By Roger Anghis

I have for the last twenty years have been calling for the schools to be put back into the control of the states and the parents.  We have seen the federal government take over control of the schools ever since Jimmy Carter established a full federal office for a Department of Education.  Up until 1979, the Department of Education was hidden in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.  The only problem with that is there is no constitutional provision for the federal government to be in control of education.  None! The Democrats lie about controlling education by stating that the federal government doesn’t set any curriculum and they are right about that however, Democrats do set the testing standards, and that sets the curriculum.  Democrats think we are all as dumb as their base voters.  Most of us can see through their lies.

Too many School Boards today believe that they have the right to control everything that goes on in the school.  They have been elected to keep it organized and functioning so that our children get a well-rounded education.  What has happened is these boards have been overly influenced by the teacher’s union whose policies have dumbed down our children so bad that they come out of school with hardly an education but very heavily indoctrinated into a political ideology that has been an abject failure all throughout history.  The children know very little about the history of this nation and the sacrifices that the Founders made to give us the greatest nation the world has ever seen.  They are indoctrinated into an ideology that celebrates globalism, not individualism, a one-world order not the sovereignty of our nation.  They are being taught that the freedoms we enjoy in America are selfishness, the prosperity that we enjoy is nothing more than greed.  They are being taught to hate this nation and the color of their skin but only if they are white.  They are taught that all white people are racist.

So, it is easy to tell that what our children are being taught are outright lies.  I’m always seeing bumper stickers that encourage us to support public education.  I can understand a teacher doing that because that is their livelihood.  But the problem is public schools do not educate our children.  Private schools do a much better job but are still restricted by the SATs.  Not many public-school teachers embrace private or even homeschooling.  Most oppose both schools and believe that they should be outlawed.  Progressive teachers, judges, and politicians are doing all they can to eliminate any and all competition for public schools:

1- Destroy Home Schooling.

The bills – AB 2756 in California and HB 1798 in Maryland – would create new rules, regulations and home inspections that:

  • would violate parental rights
  • would not accomplish their stated purpose of protecting children from abuse
  • are not necessary

On the surface, the new requirements in these bills may seem sensible and harmless … but they begin a process of government review … oversight … intrusion … and control.

They will effectively end home schooling in both Maryland and California.

2- Imperil Parental Privacy Rights.

Both bills allow government officials – for the first time ever – to enter a private home without having a reason to suspect there’s a situation in the home requiring their intervention.

The proposed legislation provides no protections against invasion of privacy by the home school inspectors once they are inside a home.

3- Create legislation under the false pretense of “protecting children.”

The authors of the proposed bill claim that the goal of the legislation is to “protect children” from parental abuse … yet the home inspections are to be conducted by appointment.

If a parent was committing child abuse and knew that an inspector was coming at a certain time … the parent would send the children out of the home on a “field trip” and remove any evidence of abuse before the inspector arrived.[1]

If this isn’t evidence that progressives, i.e. Democrats, demand zero competition I don’t know what is.  Some public schools are attempting to not allow parents to pull kids from a public school for homeschooling: T.J. Schmidt, a lawyer for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which provides legal services to help parents meet requirements for transitioning children from public school to homeschool, said he’s noticed an uptick in the number of parents trying to pull their kids from public school.

And public schools, he said, are pushing back.

“We see this across the country,” Schmidt said. “I’ve had school officials attempt to prevent or dissuade parents from pulling their kids out.”

He said schools have been unable to process the paperwork to withdraw students from the public school system.[2]

I would like to point out a Democrat-controlled city whose education system is as pathetic and ineffective as Chicago’s gun laws are.  That city is Baltimore.  The school system there should be considered a worst-case scenario for fraud and child abuse. Baltimore Schools- four high schools and one middle school do not have a *single student* who is considered proficient at math or reading. Not one. This is fraud. This is failure. It’s a tragedy.

New Hope is a small school with nearly 120 students, 90% black, and the drop out rate is over 70%  It’s also considered a special education school for Maryland.  100% of the enrolled students are eligible for free lunches.  I don’t know what it means for them to be a special education school- are the students mostly kids with learning disabilities, emotional issues, or kids with mental disabilities? But let’s set this school aside for now.

Achievement High School is an alternative school with just under 400 students. They are there because of learning problems and/or emotional issues.  

The middle school is supposed to be wonderful. Only 258 kids, a student teacher ratio of 11 to 1. But those kids, grades 6-8, can neither read nor do math at their grade level. They have been failed by their families, every teacher they have ever had, every principal they have ever had, every person on the school board, every person who has had fingers on the money that goes to their schools.[3]

Baltimore has one of the worst school systems in the country. There are 13 high schools that have no students that are proficient in math.  Project Baltimore analyzed 2017 state test scores released this fall. We paged through 16,000 lines of data and uncovered this: Of Baltimore City’s 39 High Schools, 13 had zero students proficient in math.

Digging further, we found another six high schools where one percent tested proficient. Add it up – in half the high schools in Baltimore City, 3804 students took the state test, 14 were proficient in math.[4]

This has been going on for decades and the parents are finally taking a stand and demanding input into their children’s education and the teachers and school boards don’t like it. They have forgotten they are our representatives, not our overlords.

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