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In the 1960s, young people threw off all moral restraint and lived by the adage, “if it feels good, do it.”  This was the era of “free love,” which translated, means, “unbridled lust, casual sex and all manner of hedonism and self-indulgence.”  The values and morals of their parents were discarded in favor of lawlessness.  “Sex, drugs and rock & roll.”  In their minds, many justified their irresponsible and sinful behavior with catch phrases like “make love, not war.”  Perhaps in their vain imaginations, they actually thought they were MORE moral as they equated “sexual liberation” with “love.”  News flash:  the two are NOT the same thing.

By the turn of the decade, as 1970 came around, things began to change.  There was a price to pay for their behavior.  Sexually transmitted diseases were much more common.  Women, who gave their bodies away to men they believed “loved” them, found they were now pregnant — and SINGLE.  The men wanted no responsibility and so they vanished… But the women didn’t want the party to stop either.   Yet there was still at least an ounce of moral values in our country, because the solution at that time was NOT to KILL one’s own child… abortion was illegal.  But not for long.

One young woman who indulged in the “free love” and “if it feels good, do it” lifestyle during that time was Norma Leigh Nelson McCorvey.  She gave birth to her first child in 1965 at the age of 18.  Single and unprepared to be a mother, HER mother adopted the baby, a little girl named Melissa.  Meanwhile, Norma’s lifestyle continued its downward spiral… drugs, alcohol, and even lesbianism — a lifestyle she continued until the mid 1990s.  When she was 19 years old, she gave birth to another baby, this one given up for adoption.

By age 21, Norma was homeless in Dallas, Texas, and she had become pregnant for a third time, despite her lesbian relationship.  After attempting to get an illegal abortion, and not able to, she was introduced to two attorneys:  Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington.  They were actively seeking out pregnant women who wanted abortions but could not obtain them, because at the time, it was illegal to kill one’s child.  Essentially, these attorneys were seeking a “useful idiot” to use to make their case for legal abortion in Texas.  They needed a “plaintiff.”  Norma McCorvey, homeless, pregnant, addicted to drugs and alcohol, deeply depressed and with only a 9th grade education, was the perfect “poster child” for their cause.

Known in the press only as “Jane Roe,” Norma McCorvey became the “Roe” in Roe v Wade.  It would take three years for the case to reach the US Supreme Court.  Norma never attended a single trial, and claims she never really understood what she was doing or how she was intentionally being taken advantage of by the attorneys in the case, which has since resulted in the deaths of more than 60 million premature babies in the womb.

It was January 22nd, 1973 when the US Supreme Court handed down a 7-2 decision, and abortion — for all practical purposes — became the pretend “law of the land.”  I say “PRETEND” because, as we all know from our 5th grade civics classes, courts do not make laws.   Nevermind the very OBVIOUS fact that abortion itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and is directly contrary to one of our nation’s most fundamental founding documents (the Declaration of Independence) — because it deprives innocent children of — oh, things like… LIFE…LIBERTY…THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS… (LIFE!  It’s the FIRST ONE, folks!)

But America was ripe for Satan’s picking.  There were many in the same boat with Norma McCorvey.  Having spent their young lives free from all personal responsibility, indulging in illicit casual sex, drugs and weird religions, they didn’t want those “good old days” to end.  The men wanted no responsibility for the children they created with a woman they didn’t even know or care anything about.  And even the women gave up their natural affections for the babies inside them.  And so when the High Court handed down its decision, there were many who applauded it.

Of course, in 1973 there were FEW who really understood what abortion truly was: the deliberate murder of an unborn baby.  Most people believed the lie that a baby in the womb was nothing more than a “blob of tissue,” and abortion was just a simple “solution”  to their “problem.”  Yes, sadly, CHILDREN had become “problems” for people, rather than blessings… and that’s the result of denying God and His natural design for marriage and family.

But today, we have no more excuses.  With modern technology, there’s now more than ample scientific PROOF that a baby in the womb is, indeed, a real, living, SEPARATE human being — from the moment of conception.  And we know now the real truth of abortion.  We understand that it’s the deliberate KILLING of the child by burning it with chemicals, or dismembering the baby, tearing it limb from limb.  It’s truly BARBARIC.   Yet few — even today, with all we know to be true — seem to care.  Will anyone stand up for these helpless, innocent babies that are being slaughtered by the thousands every single day in our country?

