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First, you must accept the fact that most government bureaucrats and elected officials are either Useful Idiots, Communists, or Cowards, and many are Corrupt. The proof of this cannot be disputed in the face of overwhelming evidence of grand theft, corruption, and outright treason by the highest officials in government. Most of the media is Communist, and refuses to report these facts to the people.

Vladimir Lenin , a founder of Marxism, said that those who support Communism are Useful Idiots, I agree.

Communist Democrat Politicians have attempted to overthrow a lawfully elected President, with lies, smears, and no evidence. Now there is ample evidence that they plan to steal the next election.

There is an overwhelming abundance of proof that Democrat presidential candidates Clinton and Biden are corrupt to the point of Treason, garnering millions of dollars by selling us out. All of this was known, covered up, and ignored by the FBI. The FBI and DOJ have been exposed as totally corrupt. The FBI has existed by using fear, intimidation, and blackmail since its inception. The FBI refuses to do its job, and is so corrupt that it must be disbanded. Everyone in the DOJ should be fired.

The political Generals and Admirals oppose our President’s goal of ending foreign wars because it would reduce their power and future benefits from industry.

Most of our Media, Facebook, Twitter, et al , are smear machines and liars, not a free press. They refuse to allow any truth to surface that contradicts the Communist party line, and the interests of the super rich. These media corporations must somehow be corrected, or broken up, otherwise the Republic can’t exist.

We have the greatest Constitution and Bill of Rights in the world. But, our government is ultimately controlled by the Billionaires, Super Rich Families, et al. This has been the case since our founding, and throughout history.  By using their major ownership of large corporations, et al, and money, they control everything through their minions. This cabal of wealthy controllers, elites, or whatever you want to call them, must answer to The People, and they mean to change this fact. So the Cabal has made a deal with the Devil, aka Communists, to do away with our Constitution. Then, there will be no more elections. In return the Communists get to run a Chinese style dictatorship, so long as the Cabal has ultimate control. It would be their dream of a One World Order. To do this Communists have taken over the Democrat Party, and are destroying Democrat cities with paid Anarchists to win the election. Programs advocated by the Communist Democrats are simply wildly  IMPOSSIBLE and will result in the worst depression in history, combined with uncontrolled crime.

Democrat, I should say Communist Governors, Mayors, and Prosecutors are clearly guilty of Treason for refusing to protect the people from the Brutal Communist Insurrectionists. They in fact prosecute citizens who try to lawfully resist the Treason. I have included the relevant laws, word for word in my last two papers, and there can be NO question that these elected officials are guilty of Treason. These officials should be arrested.

President Trump is hated because he is limiting the profits and power of the corporations, et al. He is forcing them to return jobs to the United States, rather than in China or other countries. He is also deeply resented because he is trying to end the two tier justice system. There is little prosecution of high level officials. President Trump has done more for The People than any other president in my 86 years.

Only The People can PREVENT a city from being burned and destroyed by Antifa and Black lives Matter. In accordance with our Constitution. The People have a right to defend themselves and their property with deadly force, leaving bodies of the thugs where they fall, as an example to others. The only problem is that bought and paid for prosecutors will have The People arrested. Of course they refuse to prosecute their own people, the criminals. I wrote an article calling out Governor DeSantis  for not empowering The People, and wrote him three letters on this subject, with no response. Neither the Police or the National Guard can PREVENT a city from burning; they can only STOP more damage, if officials allow them to do so.

Most patriot commentators predict that there will be widespread bloodshed and destruction by Anarchists after the election, regardless of the outcome. Be Prepared. The Cabal and their Communist supporters in the Democratic party have too much invested in the destruction of the American Constitution to quit now. All  Americans REGARDLESS of party affiliation, must be ready, willing , and able, to defend their families with deadly force, if required. Antifa and Black Lives Matter don’t give a damn who you are, they just want to burn, maim, and destroy. In advance of an attack, you must know how you will defend your family, or that you are a naïve coward, and will run.

I have given you the whole truth in as few words as possible, my forecasts are subject to events. This was an outline of sorts, if you want a comprehensive  paper on the subject, you can read my articles at  If you take exception to anything  in this paper, please give your reasons, without calling me names.

Vote for Trump. Your life depends on it.

Go with God.

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