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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 22, 2005

This is the third in this three part series seen from the eyes of a British woman who heartwarmingly and alarmingly shows America the destruction of her own country via massive and unrelenting immigration.

�You Americans are so fortunate to live in a country where the spirit of truth still exists to such a large degree,� Shirley Edwards said. �Despite all the problems in our world you still have freedom of speech.�

�At one time, America represented to me the home of Cowboys, Skyscrapers, Violent Police Programs, MacDonalds, Baseball and people who held their hand to their heart when they sang the national anthem,� she said. �I thought you were a funny lot. In the early 70�s I worked with a few Americans in England. They were larger than life, and they always stated that everything was �bigger and better� in America. Yea, Yea! I thought you were very conceited.�

�Some of our English engineers came over to you at that time and stayed; they didn�t want to come back,� Edwards said. �We thought they were traitors in the office. Today, they are successful business owners in the states of Texas and Florida. The office and factory they worked at here in England, lies derelict and sad. Flats are being built on the derelict ground. The industry of that area has all gone. What was once a busy and thriving town, lies waste. Shops are boarded up, the factories have closed. Many of the once proud people there live on Social Security. It is a ghost town. The area is still known as The Black Country, because of the smoke that once poured out the many factories throughout the towns surrounding the area. The air is cleaner now, but the people lack the hard-working character that people once admired. Often, when I am driving through I think of my friends who left, and the spirit that called them.�

�My first trip to your country was to Disneyland in Florida,� she said. �We English love Mickey Mouse. I loved your cars, the signs, the food and the weather, but I was a little peeved there were no English �tea rooms� I searched everywhere for a cup of earl grey tea and a cucumber sandwich. I decided I might just have to come over and open up an English tea room in Florida. After all, we had received many of your American imports in Britain. Children wore baseball caps in our streets, back to front for goodness sake! I assure you I would have adapted, honored your laws, your president, and respected your ways. I would have loved to become an American.�

�Well, while I was with you I picked up something else, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I was sad to leave,� she said. �But hey, when I got home I had my cup of tea and settled back down into my English ways.�

�So the years have passed since then, and lots of bad things have happened,� Edwards said. �They happen to us all. Death, disease, crime and suffering! They are rampant, throughout the world. Your country has had more than its fair share. Distortion of the truth is in every country. We have watched the scenes on TV of people suffering. We watch debates on our TV between the politics of England and the USA. Some people here love your president, some do not. A lot of people blame America for all the bad things in the world.�

�One day though my heart was cut open, I too was suffering, it was different to watching it on TV and I needed to understand something, to know the truth,� she said. �I desperately needed to understand.�

�It was listening to a radio program one day from your country that helped,� she said. �It confirmed everything I knew inside. The truth. It was a relief. Someone else knew the truth. But why wasn't I hearing it in my own land? I didn't understand why no-one else knew. It opened by eyes and my heart to want to know more. I was a novice, but rapidly I started to see clearly what it was I loved about your country. It wasn�t the weather, the food, the buildings or any of the characteristics that make up an impression of a country. It was the spirit of Truth and Free Speech that I could still hear there.�

�I care for my country, I long for my England to return to how it used to be,� Edwards said. �Its Englishness, it funny quirky ways. Tradition and a sense of rightness. Its decency. Its justice, even its prudishness. There was a time when people really spoke up. Most of all I long for the Truth that once resided in this once great country to be in everyone�s home. We are such a small island. I see it lost, out of control.�

�As time has passed, I see that truth is inside me. At times I feel alone in my country, but I know that there are others who love all things good. I am fortunate that I know God reveals things, but I had to have it confirmed from a land where it still lives larger than anywhere else on the globe. For a while, at least, geography played a part in putting me back on track, helping me to �remember� and confirm what I knew inside. I still love old England, I am used to Fish and Chips, Football Matches, Rainy Days, Country Lanes, Yorkshire Pudding and The Royal Family. I know where to go, its ways and its customs.�

�Well, I was walking along a little quaint English road here in Broadway in The Cotswolds the other day, you know, it is the sort you Americans love,� she said. �Quaint thatched cottages, old fashioned street lamps, window boxes, when I spotted an American import. It was a Thomas Kinkade shop nestled between a little grocery store and an antique shop.

�I glanced over,� she said. �On the window was a painting of the New York Sky Line and the once Twin Towers in the background, and a picture of your flag, the stars and stripes. Well, I almost put my hand to my heart, I felt a surge of thankfulness. Thank goodness, that somewhere in the world Truth shouts louder than anywhere else. It is the truth, it is God, that I love more than anything else. It really doesn�t matter too much I�m this side the Atlantic, there are some common bonds that distance cannot separate. Your country still sparkles. Hang on to it. Fight for it. Don�t ever hand it over. Be well always. With love, your English friend.�

The one thing we learn from history is that we seldom learn from history. What this interview shows you in simple terms is that citizens of England are being overtaken, disrespected and displaced out of their own country. Even as she spoke, Edwards was afraid to really spell it out. But she respected that we Americans can STILL speak up and speak out. You will note that she told us to fight for our country, don�t ever had it over and hang on to it.

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The one thing we learn from history is that we seldom learn from history. What this interview shows you in simple terms is that citizens of England are being overtaken, disrespected and displaced out of their own country.