As someone who tries very hard to stay healthy – which means eating ‘clean’ – once again I was shocked by a recent Executive Order signed by President Trump on June 11, 2019. In fact, I was sickened just like I was when he signed the first devastating one dealing with genetically modified food and animals back in 2017.

Organic food growers and livestock ranchers were justifiably upset over the 2017 EO as I was because I know how dangerous GMO foods and livestock pumped full of hormones and other dangerous chemicals can be to the human body. I buy 90% organic and what’s called free-range or grass fed only. I read labels. I buy a particular brand of mayonnaise and right on the front label is says: GMO free.  ANY GMO food, fish or animal stays on the shelf or in the refrigerated section.

I was unaware of this second EO Trump signed last month even though I process more information in a week than most people do in a year. Research is like that. But, doing the research is rewarding for those of us who write articles and columns so we can get the information to you.

Due to the federal government operating outside the U.S. Constitution with dozens of unconstitutional cabinets (EPA, Federal Department of Education, HHS) and programs (foreign aid) who the heck can keep up with the zillion regulations? If you’re in a specific industry you have to or suffer the consequences.

I only found out about this latest EO from dozens of emails people sent me and then spending the time to look into it. What I found was outrage all over the Internet from Americans and anger directed right at Trump. Who the hell is advising him?

SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food, June 12, 2019

“Even though Trump is far from an “establishment” Republican, to the frustration of health-conscious Americans, he just signed an executive order that might as well be called “the GMO Streamlining Act.” As reported by the Associated Press, this executive order directs federal agencies to reduce or eliminate regulations and oversight mechanisms that might help ensure the safety of genetically engineered crops.

“In other words, President Trump just ordered the federal government to turn American into a massive GMO experiment where anything goes. “The move comes as companies are turning to newer genetic engineering techniques that make it easier to tinker with the traits of plants and animals,” reports AP, meaning that regulations are being dropped at exactly the moment in history when easy, low-cost genetic modification methods such as CRISPR are rapidly emerging, placing GE technology into the hands of small companies and even determined individuals.

“In addition, the new streamlining would relax regulatory oversight of genetically engineered animals. One of my concerns in all this is that genetic engineering without limits would enable the launch of “animal organ factories” where animals are subjected to extreme cruelty as they grow organs for transplantation into humans, all to the benefit of the organ harvesting and transplant industry.

The second Trump betrayal of health freedom and food transparency

“This move by President Trump signals the second significant betrayal of health-conscious Americans. His first betrayal revolves around vaccines and the issue of medical consent. While Trump expressed skepticism during the 2016 presidential debates about the safety of multiple vaccines administered to infants and children, he flipped during the recent measles scare, urging Americans to “get the shot.” As Information Liberation reports:

Americans have shown time and time again they don’t want GMO garbage and they don’t want to be Monsanto’s guinea pigs.

Remember how when Trump was running for president, he met with Robert F. Kennedy and said he would have him chair a commission to investigate vaccine safety?

Just as with his promised executive order on birthright citizenship before the midterms, his promised vaccine safety commission never materialized.

Trump orders simpler path for genetically engineered food, June 11, 2019

NEW YORK (AP) — “President Trump wants to make it easier for genetically engineered plants and animals to enter the food supply, and he signed an executive order Tuesday directing federal agencies to simplify the “regulatory maze” for producers.

“The move comes as companies are turning to newer genetic engineering techniques that make it easier to tinker with the traits of plants and animals.”

Tinker with our food supply? Just who is advising President Trump all of this is a good idea? I don’t mean unnecessary regulations strangling businesses in America. I mean on the food supply front:

BREAKING: Trump pushes GMOs in Executive Order

“We know that Agribusiness has Trump’s ear. He picked Sonny Perdue, one of Big Ag’s own, for his USDA Secretary. And this week, the Associated Press dropped a bombshell: Dow Chemical gave $1 million to Trump’s inauguration fund, and the chemical giant is now urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set aside its findings on chlorpyrifos and three other pesticides that federal scientists from several agencies found were harmful to endangered species and human health.4 Trump’s EPA also just greenlighted Dow’s new “Enlist Duo” genetically engineered crops, resistant to 2,4-D, part of the Vietnam Era Agent Orange pesticide.

