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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 22, 2005

Ms. Shirley Edwards speaks from her heart at the continuing nightmare advancing across British society. At 49 years of age, she saw what once was her society and what it has become. She�s not happy. She�s sad and upset.

�Dear American friends,� she said. �I used to love my country, its English ways and quirky eccentricities. There was once a certain spirit here, I felt comfortable; but now something is terribly, terribly wrong. I feel like a stranger in my own country. There is a frustration, an unseen enemy that silences me into speaking up. There is an underlying fear in even telling this to you.�

�In an effort not to become too isolated, I can feel a strange pull to comply to the needs and demands of others, and conform, yet I sense if I do I will lose something so very, very precious,� Edwards said. �I cannot put it into words.�

�Have you ever had an aunt who you had nothing in common with, who came to stay at your house?� Edwards said. �You looked for some common ground to get along with each other and usually found there was a way. You enjoyed each others differences. She respecting your home and you respecting her different ways, you got along, neither one overstepping the hospitality being extended. It was true politeness, true respect.�

�My home feels like I�ve opened the doors and been pushed out,� she said. �My language of my country, the English way of life--it is slowly eroding. I feel there is little I can do now. Maybe had I not been so welcoming and so accommodating, my weakness and kindness would never have been abused. But it has, I am terribly sad.�

�At times I go for long drives out into the countryside,� Edwards said. �There are small pockets of the English countryside where you can step back in time to a different way of life. It is a life I miss, a life I long for. All too soon however I have to return to the city and back to work. The city is soul-less, a mis-match of culture with no definitive character.�

�Working at a local hospital I get to see and hear a lot of things,� she said. �I heard of a pensioner who had waited a very long time (weeks) for a deaf interpreter to be supplied for his appointment with the doctor. This pensioner spoke well and had learnt to adapt to their disability and communicate with others as best they could in view of a problem that could not be remedied. On realizing the doctor could understand the speech of his patient, he dismissed the interpreter. He did not understand that it was the pensioner who needed to understand the doctor. I felt a great sense of shame about this. This was where true help and understanding were really needed and required. This was an instance where no respect was shown. This pensioner was typical of the older generation here who feel overlooked in their country.�

�Behind closed doors many see and speak of their dismay,� Edwards said. �The United Kingdom is creating a resentment in many who have truly loved and respected their country.�

�In sharing this with you,� she said, �I am always aware of my being politically correct, of not offending anyone, I am careful, yet I can hold back no more. The conditioning of the last 40 years creates a pain in me for not speaking up sooner. I am silenced quickly by the politically correct that sanction me on not being more tolerant. They are more loving and understanding than me.�

�Many English people are moving out of the UK,� Edwards said. �They no longer have a sense of belonging and being patriotic to their country. They feel that Britain has given up on them and given their homeland over to another more important culture than their own. It is a culture that does not want to learn the British way of life. A culture that expects and demands many rights.�

The one aspect that Ms. Edwards presents concerning massive immigration is a loss of her country because she�s being displaced. She�s not alone. France is being displaced out of its own country by the prolifically fertile Middle Eastern immigrants who refuse to bring their birth rates into responsible numbers facing overpopulation dilemmas of the 21st century. Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Germany are all being displaced by massive immigration with a line out of the Third World that never ends. The end result will be those countries degrading into Third World countries themselves.

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Every country is a lifeboat. Once filled beyond capacity, it sinks. Once filled with too many incompatible passengers, conflict erupts. The lessons the British are learning may be too late for them to correct. America needs to read those lessons and act quickly so that this country does not sink into the consequences facing Europe.

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Every country is a lifeboat. Once filled beyond capacity, it sinks. Once filled with too many incompatible passengers, conflict erupts. The lessons the British are learning may be too late for them to correct.