Back to Norma’s life:  Norma was eventually befriended by our friend Flip Benham, who was the head of Operation Save America at the time.  She became a Christian.  Pastor Flip baptized Norma in 1995.  Soon after, as she learned the truth of what REALLY happened in Roe v Wade, and what REALLY takes place during an abortion, she deeply regretted being a party to that travesty.  She also renounced her lesbianism and worked to get the Supreme Court to overturn the Roe decision and she supported many pro-life causes.  She died in February of 2017 of heart failure at 69 years old.

It was Flip Benham who said, “abortion in America will end when the CHURCH in America decides it will end, and not before.”  Indeed, the CHURCH COULD BE the most influential institution there is to put a stop to the slaughter of millions.  Yet the Church has remained largely SILENT on this issue for almost 50 years now.

Now, most pastors and churches will claim to be staunchly “pro life.”  They’ll claim they agree that abortion is wrong and they DO understand it’s the deliberate murder of an unborn child.  Yet the vast majority of pastors in our modern American churches will never utter a single word about it from the pulpit or teach their congregations on the subject or lead them out to the killing centers to expose and oppose this horror.  In short, they KNOW about it.  They SAY with their WORDS that they oppose it, but yet they will do NOTHING about it.

SOME will support Crisis Pregnancy Centers and homes for unwed mothers.  But that’s the extent of it.  There are MANY churches that boast proudly about their short-term mission trips to foreign countries, yet will REFUSE to go two blocks down the street and intercede for the preborn babies being slaughtered there every day.  It’s just much EASIER and much less CONTROVERSIAL to go and do “good deeds” in foreign lands, far away from home, than to “rock the boat” in their own home towns.   Today’s pastors want to be well liked and popular among the people, and if they were to actually DO anything substantial to end abortion — or even SPEAK AGAINST abortion, they’d be sure to make at least a few enemies.  God forbid!

But just IMAGINE what would happen if every killing facility in the country had even ONE entire church from that town turn up every Sunday morning and hold their church service on the street outside — imagine if a hundred church-goers would gather and expose and oppose OPENLY the horrors of abortion, standing in the gap for the most innocent among us.  Now imagine if even 10% of those faithful church-goers were to make it their personal mission and ministry to witness outside an abortion center at least one day a week in their spare time, even for a couple hours.  How long do you think it would take before abortion became front page news — and pressure was brought to bear to end this atrocity?  But again, that isn’t happening, because of cowardice, fear and because people choose the approval of men over the commands of God Almighty.  If we cannot count on CHRISTIANS to defend babies and put an immediate END to their legalized murder, who, I ask you, CAN we count on?  I dare say that those who continue to ignore these precious little ones, even as they never miss a Sunday service, are “Christians in name only.”  As Jesus said in Matthew 15, “These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.”

But a new movement has begun in America.  It’s known as “Church Repent.”  The GOAL of “Church Repent” is to call church-goers out and recruit them to join in this spiritual and physical battle to save innocent lives.  It is essentially going and begging and pleading with those who call themselves Christians to get involved and join the scant few who DO witness outside abortion centers, standing in opposition to what goes on there, and loving the pregnant mothers going into those places enough to tell them the truth BEFORE it’s too late.  Remember, every abortion leaves one dead and one wounded.  Studies show that women who kill their babies suffer mentally, physically and spiritually for years afterwards.  You see, they chose to believe the lie of “my body, my choice,” but then they have to LIVE with that choice, for the rest of their lives.

“Church Repent” works like this:  first, abortion abolitionists call to make an appointment with a local pastor.  If the pastor agrees to meet with them, the abolitionists go and explain to him that they need his congregation’s HELP — in person, at the killing centers.  They politely ask the pastor if they could please hand out information to the congregation, and simply INFORM the people of this most vital ministry work, and then just INVITE them to come and join others out on the streets, to help rescue women and children.  That’s ALL they’re asking for.