“In January, then President-elect Trump sat down chemical giant Bayer’s CEO Werner Baumann and Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant at Trump Tower and had a “productive meeting” on “the future of the agriculture industry” and the pending merger between the two companies. Combined, President Trump, EPA Administrator Pruitt, and newly confirmed USDA Secretary Perdue have received millions of dollars from Big Ag and chemical companies.”

Money talks.

I love salmon but I will NOT eat any farm raised or genetically modified. Most of the time labels don’t tell you but I ring the bell at the fish department and ask questions. If they don’t know the answer, I put the product down and walk away.

I do it for just about everything I put in my mouth. Sure, it does take extra effort on my part but the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is very true. The same applies to the food I feed my doggies.  Made in commie China, India or elsewhere doesn’t get in my door or my girl’s doggie dishes.

I see people at the various grocers where I shop simply pick anything off a shelf and put it in their cart. Sure, if we purchase the same product on a regular basis and know it’s organic and/or GMO free, I feel confident that’s what I’m buying. But what I see is shopping carts stuffed with garbage passed off as food with no nutritional value; God only knows how it was processed.

Shopping carts being pushed by overweight or obese people, so many of them with a cell phone stuck to their ear. And then they wonder why they’re sick and dying and spending so much time at doctor’s offices? You are what you eat. What I call ‘clean’ eating requires discipline, something too many Americans won’t practice and simply gorge themselves at the trough day in and day out.

Yes, organic foods are more expensive so I don’t have a lot of extra money for things like a vacation, new clothes, a concert or other expenditures. Priority vs importance. The choices we make today dictate our lives tomorrow.

Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products, Land & Agriculture, Issued on: June 11, 2019

Reading through that EO it’s more of the same. Nightmarish experimenting with the genetic make up of our food supply and animals for:

Sec. 7.  Domestic Engagement Strategy.  (a)  Within 180 days of the date of this order, the Secretary, in coordination with the Administrator, the Commissioner, and any other Administration officials that the Secretary deems appropriate, shall develop an action plan to facilitate engagement with consumers in order to build public confidence in, and acceptance of, the use of safe biotechnology in agriculture and the food system.

Engagement with consumers: More brainwashing and conditioning Americans into accepting these Frankenstein foods and livestock. Safe? No, greed.

Sec. 8.  International Outreach.  Within 120 days of the date of this order, the Secretary and the Secretary of State (collectively, the “Secretaries”), in consultation with the United States Trade Representative, the Administrator, the Commissioner, and any other Administration officials that the Secretaries deem appropriate, shall develop an international communications and outreach strategy to facilitate engagement abroad with policymakers, consumers, industry, and other stakeholders.  The goal of the strategy shall be to increase international acceptance of products of agricultural biotechnology in order to open and maintain markets for United States agricultural exports abroad.

Increase international acceptance of ag biotechnology is all about trade. Now, don’t get excited. I am and always have been on the side of our farmers and ranchers and want all of them to succeed. But I am not on the side of genetically modified “food” and neither are a lot of countries on this globe:

Sorry, Monsanto: GMO Crops Now Banned in Nearly 40 Countries

Neither are farmers across this country. There have been fierce court fights over farmers – especially organic – whose crops have been ruined because of GMO seeds blown by wind onto their farms. Truly, it’s been a nightmare for decades.

Why am I so against big-ag, GMO’s and farm raised fish? Let’s start here: Do you want to learn the truth about factory farming? Watch the new, updated and remastered edition of The Meatrix.

I was fortunate to have found that site not long after it came about and immediately promoted it on my web site. If you do nothing else this week, do take the time to watch the video viewed by more than 30 million people. Both the original film and the new updated version.

