By Sidney Secular

September 13, 2022

The rise of Asians in America – especially the “northeast” Asians, that is, the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans – will not be the salvation of the Historic American Nation that many believe. All the political pundits are increasingly promoting the Model Minority myth about Asian-Americans, both immigrant and native-born. They may be hard working, self-reliant, prosperous and largely law abiding, but surprisingly they make up a growing segment of the anti-American, Open Borders Left. These Asians feel “it just isn’t mine,” the same response reported by Barack Obama when his ghostwriter wrote “Dreams of my Father” wherein he describes a trip across Europe in his youth which, though duly impressed him, left him with the unsatisfied feeling that “. . . it just wasn’t mine.” And, of course, he was right! The achievements of the Caucasian (White) Race have never been duplicated even by the Asians with their superior IQ gene!

This off-putting feeling is the factor that explains much of the social dissatisfaction and dysfunction among minorities, and especially among those who have had the benefit of attending prestigious American universities but (unbelievably!) have come to resent the experience – and the nation that provided it! – intensely. White Americans assume the positive experiences Asians have in our society will help assimilate and satisfy them and make them identify with (and like) us more – but it only seems to reinforce their antipathies. They may believe that Harvard and Princeton are beautiful but they don’t feel part of their cultures because these Ivy League schools were founded by White Protestant men – or in the current wacky woke culture, the derided and dreaded dead White males!

This sense of demographic disconnect has led to discontent and such idiotic measures as placing more paintings of minority graduates and faculty inside campus buildings. But such gestures only seem to intensify the sense of separation and antipathy from those for whom they were made. Many conservatives naively assume this disconnect would not exist without the stain of affirmative action and that Asians must not share it because they do not rely on affirmative action’s lower standards for admission to prestigious universities. Indeed, they are often the plaintiff’s in suits against academia because they are bypassed for the benefit of unqualified Blacks. The assumption is that if Asian minorities were admitted simply on merit, we could all just get over this equalitarian nonsense and they would not be burdened by a socially constructed anti-white mindset arising from so-called “inequality.” Unfortunately, as that notion itself is false, it raises equally false hopes by failing to understand the “it just isn’t mine” mindset, is itself anti-White! Despite the well documented hatred Blacks have for Asians – and pretty much everything else they know are superior to them – and the belief Asians have that Blacks –  and Whites – are inferior to them (something that Blacks at least are smart enough to understand), in the end, the Asians will go against Whites simply because this is a White culture and a White country and therefore it “isn’t theirs.”

Negative feelings against Asians by Blacks are most obviously demonstrated in the growing number of brutal Black-on-Asian assaults across the country. The fact that this has not persuaded Asians to side with Whites is sharply defined in the case of former Deputy Attorney General Bill Lann Lee who attended Yale on a scholarship and then Columbia Law School. But instead of being grateful to the “White society” that had succored him and recognized his talents, he took up arms against the Historic American Nation by working for the NAACP and then the Clinton Justice Department. Then there is the case of Michelle Wu, the current mayor of Boston. She is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and attended Harvard Law School where she (unfortunately) became a protege of Elizabeth Warren. Wu successfully ran for Boston City Council in 2013 and the Press started pressing the case that she was a model of a successful Asian politician. Like Deval Patrick, the Black Governor of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2015 who also went to Harvard Law School, Wu pretends that her minority status has been an obstacle she had to overcome, when in reality for both Patrick and Wu it was a free ticket to an easy election victory with the overwhelming support of weak-brained libber Whites. Wu didn’t have to do anything but be “Asian” in a weak field of non-Asian, non-Black – that is, White – opponents. However, it is true that Wu was elected in part because she was NOT Black. Most Bostonians al are genuinely frightened of Blacks (and rightly so) but not of Asians who have no history of mindless violence.

