The Republican Party is in the process of self destruction, given the continuing and seemingly enduring dim-wittedness of the collection of present and past so-called conservative Republicans that have, and are, exhibiting a complete diminishing and passing out of sight of any semblance of honorable integrity. The disappearance of these numbskulls from the political scene would be a blessing and in the very best interest of the nation as a whole.

These halfwits most certainly contribute nothing of value in regard to the best interests of the people. A people that have, I might add, already lost any respect or regard for the arrogant imbeciles that make up this simple-minded collective, and I need not name names as the people have had ample demonstrations of those responsible for this goofy flight from common sense and reality.

It is readily apparent to any who have been witnessing this mad flight from realism and good sense that these nattering jackasses are effectively diminishing any hope for success as affective representatives of the people. And the worst of the bunch seem to be those who bleat most loudly about their so-called conservative values. I do not know which values they address as I can discern no illusion or likeness of any quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable in regard to the people of this nation or its people.

What seems to have precipitated this flight into insanity is the candidacy and conversion to conservative principles of Donald Trump who is mounting an effective and possibly effectual campaign for the Office of the Presidency. Mr. Trump who has in the past held other than strictly conservative principles in regard to politics, or otherwise, has for reasons unknown incited the vindictive hatred of an ample number of those who righteously embrace their so-called purity as conservative politicians, rather than value and welcome the turnabout – in their estimation – of a convert to their political philosophy they have done everything in their destructive hearts to devastate his sincere ambition to lead this nation in an elimination of inimical political policies.

Examples, galore!

At the present time the dimmest of the dimmest are Senator Marko Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas. These two donkeys parading as elephants have done everything in their power to eliminate any sign of unity or wholeness from the campaign process. Their underhandedness and invectiveness has been absolutely inimical to the election process, to the point that the Republican Party should be wiped out and remade in to a party of undivided and unbroken completeness of totality with nothing wanting. Everything that they have done to date is exactly the opposite. They use verbal abuse as a crude substitute for argument.

Cruz in Iowa

Cruz, who claims to be a born again Christian, has done just about everything to diminish such a claim…he claims to have won the Iowa Caucus, but the truth is that he obtained it through trickery and chicanery, and by doing so he may well have doomed the political career of a true Republican conservative. That person is Iowa Congressman Steve King.

Ted Cruz used Congressman King deceitfully and dishonestly, to spread false information about another candidate in order to enhance his own political interests. Unfortunately Congressman King was taken in by Cruz’s deception and at Cruz’s behest tweeted that Dr. Ben Carson was withdrawing from the race, it worked and Cruz went back to Texas and boasted that he had actually won the Iowa Caucus, which was in fact false, he gained the so-called victory through trickery and deceit. To this day he claims that as his lone victory over Donald Trump, when he could not defeat Donald Trump on his best day. So this fraud hi-tailed it back to Texas and left Congressman King swinging in the breeze.

Marco Rubio, here is another so-called Christian

To observe Senator Rubio, one must imagine that he must have stolen his election to the Senate because everything that he has done in his bid for the presidency has been underhanded, sneaky, and marked by deception. He has only proved in my sight that he is a master liar and dispossessed of moral soundness, this guy is not fit to be a dog catcher. In my years I have run across many who are liars and cheats, but this guy seems to hold that title most legitimately, if his candidacy is an example of his true integrity that has to be the case.

Vote for Donald Trump and feel good about it

Throughout of his candidacy Donald Trump has been convincing that he has the will and expertise to root out the governmental corruption that has so angered the people of the United States. The best thing that he has going for him is that he is neither a Cruz nor a Rubio. If he has something to say, he will say it outright and then do his best to live up to his word. This is an important election and we need capable and honorable representatives who will live up to their words. I would ask that this article be forwarded to all of the political individuals identified in it, and also to Mitt Romney the incompetent who was so soundly defeated by another loser, Barack Obama. Good Luck with the reformation of the Republican Party.

2016 – Jim R. Schwiesow – All Rights Reserved

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