Every day I rise from my bed, I am utterly baffled at the number of Americans from various walks of life who more vigorously support policies that potentially cripple our beloved republic, than those that most benefit “We the People.”  Every time I read about or hear individuals, primarily from the political left harping about fewer opportunities for black Americans a laugh, because I now realize they are blatant liars and do not give a rip about anyone but their own selfish political gain or mission to help harm the United States of America.

Just recently Al Green Rep. of Texas complained about the disparity between Black Americans and White Americans when it comes to income.  In fact, at a recent hearing the normally grumpy congressman proudly invoked the race card.  It should be more accurately described as the stupid and hypocrite card.  The not so good representative continues the many decades tradition of only complaining about this and that and rounding it off with the traditional charge of racism.

Representative Al it’s racism Green along with his fellow leftist democrats do not and have rarely ever supported policies that benefit black Americans, especially economically.  He and the others have never during my lifetime voted to support tax cuts, reduce regulations that strangle business activity or fight to insure a higher quality education is provided for students to enable them to be more competitive in the arena of finding a good job or opening their own a new business.

Mr. Green wants to promote the concept of white guilt, where there is none.  White Americans walking around today are no more guilty of past oppression of Black Americans than the evergreen trees growing on their property.  Let me be perfectly straight with you.  Representative Al Green and his leftist comrades are guilty of playing a corrupt Saul Alynski inspired game of never being satisfied.  They are always griping and finding either racism, or unfairness under every rock and behind every door knob.  Their goal as stated by former president Barack Husein Obama is to fundamentally transform America.  Not into something greater, as a land of liberty and opportunity, but rather a carbon copy of the changes that have taken place in Venezuela.

To further prove my point, every time the subject of building the needed wall on our southern border is broached, the same usual suspects always complain.  They chant racism, xenophobia, nationalism, etc.  They encourage illegal borders to boldly protest and disrespect out own government, rules and traditions.  They funny thing is, the very people Rep. Green and the other gripers claim to be concerned about, are the ones they are literally helping to destroy.  Our elected government officials are supposed to work on our behalf, but most no longer do.  Not give the advantage to illegal border crossers, while complaining about the plight of Black Americans.  You rarely hear democrat party representatives exhibiting authentic concern about the lack of consistent academic achievement in black American communities.

I believe that one of the consistent goals of the government school overseers is to keep the masses incurably ignorant and intellectually stunted.  Let us not forget that one of the first actions of Obama’s first term as president was to shut down an academically superior Black high school in the Washington DC area.  The last thing the leftists want is a population of high achieving blacks showing example after example of learning and doing their best. That far outweighs being a bitter angry American hating member of the incurably ignorant masses.  Destructive leftists like Rep. Green, Nancy (crumbs) Pelosi and many others depend on the ignorance of those who consistently vote them into office and cheer on their leftist representatives effort to screw them over.  America is now at an incredible crossroads.  She is poised to take off economically and be restored to greatness on many levels. For her to finally reach her full potential, individuals like Rep. Al Green must not be allowed to squander the great opportunities that lie ahead for us.  Allow America to prosper or forget about it.   You can prosper from The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Friday at 4:00 PM EST and 1:00 PM PST, emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada and also enjoyed via www.americmatters.us, and www.shrmedia.com The Ron Edwards Experience is also enjoyed at 12:00 AM Saturdays on www.talkamericaradio.us.

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