Dr. Laurie Roth

With evidence of a pre funded and pre planned election cue to steal the election from Trump, using Dominion and Smartmatic, it is clear the DEMOCRAT left and Biden clan have zero regard for law, the Constitution or truth.  America must be stolen from Trump and her people, crushed and rebuilt in their evil image.  That was the plan from the beginning.

The corrupt Biden clan only worship and support what laws, technology or conditions will create power and control for them.  If it means playing the Catholic or Christian card for a few sound bites, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do it.  Hitler quoted scripture several times as Biden and Kamala have done, thinking they can control the Christian voters.  If it means screaming ‘count every American vote’ they will do it, knowing completely that counting all votes is counting millions of illegal and fabricated votes.

Dominion voting systems were created to steal elections and change the votes, and their use and theft of elections have already been tracked back to Obama and Biden in 2012, stealing Florida and stealing yet again the win from Berny Sanders in the Democrat primaries.

Now the election fraud, planning and frankly treason, appears to go deeper to elected DEMOCRAT officials getting large payments to look the other way as Trump votes were destroyed and changed.  What Democrat elected officials were involved and getting kickbacks?

Now, Trump attorney Sydney Powell has filed a lawsuit against Gov Kemp in Georgia for doing a deal with dominion and promoting voter fraud.  This is only one of many, growing lawsuits exposing the DEM – Biden, witches brew of dominion/Smartmatic, pay offs, fraud, felonies and treason.  Expect as the lawsuits simmer and cook in the caldron, many more elected officials will float to the top of the brew, exposing their felonies and payoffs.

Thank our Lord, that President Trump is a fighter, man of God and stands for our Constitution, law and honor.  If he would have submitted to the criminal take over, threats and endless media assaults, the DEMOCRAT traitors would not only steal the hugely won election from Trump and the American people, but be able to put into aggressive action the final take over meant to destroy our Constitution, Christian heritage, freedoms, capitalism and power in the world.

Remember, the endless soundbite games and lies of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, acting all shocked that anyone would question their faith in one of the debates.  After all they are Catholics, so they implied.  Never mind, that both have lived immoral and un Christian lives, supporting all kinds of abortion, gay marriage, rights packages at the expense of states for illegal aliens, voting for all legal, illegal and criminals, defunding of Police departments, destroying our oil and fracking industries on and on.

Almost every dictator I can think of quoted a few scriptures and pretended that God was on their side.  Adolph Hitler said he was doing God a favor by taking on the Jews who rejected Christ.  He knew how to work the religion card, along with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

What, you think only the DEMOCRAT left and media whores can call Trump Hitler?  The real truth is that the DEMOCRAT left of today, with their dementia laden poster child Joe Biden obedient and sold out media, completely reflects the principles of Hitler.  Their violent supporters, BLM, ANTIFA and other DEMOCFRAT anti Trump groups have been burning down American cities the whole year, while threatening to do way more if Trump prevails and is in another 4 years.

Remember in Nazi Germany, the same thing occurred.  Jewish businesses were attacked, and burned, then people were just taken away in the middle of the night.

Trump has already won this election in a huge way and God is answering the believing prayers of millions of Christians.    Watch justice unfold and the DEM – criminal left unravel.

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