Now that the election’s over, and Democrats are into their customary hissy fit because they just can’t believe the American people rejected their far-left loony agenda, there’s a lot of talk about presidential pardons. Who needs to get one? How many must be handed out? Who’s going to be stuck without a pardon?

Regardless of how that issue plays out, there is one speech that our new president, Donald Trump, ought to make to us, as shortly after his inauguration as possible. And to help him craft it, we have as a model another speech in history, made within living memory.

One of the most important speeches ever made was by Nikita Khrushchev in 1956, to the Community Party Congress of the Soviet Union. It was called “the secret speech” because they meant to keep it secret, available to Party members only. But it was much too big for even communists to keep it under wraps.

In his speech, Khrushchev listed and denounced the crimes of his predecessor, Joseph Stalin. It was a long list and a long speech. It was by no means a complete list: Khrushchev focused on Stalin’s crimes against assorted victims within the Party, and did not address Stalin’s vast crimes against the general population, resulting in the deaths of millions of defenseless people.

After Khrushchev gave that speech, it was impossible for the Soviet Union ever to go back to pure Stalinism. Unable to rely on fear and violence to shore up a regime based on a totally crazy economic model, the evil empire slowly liberalized its policies and then expired: the long-term effects of Khrushchev’s single speech.

America needs a speech like that from Donald Trump, no matter who’s been pardoned—a speech listing and denouncing the lawless acts of the Obama administration and the crimes and corrupt practices of the Clinton family and the Clinton Foundation.

Some of these we already know about. Using the IRS to disable the regime’s political opponents. Re-directing funds for humanitarian relief in Haiti to boondoggle projects benefiting no one but Foundation donors. Playing fast and loose with classified information involving our national security. Rigging the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. Benghazi. Hiring thugs to disrupt rallies. Race-hustling, in collusion with George Soros and “Black Lives Matter.” Refusal to enforce our immigration laws. The list goes on and on.

It will be a long speech, and America needs to hear it from the president. Not from Rush Limbaugh, not from Alex Jones, not from Wikileaks. We need to hear it from the president, standing in front of the Presidential Seal.

Even if by then it’s impossible to prosecute those who have committed these crimes, because they’ve all been pardoned, it still matters very much to set the historical record straight. If Khrushchev had not done so in 1956, there would have been nothing to stop him or one of his successors from going back to the Stalinist tradition of murdering anyone they pleased, for any reason.

Swept under the rug, where Washington can pretend they never happened, these crimes will not only fester, but multiply. They will beget similar crimes, bigger crimes, worse crimes. They will erode the rule of law, breeding a climate of lawlessness that threatens the survival of our constitutional republic.

We may not be able, legally, to punish the perpetrators. But such a speech, coming from the president for all the world to hear, will forever brand the criminals as criminals, pardon or no pardon, and deter those who would follow in their footsteps.

We needed a new president, and we got one.

And now we need the truth.

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