Nevertheless, despite having all the right racial and ideological trappings, within a few short months of her tenure, the 37-year-old Wu has become the most unpopular mayor in Boston’s nearly 400 year old history. Wu’s first blunder was to bring in a fellow Taiwanese American Tiffany Chu, from San Francisco to serve as Chief of Staff, showing both a deliberate ethnic bias and a clear lack of understanding the current conditions in ‘Frisco. She could have secured her popularity among liberal White Bostonians by choosing a local politician familiar with the City, but she chose to follow the Black Power route of “if it ain’t one of us, it ain’t getting’ hired.”

Further, Wu did herself no favor with her choice for Chu is an extreme leftist typical of California in general and San Francisco in particular. As a result, Chu’s first priority was to ensure “gender equity” in the matter of awarding snow plowing jobs across the city in the coming winter. This was silly to begin as it had no practical application – especially with regards to “gender.” Wu’s next belly flop was her imposing a vaccine mandate on basically everyone in the city.  COVID “vaccine passports” were required of all citizens to enter virtually all public venues. The public opposition to both the highly dangerous COVID shots and the vaccine passports was overwhelming and huge protests ensued. Many restaurants simply ignored the requirement entirely. Boston has many Irish pubs that are centers of social conviviality vice hubs of gourmet grub, and the COVID rulings didn’t go down well. Wu was puzzled by this development and withdrew the vaccine passport requirements but attributed her defeat in  this matter to –  you guessed it! –  “White racism”. She also stated that she felt the singing of patriotic songs and people chanting “USA, USA” during the demonstrations gave her the feeling she didn’t belong in the USA. Of course, that “feeling” was the result, not of her race but of her behavior! If she had watched any conservative political gatherings, she would have known that is what many conservatives of all races believe and it is not a matter of race, but of one’s personal agenda!

However, the most revealing admission by Wu was that throughout her entire life she had felt invisible or “othered” in her own country – which again is a reflection of the feeling that “It just isn’t mine.”  In an attempt to prop up her sinking popularity, Wu attended the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, and important and popular event where the lead speaker is expected to use humor to gain acceptance by the crowd. Unfortunately, Wu would have been better served by speaking simply as she was not known as a humorist. But instead, her puns wound up punishing her. I’m not sure what the exact wording was, but she came across as being tired of problems that are disruptive to her agenda and all of them could be blamed on Whites of various types – “white” snowstorms, white “snowflakes,” “White racists” and the White dominated firefighters union. The joke she used dropped like a lead balloon because her listeners knew that she wasn’t joking! She really does despise White people! It is even more striking when one considers that  she has a White husband and, perforce, mixed race children – but perhaps that is not so strange after all. These life choices may have been made to help her political ascent in a country that “just isn’t her’s” rather than as natural emotional decisions.

This puzzling phenomenon seems to be the case with prominent anti-White, non-White radicals such as Kamala Harris, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Ilhan Omar. This doesn’t say much for the prospects for assimilation of the minority multitudes. There are, of course, many genuinely patriotically Asians. But for every Michelle Malkin, how many Michelle Wu’s are out there? And more to the point, where have they been placed in the ruling hierarchy? It’s one thing if your local Chinese restaurant’s owner is anti-American. It’s quite another when such a person is your governor or, maybe eventually, your President.

The reality is that Asian voters consistently and nearly overwhelmingly support left-wing candidates, and there seems to be no reason for that to change, as the “it just Isn’t Mine” feeling is not one that will easily go away or maybe ever go away. The Marxist concept that the Historical American Nation must be destroyed so that it can be built back better, at least better in terms of it becoming a majority minority enterprise where the Whites can be ousted from their “privileged” positions, seems to be in the back of the minds of Blacks and the other minorities. This is part of the utopian vision that the libbers trot out despite its impractical nature, and can only result in the death of everything that America has represented that has made it special. And, perhaps even more important, the death of Western Civilization and the race – White – and the religion – Christianity –  that made of Man so much more than a two legged life form.

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