The Making of a “Happy Slave”

The following blatant words taken from the G20 Sustainable Development Declaration, 2018, Argentina, serves as a wake-up call for every family and church in the United Stares:

“…education represents a strategic policy area that has a profound impact on people, the planet and the prosperity of nations. Education is the foundation of personal development as it provides children, youth and adults with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to reach their full potential. Education helps to reduce poverty and promote active citizenship, therefore contributing to peaceful, inclusive and prosperous societies across the world.” And to educate and train people to have the  …”necessary skills for the future of work, the importance of opportunities to re-and upskill throughout their working lives, and assist them to successfully adapt to change.” ( Emp. Noted.)

Is education really the foundation of personal development?

The UN Declaration eliminates parents, families, and churches to develop personal values and attitudes for this new world order. Eliminating traditional family values is the goal. Belief in God, loyalty to your country and the authority of parents will be erased. Children will be transformed and molded into the new global citizen through education. It’s mental health. It’s nationwide. It’s worldwide.

“…Successful strategists aim for the heart first” – Jeroen De Flander

Nothing in current history has ever been so plain, yet hidden behind deceptive phrases that ooze betrayal. Our children are a target, but the agenda is very clear. Schools in the United States have been used in experimental research in the area of the affective domain including the spiritual aspect of a child’s being, the heart. The teaching method is called the “whole child.” This has been the area where values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions have been the focus for behavioral conditioning and value change. United States citizens must have their individualist qualities, their freedom loving values, and their individualistic competitive personalities changed. Change in America is a must to conform the U.S. into a socialistic country including global compromise. Americans must become global citizens. Re-engineering education has toppled academics for the new psyche wards claiming to be your neighborhood school. The churches have closed their eyes.

How is it being done? Experimental and illegal data collection targets the individual needing behavioral change and identifies how much mental health interventions are needed to meet government goals processed in the classrooms of your local school. This system recycles children in a continuous feedback loop control model until the goals are accomplished.

When I exposed the Pennsylvania Department of Education for psychologically testing children at school, I uncovered psychological probing of the federal government through my federal complaint resolved in 1990 using the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. The definition of “adapting to change” as the G20 Declaration states, was one target goal area from the EQA Pennsylvania test that I filed my complaint against. The Educational Quality Assessment was first developed by top behavioral scientists of the world in 1970. Our Pennsylvania test was the prototype for the national test, NAEP, National Assessment For Educational Progress that experimented using Pavlovian and BF Skinner’s behavioral classical conditioning for 20 years before I stopped the test. These systemic queries were just a beginning for the agenda to reassemble and refashion the patriotic frame that existed in America starting with our children. Full scale psychological warfare against our idea of freedom had begun. We see the results everyday in the news.

Standards, tests, curricula, and teacher training were all developed to measure and change personalities and their attitude toward the Republic. Curricula was developed around ten “harmless sounding” value-laden goals determined by a “correct minimum positive attitude” defined by your government. Goals were masked in “fake news,” otherwise known as a transformational paradigm-not-what-you-think definitions. Goals like Citizenship would be likened to the definition to what parents thought would be taught. Yet, NAEP and the Pennsylvania EQA had nothing to do with history, Civics or knowledge of international affairs. It was a purely experimental, psychological test that was used to create interventions or what techniques could be used to change the values and personalities of children and control literacy.

Children were placed in hypothetical situations and asked what action (behavior) they would take. Questions were posed by positive and negative responses and through reward and punishment where a threshold could be determined and scored at what point a child would change their behavior. The temperature-taking-devices would tally how warm or cold the child would conform toward global goals. In-classroom results now enlist the onslaught of Special Education cadres, behavioralists, that convene and train classroom teachers how to target “bad” behavior. They will decide your child’s future recipe called a personalized plan for obedience. They call it “implementation science.” Bad would be associated with being too individualistic, opinionated, patriotic, religious, and family oriented. Good would be associated with being cooperative, agreeable, and docile the key to melding the unthinkable…socialism or worse.

The key to manipulating values is deciphered from Bloom and Krathwohl’s Taxonomies of Educational Objectives…not to be confused with academics or true education. The whole child would be changed. Good/bad (social values), right/wrong (moral values), and beautiful/ugly (aesthetic values), were the objectives to condition how a child would think, feel, and act, smearing logistical lines of these value-laden goals. These techniques would confuse children creating artificial stress because values taught at home would conflict with the new global values taught at school.  The goal…collectivism and global competence…destroying American ethics and values.

This cycle of prodding using negative and positive reinforcements were used to create and validate “perfected” curriculum for behavioral change. The value laden and behavioral techniques that would change the personality of your child would be researched, evaluated, and proven effective. Our tax dollars and our government funded and approved the repulsive animal training and used our teachers as informers and enablers to thrust this system on its citizenry.

