IF you recognize that the corporate, mainstream media withholds the truth and no longer provides oversight to investigate government corruption…

IF you believe the health of Americans has been adversely affected by the media’s failure to publicize the truth about various toxins entering our air, water, food supplies and medicines… ​​

IF you believe the press has failed the people by becoming nothing more than an instrument of government directed propaganda…

Join us on March 30, 2017


National Call-In Day” to promote vaccine safety and reform. Worldmercuryproject.org/


Join us in Washington, DC, on
​March 31, 2017

As you can see, big things are about to happen in the Washington Swamp at the end of March.  YOU can be part of this clean up effort and be able to tell your grandchildren you were there….either in DC or on the home front to support this Revolution.  Yes, this is a Revolution in the making.  President Trump needs our help.  He promised to clean out the swamp in Washington, and, even before the inauguration, he asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for help to clean up the scientific fraud and other scandals at the CDC regarding vaccines.  It’s a big job.  Trump campaigned on the belief that vaccines cause autism and wants to make sure he and all of us feel confident that vaccines are safe and effective as advertized.

Kennedy’s first public action was to hold a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington to show the highpoints of the CDC’s scientific fraud and corruption. Of course, the mainstream press didn’t cover it.  So, here it is, one hour of riveting information about the issue of vaccines the press didn’t want you to know.   Why?  Because Big Pharma’s advertising dollars represent 70% of media news departments’ budgets.  You might want to rummage through the rest of the site to see why Trump called upon Bobby.  And, while you are at it, you might want to read Bobby’s “infamous” article about a massive scientific cover up at the CDC, Deadly Immunity, he wrote in 2005.  It’s definitely not for the fainthearted.

Then there is the 2011 article Bobby wrote about a related scandal where CDC researcher, Poul Thorsen, absconded with a million dollars. [Link] Since this article was published, Thorsen has been indicted on 22 counts of money laundering, wire fraud and embezzlement.   He remains on the loose in Denmark awaiting extradition.   Lots of people want somebody to review all his scientific studies because it is believed his job was to massage the data to make the data fit the CDC’s political formula.

If you haven’t seen VAXXED:  From Coverup to Catastrophe, this might be the time to do it so you know where Trump and Kennedy are coming from.  Trump met with the VAXXED movie people during the campaign so he knows all the gory details.  Yes, you may have to pay four bucks to stream it, but this money goes toward distributing the video to members of Congress and members of legislatures in 30 states that now have legislation trying to take vaccination exemptions away, in some cases, even medical ones.

If you are not familiar with the depth of cover up in regards the damage done by vaccines, its not just about kids.   Vaccine Syndrome is the story about how even the Department of Defense refuses to acknowledge the damage done to our military personnel thanks to the anthrax vaccine. You might also take the time to view Trace Amounts which includes a vivid example about how civilian adults can also be damaged by vaccines.

Just in case you missed it, during the recent presidential election campaign, Donald Trump uttered one of the most politically incorrect statements anyone can say in public.  “I believe vaccines cause autism.”    Nobody ever gets away with saying that, even if they are doctors, and if it happens to slip out in the public airwaves, some media hall monitor quickly points out that the person must be mistaken. According to 100% of the media, everyone knows the science is settled and that vaccines are perfectly safe and 100% effective.  I’m sure you would like to know, even Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Rand Paul have been properly corrected and all they said during the campaign was they have concerns about the vaccine schedule.

The point of the VAXXED movie is to show how a whistleblower was ordered to destroy evidence showing that vaccines DID CAUSE DAMAGE and for some reason, little black boys were damaged three times as much as the other kids. In that case, all they needed to do was delay vaccinating this little boys for a few months, but, oh, no, that would have meant that there WAS a problem with the vaccines.  Many years of damage continued to be done JUST because of that political decision.  How many thousands of little boys are now autistic and unable to function normally just because of that decision?!

If you think your participation in this massive campaign doesn’t matter, think again.  In the 1990s, the FDA wanted to remove dietary supplements from the marketplace because they represented “a disincentive for drug research”.  Back then, all we had were telephones, public fax machines and leaflets we could pass out at health food stores.  Despite those limitations, we managed to send 3,000,000 handwritten letters to Congress to support passage of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education of 1994.  (DSHEA).  This grassroots citizen action generated more letters to Congress than any other issue at that time.

Because we now have the internet and a multitude of social media outlets, we have the capacity to overwhelm Congress and the White House with so many contacts from ordinary citizens, this will give President Trump and Congress the leverage they need to face down the corporations (read Big Pharma) and their cronies who now run our government from the cloakroom.

I’ve been in grassroots activism since the DSHEA campaign and I’ve never seen a more well-organized campaign or a more worthy mission.  This is about the health of ALL our children.   Thanks to the VAXXED movie we have the CDC dead to rights and from there, other evidence will emerge to expose the FDA and all the other health agencies that have been running roughshod over our health for decades!

Please join The Revolution For Truth

A national call-in day for vaccine safety and reform has been announced by Revolution For Truth, in partnership with the World Mercury Project and other organizations seeking to protect the lives of children.

