Hopefully the peaceful rallies in support of United States Constitutional law will continue to be held across our republic as they are surely needed.  I was honored to participate as a speaker in support of  the Constitutionally limited republic form of government the Founding Fathers left, that was built upon the recognition of our unalienable rights of including both men and females.

Ever since I have been on the earth, one of the pervasive issues of each decade has been women wanting to either take more control of everything, from the home to corporate America.  Just recently, American females learned of another reason to celebrate and strut their stuff.  It was reported that in some corporate environments, women now take home bigger pay checks than men.  For some time, females have been occupying more jobs and running more small businesses than men throughout the United States of America.  Good for them.

In fact, at times it is all liberal females all the time.  There was a time a few years ago when it seemed as if Breast cancer was the only disease on the planet that mattered.  Even the NFL adopted the code pink breast cancer dress code with players running around in their pink attire.  Oh My!  I must say that is a bit much for me.  Also, it was just sickening to watch Major League baseball players use pink bats.  So, in this ongoing age of I am liberal woman hear me roar, it is humorous to witness those same females go to nutsville If an American man winks at them.  All while running around supporting the spread of abusive Islamic sharia law. Yikes.

Think about it, on one hand, females have utilized the court system, academia, liberal churches and the dragon media to indoctrinate most people into thinking, it’s all about brutish liberal women and “the men we don’t respect better learn what we want and what makes us happy.”  “Oh, by the way we want to let in non-vetted refugees who abuse women and convert or kill everybody else.”  While at the same time opposing those of us who want to preserve American identity as the land of the free and home of the brave.

In addition, many of them are still stressed over the election of Donald J. Trump.  I guess you can call it Post traumatic Donald Trump syndrome.  This phenomenon begs the question, what would they do or how would they handle it if they woke up one morning and their husbands (if they can attract one) could legally beat the crap out of them, because he felt the need to.  I can just imagine any liberals or rinos reading this having a fit and calling me names. But that is what could occur if America becomes totally sharia compliant like many liberals are fighting for.

The ultimate reward for battling against the president who is putting America first and is trying to protect us from the cruelties of Islamic behavior like that which is displayed throughout Europe and the slave camps all over the Middle East and Northern Africa, could be devastating.

Believe it or not, the very American females who viciously attack patriotic Americans for opposing sharia law would be the primary recipients of Islamic brutality.  For example, loud mouthed females (like Rosie O’donell) would quickly be beaten or tortured into submission.

In Livonia, MI an Islamic doctor and his wife are being treated like privileged characters.  They were recently arrested for little female mutilation.  They are also accused of conspiring with another doctor in Minnesota who is charged with genital mutilation on a seven year old girl at a clinic.  The accused Michigan mutilators were released on bond for house arrest while they await trial.  I wonder if they were not Islamic would they have been allowed to wait in the comfort of their home to await trial.  The leftists loved that decision.

Yet there was not a single bit of respect from the rabid leftists who cursed at us for daring to publicly  show our concern about the encroachment into our society.  They called us bigoted for wanting to preserve the protection of our unalienable rights from those who are working to destroy them through the barbarism of Islamic sharia law.  Of course, they threw in the usual Islamaphobe name.  But I countered with the charge of Liberty and Christianphobe against misguided Americans who condemned “We the People” who desire the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Federalist papers to remain the intended influences in our United States of America.

To the leftist American females who tried to disrupt the Act for America event I attended, you gals need to wake up to reality.  You called me a bigot for not supporting sharia law. So allow me to enlighten you to the fact that under sharia law and Islamic society in general, 1. Men must scourge their wives Quran 4: 34.  2. Women are beneath men Quran 5: 6 3. Religion of peace among Sharia compliant only, not with infidels; Quran 48:28-29.  “Democracy is the train we ride to Islam in America” and that my feminazi gumps is just the tiny tip of the massive ice burg of brutal Islamic dictates and goals.  To the fiendish feminist snowflakes who boldly rail against Christianity, men, liberty, the United States and freedom of speech, you better watch out.  If the sharia law bigots get their way, it is you who will be brutally discriminated against along with the Jews, Christians and Black people that the Muslims hate with a passion.

This final note to all feminazi America bashers, beware of what you ask for.  Because in the case of sharia, it could come to a town you live in and make your life miserable.  Ask female victims throughout the world, including in England, Paris, Sweden and Germany.  Wake up America and regain your God inspired rightful place of greatness. After all, you are the land where God shed his grace upon and blessed like few others throughout history.

© 2017 Ron Edwards – All Rights Reserved

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