plunge Britain back into Third World.

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�In all major cities there are temples and churches celebrating different faiths. Although we are a Christian country with the Queen of England being the head of the church, we have encouraged more respect for different religions,� Edwards said.