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It cannot be denied that President Trump has derailed or at least delayed the socialist/communist makeover/takeover of the US. He has successfully branded the corporate/mainstream media as the “fake news media” and “the enemy of the American people”. He is the first leader or conservative of note with the temerity to do so. Some other noteworthy actions by the President include the beginnings of an assault on the outlandish sanctuary jurisdiction mania of the blue cities and states, increased efforts against the plague of human trafficking, appointing nearly 200 conservative justices to fill vacancies at several levels of the federal judiciary, and eliminating a multitude of rules and regulations that hamper small and medium sized businesses from operating efficiently and at lower costs.

Although he talks about it, he has done nothing, however, whether through executive order or otherwise, to break up the corrupt, unaccountable fake news media monopoly that has caused so much damage to the United States while operating as essentially commissars of the Deep State. The same may be said regarding the high tech tyrants of Facebook, Google, Pay Pal, Amazon, etc. who are denying patriots and conservatives their free speech rights under the First Amendment, de-platforming organizations and entities that are in no wise unpatriotic or dangerous in any way, ruining or greatly hampering the ability of organizations to accept credit card payments, and removing publications for sale or distribution that that go against establishment narratives and pet/pat establishment versions of historical events. These virulent Un-American censorship policies represent the transition from a democracy to a dictatorship that democracies invariably devolve into. The “go to” entities that the corporate entities go to decide who is a “hate group” that can be discriminated against are invariably the worst hate groups themselves, such as the SPLC, the ADL, and increasingly the ACLU, who are out to transform America into their dreadfully deranged image of what they would like the US to become. This is what “cultural communism” is–a softer and gradual way to transform a society into a communistic one. The only difference between the US and the USSR are the gulags are the physical persecutions that the latter employed—and we may be coming to that sooner rather than later.

Similarly, Trump has not cracked down on the communist thugs/dregs of Antifa, which still virtually has a free hand to verbally and physically attack activists who support the President, some who engage in mundane activities like handing out campaign literature, and even everyday supporters who wear MAGA hats.

Trump has done little or nothing to stifle the masterminds of the criminal conspiracy that has worked non-stop since the day he was elected to drive him from office, and this includes very conspicuously the Clintons–he said he would jail Hillary if he was elected, and many expected that, what with all those comix showing her behind bars. The cultural communists and swamp creatures continue entrenched in positions where they can continue to inflict psychological warfare and brainwashing against the average citizen.

Trump is willy-nilly undermining common sense environmental protections enacted by previous administrations. This has nothing to do with private property rights as you might assume at first blush, but to make some fat cat friends happy. Now that he has wisely encouraged petroleum extraction and turned the US into a net exporter of petroleum products vice an importer of same, it is not in the public interest to continue promoting the very environmentally damaging fracking method of extraction of petroleum resources, as the EPA is currently doing. The Trump Administration continues to promote drilling in wilderness and environmentally sensitive areas, a short-sighted, unnecessary, destructive and insensitive position to take.

On immigration, President Trump’s defining issue, his record is mixed at best. Legal immigration, which has many of the harmful effects of illegal immigration, is something Trump wants to increase. He is under the delusion that we need foreigners to fill our needs for STEM workers when we have more than enough Americans who can do these jobs, and who are unemployed or underemployed now because of foreigners who have already kept them from obtaining the jobs they deserve. The legal immigrants he wants would still be almost entirely Asians who the elites would like to see replace whites in high tech jobs because they are more easily mollified with lower salaries, more easily replaced when they start demanding higher salaries, less prone to organize, and because the elites are anti-white anyway as is apparent with their promotion of the “white privilege” nonsense. Many of these legal STEM workers would be Chinese who would be prone to steal intellectual property for China, which has already been amply demonstrated. A moratorium on all immigration is long overdue to allow assimilation to occur, which has been thwarted by the multicultural nonsense, and because of the overpopulation/environmental/resource depletion concerns.