The “Happy Slave”

Skinner’s experiments delved deep into animal instincts researched on pigeons, rats, dogs, and humans. Behavior could be manipulated through reward and punishment. Skinner remarked about conditioning humans to that of a “happy slave” – “A system of slavery so well designed that it does not breed revolt is the real threat.” A collectivist syndrome surrounds the actions and behaviors of children by the constant threat of punishment overhanging the “climate” of the school. The teacher is trained in “applied behavior analysis/ABA” that was researched on extreme behaviors of autistic children. Therefore normal children are easily manipulated by that authority figure in the classroom through therapeutic techniques of compliance. Children are being molded into the “happy slave.” But of course, the name of ABA would be changed to more appealing synonyms so that parents would not revolt calling it Positive Behavior, Resilience, or Grit.

The global antidote for change would use reward and punishment to decipher at what point a child would change, and at what point they would change their behavior without protest…the happy slave. Citizenship had nothing to do with knowing our structure of government or Civics. Citizenship was defined as the psychological notion of threshold…at what point your child would change to go along with the group. Collectivism!

Adapting to change was first defined as “methods of coping with freedom.” This Pavlovian  concept was developed using tethered dogs, reward and punishment, and feeding cycles. Pavlov experimented with the idea of confining animals and studied how they would struggle to be free which he called the “freedom complex.”  The key to controlling the freedom complex was determined by feeding cycles to control how a dog would ACT. Soon the dog would LEARN that if he did not fight back while still tethered, he would soon be fed. Good dog.

Experimental research has been multiplied 100 times over in the last 40 years, especially the current adaptive computer tutoring/artificial intelligence through algorithms coded toward global objectives. Skinner’s “learning machines” would guide the child toward global objectives. There is no human interference on computers with pure operant conditioning used to attain functional literacy…nothing more. Don’t trust that algorithm.

Teachers observe, identify, and implement psychological conditioning. The first tier of change would be for ALL CHILDREN CALLED UNIVERSAL SCREENING.  If some children would not comply they would be forced into more intensive techniques, Tier 2 and Tier 3, for those who do not bend to the will of researched evidence-based doses of global interventions. The school day is no longer based on academic instruction. It’s functional literacy and recycling a bombardment of personality brainwashing. America’s children must be identified for their value to the economy. American human capital must be upskilled. Human capital assessment is defined as the worth or worthlessness of the individual that fits exactly to the same definition as how worth is determined for your property. Human capital (the value placed on a person) would be determined in detail through an algorithm of inputs (costs and profiles associated to develop a future global worker) versus outputs (a job that would determine the worth that  individual had to the economy) all correlated to a defined set of global outcomes.

The teacher in your child’s classroom is both-informer and enabler. They are being trained to data mine the hell out of your children. Observation data is collected and interpreted daily on your child’s behavior. Note that a teacher’s preference of how well they “like” a child or not, is completely arbitrary. The teacher first collects data explaining why the child did a certain behavior, begins conditioning interventions, and tallies the result of interventions all collected in a psychometric dossier. This is a system of recycling children that the government insists are deformed or disabled, slaps them in a global mold where the vision looms of widgets in a factory. The coding for these actions are tallied. Uniform data elements are digitized into state/national longitudinal data systems and standardized in every state that combine a recipe for compulsion…a global citizen. Reports are issued. Meetings take place behind your back, and finally you might be told about how your sweet little Johnny just needs a little nudging and that the teachers will perform interventions to help him adjust to this constricted and repulsive prison-like environment. They’ll call it resilience or grit in which the opposite is the true meaning. If your child becomes depressed, drugs are the antidote.The definition of resilience to these contortionists is merely not resisting to the goals and punishment…go along to get along just like tethered dogs. Grit is not the True Grit of John Wayne, you can be assured. This system is bold and cold.

Since FERPA regulations, Family Education Rights in Privacy, were illegally changed through an Obama Executive Order, (2012) personally identifiable information is able to be accessed and shared with 3rd party contractors and vendors without parental consent. Of course, we aren’t talking about academic records.  No, it’s psychological profiles including social, emotional, and behavioral dossiers. The new education law, ESSA, converted No Child Left Behind into mental health legislation mandating behavioral conditioning and interventions in the classrooms of America. Our classrooms have been turned into psyche camps. Privacy be damned.

No parent has disapproved. No parent has taken this system to court. No one has stopped the data mining. Free will is being smothered into that happy slave.

And the words just roll from their lips and these words appear to be soothing to a parent as teachers and principals smoodge along with their talking points to get you to agree softly saying, “We want your child to be safe. We want him to belong. We are family.” And then they smile.

These are the words that will bend your child’s mind. Read them slowly. Say them out loud, because they are wrecking havoc on your child:

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.
  • Response to Intervention.
  • Multi-Tiered System of Supports.
  • Social and Emotional Learning.
  • Universal Design for Learning.

All is fine with the world as our children are dipped daily in socialistic and criminal activity with privacy invading techniques, psychological experimentation, and data mining through which outside vendors are making a fortune with constant high tech capitalistic surveillance.

This is deadly to the Republic. Your child is a commodity to fit into the New World Order and you are agreeing to the insult. Time will tell as I grieve for their freedom and the future of my country. Will the U.N. succeed while our country slumbers? Will no American parent claim their rights? Will churches watch as the hearts and souls of our children are devoured by the metallic beast? There’s a hush all over the world.

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