Natural News is encouraging everyone to join the call-in efforts on March 30th (see call-in numbers below) or join the live march in Washington D.C. (click here for the rally schedule).

Speakers at the event include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Brian Hooker, Minister Tony Muhammad, Barbara Loe Fisher, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Zen Honeycutt and many more.

Natural News will be covering the event editorially, posting photos and video footage as the event unfolds. (Mike Adams will not be present at the event but will be covering it from his news desk.)

March 30th is the day we all bypass the lying mainstream media and demand action to reform vaccines! It’s time to outlaw toxic ingredients like mercury and aluminum while holding vaccine manufacturers accountable for the damage caused by their defective products.

Here’s the full announcement with call-in instructions, courtesy of Catherine J. Frompovich via Activist Post.

Revolution for Truth, Washington, DC
The National Call-in-Day in Support of Vaccine Safety and Reform on March 30 and 31, 2017.



National Call-in Day in Support of Vaccine Safety and Reform

On March 30th, please do the following:

  1. Contact President Trump and say “Vaccine injuries are real and devastating. One in 68 children now has autism. Autism should be declared a national emergency and a higher priority. I support an independent vaccine safety commission.”
  2. Contact your Senators and member of Congress (see below for contact information) and say “I want Congress to subpoena CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and I support a vaccine safety commission.”
  3. Lastly, sign the petition to President Trump asking him to implement comprehensive reforms of vaccine safety policies. (Please note that after you sign you will receive an email asking you to confirm your signature. Please confirm your signature or your signature will not be added.) March 31st is the last day to sign this petition and we must reach 100,000 signatures for the petition to reach President Trump.

To call the President:

Comments: (202)-456-1111
Switchboard: (202)-456-1414
TTY/TTD Comments: (202)-456-6213

To reach your Senators and Congressman/woman:

Call (202)-224-3121. You will need to call this number three times, twice to ask for each of your senators and once to reach your congressman/woman. The operator will ask you who you would like to be connected to. To find out, first visit callmycongress.com and enter your address. It will tell you the names of your two senators and your member of congress. (BONUS: This site also includes social media contact information.)

The hearing impaired can reach congress by calling (202)-225-1904.

Sample Script

If you are calling a Representative’s office, you can say: “Hello. My name is ________ and I’m calling to ask Representative _________ to subpoena CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. It has been more than two years since Dr. Thompson came forward and acknowledged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) threw away scientific results that showed a connection between vaccines and autism. By colluding with the pharmaceutical industry, thousands, if not millions, of children have developed autism. One in 68 children now has autism. It is time for Dr. William Thompson to speak to the American people and for the leaders of the CDC to be prosecuted. Autism should be declared a national emergency and a higher priority.”

**If you’re leaving a message on an answering machine, provide your phone number or email address so that the office can get back to you.

**Don’t be disappointed if you do not reach your member of congress directly. You will most likely talk to a receptionist or be asked to leave a voicemail. That is okay. All calls from constituents are tallied. The fact that you are their constituent and are taking the time to call is what it’s all about.

**Once you’ve made your calls, we’d love to hear how it went, so please drop us a note at info@revolution4truth.org.

Want to do more? Here are some other ways to take action on March 30th.

Tweet Your Support

President Trump loves Twitter so let’s cause a twitter storm in support of a vaccine safety commission. Tweet @realDonaldTrump & @POTUS and use the hashtags #RFKCommission & #Revolution4TRUTH.

Most congress members are now on Twitter and actively monitor feedback sent their way. Visit https://twitter.com/verified/us- congress/members to search for your congressional Twitter handles. Include the 2 hashtags. Insert the Twitter handle for your own Senators and Representative and the abbreviation for your own state in place of the example provided here:

#RFKCommission #Revolution4TRUTH@MyRepresentative (State) Subpoena Dr. William Thompson aka #cdcWHISTLEBLOWER

How to send a Tweet:

From your Twitter account (mobile or web), send a tweet beginning with the ‘hashtag’ the one with the # symbol, then the Twitter ‘handle’ the one with the @ symbol, include the URL www.revolutionfortruth.org.

Make sure to search #RFKCommission & #Revolution4TRUTH to see who else is tweeting/posting their support. Don’t forget to RETWEET!!

Sample Tweet

#RFKcommission #Revolution4TRUTH @JasonInTheHouse TIME 2 ACT > subpoena #CDCwhistleblower www.Revolution4TRUTH.org

Spread the Word on Facebook

Post your support on Facebook with a link to www.revolutionfortruth.org. Use the same hastags #RFKCommission & #Revolution4TRUTH throughout Facebook and include the messaging in support of President Trump’s Vaccine Safety Commission.

Also, search the hashtags and SHARE & LIKE posts from other activists!!

Let us know you’re helping spread the word by sending an email to:

Have an idea on how to promote support for the Vaccine Safety Commission and the subpoena of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson? Please share them with us by emailing us info@revolution4truth.org.

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