Trump has taken action with respect to the 70,000 or so visa overstays each year, but has not addressed the much larger and much more serious problem of 300,000 or so anchor babies created each year and the problem of the schemer “dreamers” who hang around in limbo while we pay for their welfare costs. Many problems vis-a-vis immigration could be solved by across-the-board implementation of the E-Verify system to weed out illegals from the workforce, and a consistent program of immigration law enforcement vice an occasional raid on a meat packing or chicken plucker plant to round up a few illegals, which is too lucrative an operation to scare off slaughterhouses from continuing to use refugees and illegals. Such a program will cause a massive exodus of illegals with no roundups or special action required.

As far as “The Wall” is concerned, most current efforts are directed at replacing ineffective currently existing portions of the Wall. The new construction is not without problems, however. A windstorm knocked down 100 feet of the supposedly better replacement wall and said wall has been effectively surmounted by ladders. At the rate construction is proceeding, it will take many years and much larger funding to be completed, as well as requiring future congresses to be more supportive of the effort than the current one. The entire effort may be of little value or futile as other means are developed to invade the US. Some 23 tunnels have already been bored under the Wall over the past 25 years or so, somewhat “undermining” the Wall’s deterrent value. There seems to be a problem in detecting these tunnels in a timely manner. Thus, some of these tunnels are very sophisticated and contain such amenities as lighting and air conditioning and are large enough for motor vehicles to pass through them. They are long enough to penetrate long distances past the border. On a still small scale, contraband and drugs are crossing the border via drones. Here are questions not raised anywhere else that I’m aware of: The Government apparently has to purchase the private land upon which the fence will be constructed. How much of the funds allocated for the Wall represent this cost? Will “eminent domain” procedures be necessary for some of these purchases? How much time will be consumed by such procedures? There is actually a 3-mile long section of private wall being built near Mission, TX which is being funded by private donations at a cost of $42 million. A federal judge confirmed on January 20, 2020 that this private endeavor can proceed. Two more private wall section purchases are being planned presently. The Contractor for this effort, Fisher Industries of North Dakota says it can construct the border wall cheaper and faster than the Government can. Why wasn’t wall construction by the private sector considered for the overall project? The sponsors of this private effort hope the Government will adopt the private wall sections as its own.

In the area of foreign affairs, President Trump is treading on treacherous ground vis-a-vis the muddled situation in the Middle East. The powers-that-be have been seeking to antagonize Iran for over 30 years with discriminatory policies that harm Iran’s economy for trumped up phony reasons. How much more of this treatment will they take before starting a war over it? Trump’s attacks on people and countries in the area, of doubtful legitimacy, are solidifying the enmity towards the US that has been building up in the area for a long time, especially enhanced by the Iraqi debacle and the never-ending Arab-Israeli conflict. His big buck donors and the undue influence of Javanka in the White House are major factors in keeping the pot boiling–hopefully it will not boil over into another major conflagration in the area.

President Trump very recently signed the new USMCA implementation bill without seeking input from conservatives or realizing there was any conservative opposition to it. This was revealed in a March 2020 report issued by The John Birch Society. This replacement for the reviled NAFTA has the potential to be much worse than NAFTA in the long run, in that it could lead to a North American Union with all the negative features present in the European Union compact, and thereafter result in an “Atlantic Union” of a merged USMCA with the EU, creating an essential component of the feared New World Order.

All Americans who love our nation’s heritage realize how much we have lost and that we are in a survival mode right now. At times like this, just hanging in there against overwhelming odds is a victory.

The internet is being censored and regulated more each day. The printed word will always resonate and remains a vital tool in waking people up. We need to assure that our printed media provide the function that the pamphlet “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine did in energizing the colonists to fight the Revolutionary War, but our printed media have been dropping like flies in recent years due to rising costs, the lure of playing with the internet, and the general apathy and inertia that prevails. Please send me a letter or post card for a listing or sample copies of the best of the remaining patriotic publications. The address is: Sidney Secular. P.O. Box 7753, Silver Spring, Maryland 20907. Thank you.

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