Four over forty years the United States of America has been on the receiving end of being raked over the coals by numerous economic trading partners throughout the world.  It has not mattered whether friend or foe.  Just about every nation America continues to trade with enjoys a major trade balance in their favor at the expense the United States.  One must wonder, are United States trade negotiators for the most part not very bright?  Or are they so heavily influenced by the concept of international concerns that looking out for the best interests of their own republic is beyond their ability to comprehend?

Every time most media pundits opine about the current state of affairs regarding America her trading partners and adversaries, they without fail favor those nations that consistently take advantage of our America.  They have never once expounded about the literal economic disadvantage America consistently faces with 25 percent Chinese tariffs being levied against the two remaining United States based automakers. Toyota remains the number one auto producer in the world.  Not simply because they make the best cars.  Arguably American auto producers have closed the quality gap with foreign competitors.  But Toyota is free to produce and sell millions of cars in our country while enjoying a minimal tariff of around 3.5 percent maybe less.  Japan on the other hand slaps America with a ten percent tariff.  Our great buddy Japan makes it too expensive for most Japanese consumers to consider purchasing American automobiles by tagging on a seven percent import tax on U.S. motorcars.

I find it abysmal that many Americans make fun of our United States president, calling him nationalist and protectionist as if they are bad things.  Of course, the man is both nationalist and protectionist.  In fact, every American who has the sense to want what is best for their own country is technically a nationalist and protectionist.  I admit of being guilty and proud of being so.  Putting America first is not wrong or backwards.  For you folks who are proud internationalists, protecting our republic does not mean putting down or harming other societies.

Finally, we have a president who is doing his best to follow through on the pledges he made during his campaign for office.  That is most refreshing and when you think about it, like him or not president Trump is very trust worthy and what you see is what you really get.

What we will witness is an America that will soon shake off the self imposed shackles unwisely fastened upon our economy via stupid one sided trade agreements.  Those agreements benefited every nation in the world except this one.  Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continue to prove to be nothing but obstructionists against the Trump agenda designed to literally strengthen both America and her economy.  I rarely, if ever heard or read about either man complaining about or trying to slow down former president Obama’s effort to fundamentally change America into something that resembles a meager nation of lack.

With the departure of economic advisor John Cohn, Trumps critics openly condemned the president for “going to far” regarding trade negotiations.   They simply were satisfied with more of the same.  The departure of Cohn is a good thing, the democrat was not having any of the president standing up to trading partners and seeking a level playing field to help America.  Sometimes even a solution may come with a bit of temporary pain.  Of course, certain countries will squawk and belly ache.  After all, President Trump is upsetting the long standing worldwide tradition of basically screwing over our republic.  It is as if the world is saying how dare you even challenge us for taking advantage of you.

But if you take the time to talk to Europeans, many Asians or Mexicans they will eventually refer to how stupid they think Americans are because of what our government allows them to get away with.  All over the world, from Toronto to Tokyo, to Beijing and even Dublin, skylines are chock full of sky scrapers that were partially paid for with the trillions of dollars sifted from the United States through unfair trade practices.  Add in the Obama era regulations and taxes, the recipe for American disaster was cooking up the total hollowing out of our economic base.

Out of all the legacy manufacturing centers, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are the only two to make a noticeable transformation into centers of upstarts for new companies attracting millennials and in Cleveland’s case one of the world’s top medical hubs.  Both are also now experiencing a reasonable tourist trade. But Gary, Indiana, Youngstown, Ohio, Camden New Jersey and too many other cities still all bear the scars from the ravages of manufacturing that literally died and was resurrected in cities throughout Asia and Europe.

But just as the world grew accustomed to taking advantage of the United States of America, now they will gradually accept the new reality that or great nation is no longer available for being economically abused.  Feel free to partake of truth and fun via The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 1:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM EST emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada,, call in and share your thoughts at 844.790.8255.  The Ron Edwards Experience is rebroadcast via at 12:00 AM Saturdays and weeknights on at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST.

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