by Lex Greene

Government efforts to dumb-down and drug-up recent generations until they are no longer capable of self-governance has been entirely successful, but so far, only for two generations.

These two generations are entirely lost, gone, beyond recovery. They believe every anti-American idea on earth and nothing we say to them will change that. This is their reality, and no mountain of facts or evidence can change their reality. They were not only taught garbage, but they were also Pavlov trained to reject everything that does not fit in their tiny little box of false beliefs. They own socialism in America!

These two generations are now between 28 and 47 years old. The vast majority of hardcore Americans are over 60-years old now. The 48-60 crowd is a mixed bag, some hardcore Americans, and some hardcore Marxists.

But the 15-27 year-olds are where we can see reason for hope. This group is fed up with the insanity in the two generations before them and they are reconnecting with older Americans again, seeking wisdom from people who have seen and done it all before.

The lost generations are largely comprised of both GEN Y and GEN X age groups. These are the kids taught totally backwards information in grade schools under government rule, and even more so on the college campuses run by 60’s era Marxist professors like Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two of Obama’s evil mentors. These two groups are locked in arrested development at the mental age of about 13.

The over-60 group is desperate to lead younger generations away from the Marxist dangers threatening the USA by GEN Y and GEN X groups today.

Where I see a reason for hope is in the 15-27 year old group. They are witnessing the unraveling of the lies sold to the generations before them. They can see the utter insanity in the 28-47 year old belief structure. They can see that the “fascists” currently running the USA today in DC, by tyrannical dictates, supported by the lost generations, are exactly what the lost generations claimed to be against in openly Marxist groups like Black Lies Militia and ANTIFA.

This group of young Americans (15-27) are paying attention. They can see how insane the two lost generations are today and they are watching the Marxist politicians supported by these two generations, run this country into the ground at lightspeed. They are figuring out that the “cancel culture” generations preceding them, have become entirely dangerous and destructive to America, freedom, liberty, and all future generations.

There are exceptions to this rule in every age group, of course. However, historical data has proven what I’m saying here to be true with at least an 80% accuracy rate in all categories.

As a result, I encourage all true Americans in every age group to make an ongoing effort to reach out to the 15-27 year old group immediately and teach them the truth about America that they are not currently able to get in our government controlled education systems, our fake news media, censored social media, Hollywood or even most modern churches under government control via their 501 status.

I also encourage all true Americans to directly engage their local school boards and force our schools to return to a pro-American curriculum immediately or shut them down until they do.

These schools are funded by our tax dollars. School boards are elected by and therefore answer to us, We the People. Before the Marxist “critical race theory” appears in every school across America, the time is now to prevent that from happening and to force pro-American change in our taxpayer funded classrooms.

Our young people deserve and need REAL education, not global Marxist indoctrination. We can see the fruits of that effort in the lost generations today. We can see the evil perpetrated on our country by these misguided children who will never grow up.

To save American freedom and liberty, we must save the next generations that will soon lead our country. The 15-27 year old group is hungry for the truth. They can see the lies. All they need now is for us to help them find the truth.

I encourage all Americans to form local private education workshops to teach the truth about our country, its real history and our foundations of freedom and liberty, as endowed by our Creator. Teach the truth and the truth will prevail over the lies.

The lost generations cannot be at all helpful in our endeavor to save America. They can only continue to be a threat, cancelling America, vandalizing, looting, and burning our cities. We can only manage them by sitting them on the sidelines in time out, like any unruly spoiled child.

Eventually, some of them may learn the truth. But that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

We all have this mission now. Fail this mission and we will fail our country.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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