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Most of you reading this are old enough to remember that hit song made popular by The Temptations during the tumultuous seventies.  You can listen to it here.  A Ball of Confusion.

Too bad The Temptations aren’t around today to see how an entire nation has lost its grip on reality. Fewer people believe in an “invisible god” than at any time in history, yet they obediently cower in their homes in fear of an invisible virus.

America is a ball of confusion, for sure.

The Bible tells us that confusion is authored by Satan.  If you are a believer in the Bible you need to look no further than to see confirmation of the Devil’s existence than a trip through social media and the varied explanations for what is REALLY going on in this world.

If you are anything like me you have friends on both ends of the spectrum.  Some love Trump, others think he is a tool of the Deep State.  Some believe him to be a Christian, others thing his father is the Devil.  One group says he is about to arrest Hillary, et al, while others say it is all a ruse.  Good people…on both sides of the issues.

A ball of confusion, for sure.

I have my beliefs and I am pretty vocal about them, but I am finding that more and more people have already taken a position and are locked in on their opinion of what is actually going on in the country.

People are not looking for Truth…they are looking for information that supports their position.  They have staked out their position and no matter what evidence is presented to them they are not interested in a debate.  They are not interested in THE Truth…but rather THEIR Truth.

It is all part of the confusion.

Although this might appear to be self-serving I would like to invite you to visit my website.  We have recently begun posting a variety of videos in an attempt to expose viewers to some perspectives that they have not considered.  They are all FREE and archived here.  We invite you to check them out and we update them daily.

We produce a LIVE daily podcast at www.CoachDaveLive.com every morning at 7 am EDT.  It is a look at today’s issue from a Biblical perspective where we try to cover all of the topics that our Pastors refuse to discuss.  Christians should be the best informed, most enlightened citizens on the planet.  Instead, they are some of the dullest, least interested, most poorly equipped people in the country.

We try our best to open the blind eyes of those who refuse to see the Truth.

Just this week we produced two MUST SEE programs.  You would be wise to watch both of them.

Tuesday morning we hosted former CIA insider and whistle blower Kevin Shipp.  The show can be viewed here.  If you want to better understand the Deep State and just how much they have infiltrated every corner of the American government no one will give you a better overview than Kevin Shipp.

On Wednesday morning Dr. Sherri Tenpenny was riveting as she discussed with our interactive audience everything you need to know about vaccinations.  Is it the goal of the Deep State to see all of us vaccinated?  Are they safe?  Do they REALLY contain aborted baby cells?  Why are Bill Gates and his minions so hell bent on injecting poison into every American?  Are vaccinations the end game of what Dr. Tenpenny called a PLANNED-demic?   You can view her interview here.

At no time in history has the battle for Truth been more obvious than it is today.  Jesus told us that “only the TRUTH can make us free.”  Fake news, Fake Government, Fake laws, Fake Truth, Fake Christianity…it is imperative that you become a TRUTH Inspector.

We are here to help.  Please take the time to view the two shows and share them with others you are trying to awaken.  We must all engage in the battle at this critical time in world history.

America is a ball of confusion.  Let’s help others cut through the fog.

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