It’s important to note that this is an ESSENTIAL first step – contacting the pastor of the church and seeking to meet with him privately FIRST.  (If this first step is neglected, the abolitionists will be seen ONLY as angry “protestors” later; the pastor and church congregation will NOT understand why they are there and ASSUME they are there only to cause trouble).  But 99 times out of 100, the pastor will refuse that meeting.  Moreover, if they DO agree to the meeting and hear the abolitionists plea, most often excuses are made such as “that is not our calling,” “we don’t get involved in politics here at our church,” and “we agree with you, but this subject just makes people too uncomfortable, so that’s not something we would get involved with.”

At that point, the abolitionists will have no other choice but to go directly to the PEOPLE of the church — and since the pastor made it clear they’re not welcome inside, they stand OUTSIDE the church on the public sidewalks near the entrance to the church.  They’ll show up on a Sunday morning before the service, and as the church-goers arrive, will attempt to hand out literature and information and invite them to join in their rescue efforts.  Yes, they will also normally have large signs and posters showing graphic photos of the horrors of abortion.  Many object to using this type of imagery.  But it’s VITAL that people actually SEE and are personally confronted with the truth of what an abortion really is.

What normally happens next?  The pastor calls the police.  In some instances, which have been recorded on video countless times, the pastor and/or his elders will confront the abolitionists and act violently — even cursing and swearing at them.  Yes, you heard me right, and there are countless cases recorded on video where this has happened.  But you see, the abolitionists did NOT come to protest the church or shame the church (although if they ARE ashamed, then they SHOULD be).  No, they came to plead for help from church-going “Christians.”  And again, if Christians won’t help, WHO will?

Now, I’ve used the term “abolitionist” several times here.  Some of you may not know  what that is.  An abolitionist is one who calls for the immediate ABOLITION of abortion — an immediate END to abortion.  This is in contrast to one who calls themselves “Pro-Life.”  You see, the “Pro-life Movement” has been around since Roe v Wade.  The Pro-Life Movement seeks to REGULATE abortion through governmental legislation.  But how’s that been working for us?  It hasn’t.  And it never will.  And here’s why:

Those who call themselves “Pro Life” but don’t get personally involved in the battle will always support Pro Life Groups and self-proclaimed “Pro Life” candidates running for office.  But it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Once elected, these “Pro Life” candidates do little to nothing to actually end abortion.  Many actually purposely KILL proposed legislation that WOULD end abortion.   Meanwhile, on the other side, the Pro DEATH people support the “Pro Abortion” candidates.  UNDERSTAND THIS folks: NEITHER SIDE wants abortion to end.  Why?  Because on one hand you have the Christians and Pro-Lifers funneling tons of money to the candidates that promise to fight abortion.  On the other hand, you have the Pro-Abortion groups funneling tons of money to THEIR candidates.  If abortion were to simply be ABOLISHED, the gravy train ends… no more campaign funds or lobbying deals.  So neither side will ever end it — it’s all just for “show.”

Again: abortion in America will end when the CHURCH in America decides it will end, and not before.  Until then, our nation stands under blood guiltiness and under the wrath and judgment of God, because AS A NATION, we have legalized and celebrated this horror — and those who take His name in vain, calling themselves “Christians” stand idly by and do virtually nothing.  Don’t count on your “Pro Life” legislators to do much of anything to end abortion, because if the truth be told, they are no more “Pro Life” than the pew-warming church-goers are true Christ-followers.  If you want abortion to end, YOU, my friend, must get PERSONALLY involved in this battle and call for an immediate END to this atrocity.  And if you see a “Church Repent” group outside YOUR church, be kind to them.  Talk to them.  Understand them and help them.  And KNOW that if they are standing outside on the street, then most likely they’ve already talked to your pastor and your pastor has already decided to do nothing — and he’s already made the decision for YOU that YOU will continue to do nothing as well.  Are you alright with that?

A wise man once told me that all down through history, every time a nation began to kill its own children, that nation self-destructed from within, within ONE generation.  Look around.  Is America self-destructing right before our very eyes?  Why do you think that is?

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