By Roger Anghis

What has been happening in America over the last 75 years is a concerted effort by the left to take total control of the United States with a political system that will ensure that a conservative never again attains a high office of influence.  That is why there is such a push on getting rid of the Electoral College.  With that gone California and New York and a couple of other Democrat-controlled States will be the deciding factor in every election.  The common Joe in the ‘flyover’ states might not as well even vote because it will be a waste of time.  All of America will be better off than the hell holes of California, New York, or Chicago.

The Democrats thought that the election of 2016 was their great victory and they would usher in the utopia socialist era they have been fighting so long for.  But Donald Trump brought that to an abrupt halt.  Even their voter massive fraud didn’t give them their victory over the American people they so long desired.  Then 2020 came along and the votes for Trump were even more massive than they thought.  He was the one that got over eighty million votes, not Biden.  And there’s proof of that too that will come out shortly.  I believe that Trump will be sworn in for his second term in January and the Democrat Party will be devastated from the information that will be coming out in the next few weeks.

When one looks closely at what the left has been doing, under the radar, for decades it will really shock you.  They have cuddled up to the United Nations with all of their ‘sustainability’ garbage.  All these UN programs are designed to remove your freedoms, eliminate your rights, destroy the sovereignty of the States and the nation and this is all being done to slowly bring America into the One World Government of the New World Order.  The Rockefellers have been working on it for the last seventy years.  Hillary would have put there already.  I believe the Reagan presidency set them back at least thirty years, if not more.  Trump may set it back even further than that.  Soros, in an interview with the Washington Post, stated that Trump is a threat to the New World Order and may destroy it.[1] He may destroy it because he stopped all the horrible trade deals, the climate deals that had the American taxpayer footing the bill for the whole world, and he’s instilling in Americans and the citizens in other countries a nationalism that will not allow the New World Order to function.

Several states have begun to initiate the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 which begins to make single-family home ownership harder and harder.  There is a push for high-rise units for a more ‘sustainable’ society.  Colorado has been initiating that idiocy for at least a decade.  The units they are building are esthetically pathetic!  They don’t blend in with the neighborhoods they are being built in.  But this is what they want, everything the same, nothing stands out, equality.  People are being shamed if they want a single-family dwelling.  They are called selfish.  We will see a lot more of that in the coming years.

In the State of Oregon, this has been going on for decades as well and even being funded by the Rockefellers.  Today Oregon is one of the most liberal, socialist States in America.  A friend of mine who helped launch NewsWithViews wrote an excellent article on this subject which I would highly recommend that you read.  You can find it here.[2] This underhanded push is going on in many States and, in my opinion, is a threat to our national security.  Part of this push is to dumb down our kids which they have done a very good job of.  They also teach a history of America that never happened.  It is actually against the law to teach America’s true history.  I wrote a book that explains how America was founded and what influenced the Founders the most.  It was written in detail with only references from the Founders themselves and their contemporaries and news articles from that time.  A school teacher told me that the book was very informative and covers areas that are not taught in schools that our kids need to know but it would be illegal to teach that in a public school.  Can you fathom the thought that teaching our country’s history in our schools is illegal?

Trump has taken a step that the liberals are moaning over and that is he has instructed our schools to teach American history, the real history.  This includes our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  They don’t teach it now because if you don’t know your rights then you won’t know when they take them from you.  That’s why they have gotten by with these lockdowns, closing businesses, churches, and keeping you prisoner in your own home over a fake pandemic.

We are waking up.  Blue States have democrats in power that have seen an opportunity to take more power and have done so and they will do it again if given the chance. Governor Newsom in California shut down churches but has declared strip joints ‘essential’.  That’s a policy straight out of the pit of hell!  The churches sued and won and he simply ignored it and issued even stricter lockdown requirements.  The devil doesn’t like giving up territory that he has gained.

We well could be headed for a civil war.  To some extent, we are already in it but at this point, it is only verbal with some physical reaction.  One business owner in California complied with the rules and they still demanded that he shut down. One business owner in the Golden State is fighting back after California Health Officials ordered his restaurant closed over the weekend; asking local leaders if they are willing to pay his “rent and employees salaries.”

“One southern California restaurant owner is fighting back. His exchange with California regulators going viral as he rights for the survival of his employees and his business,” said Hannity.

“I follow the rules. I continue to follow the rules. You guys still, time after time, are giving me citations. Telling me I have to close my business? What about my employees?” said the owner.

“Are you going to pay my rent?” he asked.

“I’m not in a position to tell people what to do,” said owner Anton Van Happen. “I’m allowed to protest. Two health inspectors came that evening and shut me down… I have rent to pay, I have employees to pay.”[3]

In 1866 the United States Supreme Court in Exparte Milligan, 71 U.S. 2 ruled: “Neither the legislature nor any executive or judicial officer may disregard the provisions of the constitution in case of an emergency . . . “ Section 90 therefore, ANYONE who declares the suspension the constitutionally guaranteed rights (to freely travel, peacefully assemble, earn a living, freely worship, etc.) and or attempts to enforce such suspension within 50 independent, sovereign, continental United States of America is making war against our constitution(s) and, therefore, we the people.  They violate their constitutional oath and, thus, immediately forfeit their office and authority and their proclamations may be disregarded with impunity and that means ANYONE; even the governor and the President.

Americans are patient.  They have also been too complacent, but when we wake up, look out!  We’ve fought a Civil War, two world wars, defeated fascism and communism and we will defeat this most recent attack on our nation.  We would rather resolve the problem peacefully but we have been known to use extreme force and we’ll do it again if necessary.  Americans own around 36% of the guns in the world and we aren’t afraid to use them.  It would not be wise to push us too far.

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  3. California revolt:  Restaurant owner fights back against the governor’s covid 19 lockdown rules
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