When Alexander the Great entered the kingdom of the Phrygians on his way to conquer the world, he was met by a delegation of that people carrying the famous Gordian knot—or so goes the myth. It was thought that no such conquest as Alexander intended could be achieved without the would-be conqueror “undoing” this large and complex knot. The young Macedonian King looked momentarily at the puzzle and immediately took out his sword and with one mighty blow, cut it apart through the middle—thus “untying” the knot! Alexander had seen that great “puzzle” from a different perspective. Instead of trying to determine the course of each cord, he looked upon the whole and acted accordingly!

Those who would conquer the world today provide us with just such “knots” in order to engage our minds in useless efforts to seek out their hidden meanings and intentions but, as with Alexander, we need not bother! We need only to seek out who has created the knot to know how to proceed! And this is nothing new! In Scripture, Jesus Christ tells us that we cannot get figs from thorns and that a tree is known by its fruit; that is, one cannot get good fruit from bad trees and vice versa. A “bad” organization is not going to produce good plans for our future.

The so-called United Nations—that organization created as the foundation of the New World Order—has presented an “updated” version of its original Agenda 21 now renamed Agenda 2030. If you go to the UN website, you can download all 41 pages of this effort at “transforming our world.” It is presented as an agenda for “sustainable development.” Of course, you may be assured that the “transformation” intended as well as what and, more importantly, who will be “sustained” will be presented in the most benign of terms in order to soothe and placate the vast majority on the planet whose existence will be grossly changed if, indeed, they are permitted to continue to exist at all! But you will not read in this handy little guide about the intention to establish a New World Order with a tiny elite at the top and those serfs and minions permitted to exist to serve that elite, on the bottom.

Like Alexander gazing upon the Gordian knot, one need only look upon the organization presenting this “agenda” to understand what it means and therefore, what it intends. And, like Alexander, we must be prepared to strike it with the sword of liberty to end its convoluted and devious evil. Wasting time trying to understand and/or explain the hidden agenda is just that—a waste of time! All of these New World Order strategies must be first, recognized, second, rejected and third, destroyed.

Time is running out. We are almost at the point of no return while far too many decent people and lovers of freedom waste their time with trying to discover who the enemy is and what it has in mind. It is akin to a man whose car is stopped on the tracks at a railroad crossing with the train coming on, choosing to read about this history of railroading rather than putting the car in gear, hitting the gas and getting the hell off the tracks! Believe me, my fellow Americans, this train is very close!

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