I believe your reaction will be the same as mine. For me it reaffirmed my commitment to eat clean. I don’t eat pork, but do free range chicken, turkey and here and there beef. NO GMO vegetables. Watch the film, you’ll see what these big-ag operations want you to feed your family.

The Peril on Your Plate: Film Explores the Human Health Effects of Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture

“After being told by her doctor that genetically engineered (GE) food and pesticides could be responsible for her son’s food allergies, Ekaterina Yakovleva set out to investigate. Her quest for answers was captured by the Russian Times in the featured film, “The Peril on Your Plate: Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture.”

“The film shows Yakovleva and her team traveling the world to meet “the people who lift the lid on the perils of GMOs and the chemicals used in the industry,” as well as proponents of GMOs who argue that genetic engineering is a “high-tech” solution to feeding the world’s growing population.”

Then there is this film – one of the most important you’ll ever watch: The World According To Monsanto Full Length Video

Groundbreaking GMO Movie CONSUMED Has Arrived!

Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Can Be Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them, Oct 2016

“What biotechnology and biotech corporations like Monsanto have done, is they have allowed for the transfer of genes from one to the other without any regard for the biological limitations, or constraints. The problem with this is that it is based on very bad science. The conditions and biological ‘rules’ that apply to vertical gene transfer, at least those that we are aware of, do not necessarily apply to horizontal gene transfer. Biotech science today is based on the assumption that the principles governing the inheritance of genes are the same when we move genes horizontally as they are when they are moved vertically.”

What can you do?

Read the label whether it’s livestock, food or veggies. Ask where the vegetables are grown; I refuse to buy foreign fruit and veggies. Are they GMO? If the produce person can’t tell you, ask to speak with a manager. Politely tell the store manager you do not put GMO foods or livestock of ANY kind in your body and have a right to know.

Money talks. Walk away. Stores get the message when products sit on the shelves. When no one will buy GMO vegetables. Beef, chicken, pork – all sit there because you choose not to buy livestock pumped full of hormones and additives and genetically altered. One of the worst is milk. Read the label. You have other choices. Other stores. Make the effort for your sake and your family.

Years ago, my local grocery store began stocking a ton of products all labeled non-GMO. When I moved here almost 14 years ago that same store had no organics. Today, all departments. They got the message from people like me who simply walked away after telling the manager I was going to a different store.

Even our local China (Wal) Mart got the message and stocks a lot of organics and things like grass fed beef and free-range chicken and eggs. Sure, costs a bit more but how much does it cost the American people in prescriptions and being sick from what they’re eating?

If the store manager can’t tell you and there’s a label with an 800 number, when you get home call the company and ask them about their product. I do it all the time. I don’t need to buy it at that moment. I need to find out if it’s going to kill me down the road.

Drop President Trump a post card: I will NOT eat ANY GMO foods or meat/chicken products. Your latest EO to protect GMOs is unacceptable and a continuing danger to our food supply. Only takes a minute and post cards are cheap. Let a million flood his desk.

Ted Cruz goes all-in for Monsanto; insults tens of millions of health-conscious Americans by calling them ‘anti science zealots’ – Cruz is a big hero to a lot of Texans but he isn’t with me.

Yes, we can feed the world without GMOs“A new analysis challenges the absurd myth that genetically engineered crops are crucial to “feeding the world” – now or in the future”

In addition to the videos above, bookmark this column, go back and read the links below. Knowledge is power but only if we acquire the knowledge to make informed decisions. I always carefully screen links I provide. Please do take the time to read these as they contain the truth and each one is important.

Share with elderly parents, family and friends so we can become a healthier nation:

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Time for a 180 on Cows and Climate

Russia Rejects GMOs, Will Grow Organic Food Instead: “Russia will not import GMO products, the country’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, adding that the nation has enough space and resources to produce organic food.”

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields – GMO corn is big in America. They don’t get my money. I buy only organic corn.

San Diego sues Monsanto for poisoning environment and wildlife with toxic chemicals

Tell the FDA to Reject Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos!

Japan halts imports of U.S. wheat after USDA’s shock finding of genetic pollution from GMOs

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